Reviews for Hitman 2: Silent Assassin [Playfire]


Classic Title

jimsteryo2 | May 3, 2013 | See all jimsteryo2's reviews »

Huge number of missions, with a great variety in locations and a decent story holding it together combined with very well-designed levels will challenge anyone. The satisfaction in this game comes from thinking out ways to approach each mission like a real assassin. You can just shoot everyone, but the whole point of a stealth game is to be as sneaky as possible. And when your plan works... it is a good feeling. What makes Hitman 2 the best in the series (in my opinion) is how it's completely stand-alone. The story (it has one, for a start) has no bearing on other Hitman games. It's also crafted with a direction, so while being a Hitman can seem to be a compilation of random levels (as in other Hitman games), Hitman 2's story flows parallel to the levels. That's the main thing which sets it apart. It feels structured and motivated. The levels have a link, and aren't glued together by a flashback or the lazy claim that a Hitman only does what he's paid. In terms of graphics and sound, they are much improved over Codename 47. You can barely tell that they use the same game engine. The variety in levels couldn't be more vast. The level design, the locations, the objectives, the size, the length, the significance... all varied yet still without losing focus of the direction. Which is an incredible achievement if you think about how that's even possible. It's hard to imagine how this game could be improved, other than by adding more sophisticated AI and game mechanics. Overall, this is one of the classics.


Better than Codename 47, but they still had a ways to go

mugaro | March 12, 2013 | See all mugaro's reviews »

A lot of the levels look very similar. This was a PS2/XBox generation game that was released in 2002, and it shows its age. Not every game ages well after 10+ years, only the absolute golden masterpieces. This wasn't really one of them. In the course of the game it slowly tells a story that is moderately interesting but rather forgettable. The objectives are always the same: kill the target. It doesn't really deviate from that original plan much. The controls can feel clunky at times, especially trying to use the wire. The disguise system needed a lot of improvement here also. If you like classic games and are a fan of the Hitman series, it's definitely better than Codename 47 but I honestly can't see it being worth more than $2.



Lekes | Jan. 8, 2013 | See all Lekes's reviews »

Huge number of missions, with a great variety in locations and a decent story holding it together combined with very well-designed levels will challenge anyone. The satisfaction in this game comes from thinking out ways to approach each mission like a real assassin. You can just shoot everyone, but the whole point of a stealth game is to be as sneaky as possible. And when your plan works... it is a good feeling.


Hitman 2 - review

carlyle | Jan. 8, 2013 | See all carlyle's reviews »

Hitman 2 is a particularly complex and that sums up in a single title so many aspects of other games, we have the action of FPS, strategy, puzzle solving and management of our resources in preparation for missions. In practice it is a very complete game and appealing to those who like to engage in the challenges. One might complain that it is a little too short to finish. There is also to take into account that Hitman 2 is absolutely replayable. Each mission can be accomplished in many different ways. In Hitman 2, as in the previous chapter, the view is third-person behind the protagonist. Already with the first Hitman this was a winning choice. The fact of seeing their character and part of the surrounding environment, in a game that relies heavily on stealth elements, is something to be reckoned with. We can easily check where we are and take "walk" the corpses of our enemies and hide them so that no one can see them.


As Hitman fan it's a must have

DonVercetti | Dec. 21, 2012 | See all DonVercetti's reviews »

‘Hitman 2: Silent Assassin’ the game from the Hitman franchise that got me into playing this dangerous assassin called Agent 47. This title is ofcourse a little older now, but it sure holds it’s charm very well. It’s not the greatest looking game in the franchise anymore, but nothing gave me more pleasure than roaming around in that curchyard in Sicily. Having your own shed with your collected arsenal on those sacred grounds of Father Vittorio. This game already had the famous Hitman possibilities, dragging enemies around, wear their outfits to sneak around other guards and multible way to eliminate your target. The cold Russia level is still fresh in my mind, from when I played it for the first time a long time ago. This game is legendary for gamers who have been around fora bout 10 to 12 years. Plus for this price, it’s a must have!


A game with 2 faces, like 47

abelfs | Dec. 17, 2012 | See all abelfs's reviews »

You have 2 choices to enjoy this game: The first one, killing everyone who appears on screen, playing to a correct action game, but not a big deal. You second option: Trying to complete all the missions using stealth, playing one of the most enjoyable experiences ever. The choice is yours!


A great addition to the Hitman franchise

StewartX | Oct. 4, 2012 | See all StewartX's reviews »

This is the sequel to Hitman: Codename 47. You can play this without ever playing the first but I feel it is best to start from the beginning of the series. The game style is a third person FPS in which you have multiple ways to take down an enemy, you can either stealth kill, rambo kill or assassinate your targets via a wide range of options. Grab it while it is on sale! Gameplay: 7/10 Story: 7/10 Graphics: 6/10 Mulitplayer: No Overall: 75/100


The best game of the series

Zinzun | Sept. 5, 2012 | See all Zinzun's reviews »

Pretty much the same game of Hitman 1, the bugs now are gone, the story continues the preavious one, you can now switch from first to third person, you can save your position in the mid of a level without restart it from the beginning in case of failure...this game is a must!


Best game of Hitman franchise

panz3r88 | Aug. 2, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Hitmam 2 Silent Assassin is the best stealth action game dedicated to agent 47.The game is similar to the other Hitman titles. In each mission you can use many weapons and object to kill the objective in many different ways. If you have played the first Hitman you can see many improvements, in particular the possibility to save the game during the mission: you must still pay attention because the amount of saves you can perform are limited, so you must choose carefully when to save. If you like stealth game and you want to try a fun and challenging game, Hitman 2 is the game for you


The pinnacle of the Hitman franchise

POOTDISPENSER | June 18, 2012 | See all POOTDISPENSER's reviews »

Silent Assassin is where Hitman's foundations are built, making each sequel a must have for stealth-action fans. It is a huge step up from it's predecessor, Codename 47. If you have not tried any of the Hitman games before, this is a good start. It will convert you. Stealth-action doesn't get any more tense nor satisfying as they come. A must buy.


Great game, great engine, great graphics, great fun!

Gh0st233 | June 7, 2012 | See all Gh0st233's reviews »

Hitman 2 is one of my all-time favourite games. I, personally, find it a lot better than Blood Money. The engine was extraordinary for that time, gameplay and graphics were top notch. The story and missions in the game are very fun, and trying to do everything without getting detected is, while being very hard and challenging, very rewarding and fun, as well. With many weapons at your disposal, and outfits you can take from the guards, this game challenged the concept of stealth. The one thing I did not like about the game, is that, even with the disguise on, you get spotted way too easily if you pass near the guards, while being in their sight. This has, however, made me look for alternative stealthy ways to get past them, and I've still had lots of fun. This game is, simply, a must have. It is one of the best games of the decade, and that's that.


Agent 47 ID: BRO3886.

kalil | May 22, 2012 | See all kalil's reviews »

A great game that could be considered a classic. Hitman is certainly, at least for me, the best game which plays a real murderer in the pay of our time. Working for an agency that makes more money than any resources provided by this, how to refuse to do a "job"? In this installment the plot has gained much. 47 is prejubilándose redeem a small church in Sicily working as a gardener. There, Father Vittorio will become his mentor and friend. Everything seems to be at peace and the past of 47 forgotten, but all good things come to an end. A local mob boss kidnaps the father forcing 47 has unearth his past. In principle, the agency will work again for convenience but in the end you will realize that this is your life and can not leave it behind. That little early retirement has served only 47 to clarify some things, think about other and confirm the already known ... The gameplay is excellent, offering a freedom of action and may offer some games that boast today's graphics and others when they should focus on the gameplay and / or plot and story. Within this freedom of action offered by Hitman 2: Silent Assassin have the possibility to act differently to achieve our goal through the typical aggressive shooting up the subtlety of disguise and using environmental objects as poison to drink. In the latter way would never know who has been responsible for the death of the victim or has been fortuitous. The array of 47 is really great being able to choose different methods of death even if we are not attracting much attention can always use a handkerchief soaked chloroform or always effective fiber, undetectable in the body searches and metal detectors. The graphics and sound for the time it was released this game I think they have been remarkable. The varied scenario and objects in the environment and the characters are care and act more or less realistic. Always with the typical error / bug casual head that rotates around the body to not stop watching you or the gun through the wall. The sounds match exactly with the situation in which they were, reloading weapons, footprints in the snow, drowning with fiber, swipes with the butt of the gun ... And at its most innovative game system that I have been describing. By the time which I think has been released of the most innovative in terms of storyline, gameplay and gender. Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is, in short, a great game, great classic and that every gamer must have tasted good. In most definitely recommended.


intense game!

ternfast | May 22, 2012 | See all ternfast's reviews »

this game really rewards your personal play style. for the action fan, going in guns blazing can make for some crazy enjoyable gunfights - but the real satisfaction comes from those who opt to embrace the character and take on the role of the stealthy hitman. changing clothes, using the right weapon or finding the right strategy is incredibly satisfying and fun. so few games these days allow this kind of freedom and personalised approach to gameplay, so grab this and enjoy it!


No rest for the wicked

jojot | Sept. 2, 2011 | See all jojot's reviews »

After retiring at the end of the first game, 47 moved to Sicily and took up being a gardener for the local Church in an attempt to atone for all the murdering he had done. He was happy growing tomatoes etc. but then some mean men had to come and ruin his fun by kidnapping his priest. So as any self respecting man with his newfound religion would do, he pulls out all his old gear, gets in contact with agency and asks them to help track down his priest so he can murder the people that kidnapped them. The whole thing turns out to have been an elaborate ploy to manipulate 47 and get him out of retirement. After all is said and done 47 decides to leave being the church in Sicily and go back to murderin folks cause there ain't no rest for people like him. The second game in the series, it improves on the first quite a bit by adding extra stat tracking so you get a very detailed breakdown of how well you did, as well as giving different ranks ranging from "psychopath" for killing everything in sight to "Silent Assassin" for not alerting a single person. The level design is also much improved. In the first game you could get by sneaking pretty much everywhere, but the new game forces you to be more creative and take alternative paths often. It also introduced alternative assassination methods to a bullet to the head. You can do do sneaky stuff like poison drinks to get targets indirectly. An excellent improvement on an already great game and worthy of the hitman name.


An Improved Sequel

faraany3k | Aug. 24, 2011 | See all faraany3k's reviews »

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin improves upon almost every aspect that made the sequel a cult classic.Graphics, gunplay and sound design is greatly improved compared to the first title. The learning curve is a little more steeper but reward you with more perfect assassinations. There is alot more action compared to the first one. Game features a more engaging storyline and missions take you to remote places from Europe to India. Action is more persistent now and you carry over your weapons and notoriety from earlier missions throughout the campaign hence providing a more balanced experience. There is a huge selection of weapons which gives a more personal touch to you style of play. A great game and a must buy.


Difficult controls and interface.

m_bisson | Aug. 23, 2011 | See all m_bisson's reviews »

The Hitman series is good for people who like planning things through and then pressing "play" to see if it works. There are always multiple ways to complete a hit and different ways to approach: guns blazing, stealth, etc. The best part of this game are the "I can't believe I just did that!!!" moments, where you narrowly avoid getting caught. Plenty of opportunities to try different weapons, different disguises, and different tactics actually do offer quite a bit of replayability. I'll admit, the graphics are now too outdated for me to give this another play-through, yet I will almost certainly be picking up the new Hitman game still in production. Overall, I'd say this game is the best in the series so far. If you don't mind the outdated graphics I highly suggest picking this up.


Harder but funier

dr_house95 | Aug. 19, 2011 | See all dr_house95's reviews »

If I had to say which is the hardest game of the whole saga, I'd say Silent Assassin. The game features graphical improvements over the previous delivery, but it is much more complicated to play. The controls are simple, but we can not can not be stealthy all the time, because you have to find a balance, knowing when to use them. The story is simple, the revenge of 47 in search of his friend, a priest. If you break your head trying to kill your target, this is your game.


A bit different than the first part

newn | Aug. 9, 2011 | See all newn's reviews »

Compared to the first part - graphics are much better, so are the sounds. The environment is very dynamic. I especially liked the missions in St. Peter's square, because even in 2009 the game looked great to me. This game is a bit harder than the first Hitman... But only if you want to complete it with perfection. There is more shootouts in this game than the first part, you got to roam more freely in this part. Ergo, this part fits the "heavy FPS lovers" gameplay style too, while the first part only the tactical gameplay style. I would say that a lot has been changed and improved. I wouldn't say that something went bad in this part, it's not a complete sequel with a great story, so that doesn't apply to this game. I think that it's worth buying it for 5-10 hours of awesome gameplay.


Hard but rewarding

NoLove3827 | Aug. 3, 2011 | See all NoLove3827's reviews »

Hitman 2 is a great game, but its very difficult because even in disguise people will still recognize you if you do something wrong, which prompts attacks on you, although the game isnt hard if you just run-n-gun your way through levels instead of stealthy taking down your target. Well worth the purchase


Best Hitman game

acare84 | July 22, 2011 | See all acare84's reviews »

This game is best Hitman game for me. It is polished and really fun. Also it has one of the best levels in the series. AI is not great but it does the job. Levels are not scripted and non linear so you can explore them and can finish them whatever choices you want. For example go kill all bad guys and finish the level or go silent and don't kill anyone and do the job. You should buy this game because it is a classic. I hope Hitman 5 will be good as the second one.


Never got into this

hotmando1 | July 18, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

I never got into the Hitman series because I found it dull and lacking. Plot was pretty thick though but gameplay just turned me off. It was pretty slow and checkpoints were placed at the wrong times. Like the first game, Hitman2 is just another visual upgrade with amazing music I admit. But, I still have trouble playing this due to it's outdated visuals. Gameplay is pretty dull compared to games like Conviction too. Well, if your a fan of this series: you might as well try this. Also, I don't like buying a game just so i c an find out what the plot is. Buy to know? Not my cup of tea.


A cult classic

Aladar | June 27, 2011 | See all Aladar's reviews »

Oh my, Number 47 is at it again! There is not really much to say about Hitman 2 that you don't already know, so I will try to keep it short, but informative as possible. I must admit I played only the first two installments in the series (not counting playing demo of the third), and I can say that this one is definitely the superior of the two. Leaving aside general improvements, like graphics and control, Hitman 2 is a very interesting stealth classic that leaves you basically doing what you want - there are numerous ways to complete each mission, from completely silent, careful way to just all-out carnage. This game won't limit your imagination much, but it won't hesitate to punish your mistakes either. Choose your steps wisely, and remember to clear up after yourself!


Polished and better

niniendowarrior | June 15, 2011 | See all niniendowarrior's reviews »

Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is IO Interactive's follow up to the cult hit Hitman: Codename 47. Following the successful formula of an open solution based stealth action, the sequel hopes to improve over the faults of the original. For the most part, Hitman Silent Assassin is a major improvement, featuring more sophisticated visuals, better designed levels, and a memorable orchestra soundtrack to augment the experience. The mission structure is carefully laid out and the environments are much better this time around, from the calm peaceful church sanctuary to the snowy St. Peter's Square all the way to the Japanese alps and Malaysian skyrise buildings. Much of the gameplay mechanics has also improved, giving 47 more abilities such as peeking through door locks and knocking people out without having to kill them. AI has also received improvements and the suspicion system is better implemented here. The difficulty of the game had also been relaxed to give the game a wider appeal, adding markers on the map and a limited number of saves. Story telling is much better this time around though story had never been the Hitman series' strongest suit. The premise is sound, though it is evidently not the focus of the game. Silent Assassin eschews the old cash system in favour of the weapon collection that is somewhat of a misstep. It is strange for 47 to not have the ability to choose the weapons load out for any mission. Taken as a whole, Hitman Silent Assassin takes the original game and gives it a polishing touch that elevates the series from cult status to certified hit. Unlike the first game, this game ages gracefully and lays out the foundation that many of the other Hitman games have drawn from.


The Hardest Hitman

Pskult | April 19, 2011 | See all Pskult's reviews »

While Codename 47 could get pretty dicey at times, and Blood Money's ("Hitman 3") scenarios are considerably more complex, Hitman 2: Silent Assassin is, in my view, the most difficult of the three. To gain a perfect ranking, i.e. Silent Assassin, you can only kill your target(s) and a maximum of two others and never be seen (or even come into a 'close encounter' kind of situation). Run instead of walk, and they will see you. Go too close to them, and they will realize you're not one of them. Stand still when you should be patrolling, and they will get suspicious. The guards in Hitman 2 are a trigger-happy and perceptive lot, making your every move while disguised inside the enemy base stressful. Often, you will replay and replay a single mission a hundred times until you know every patrol route by heart, just to get that Silent Assassin rating (which also nets you nice new weapons as a bonus!). The best part is, of course, that every mission CAN be replayed and solved a hundred different ways, so you will have hours upon hours of entertainment in this purchase. The negative parts are a somewhat lacklustre storyline, plus some rather annoying missions in the middle (once again), but overall if you enjoy the Hitman style of game, you will enjoy Hitman 2.


Hitman 2

xtrench | April 15, 2011 | See all xtrench's reviews »

No rest for my favorite silent assassin. Spending peaceful time in Italy wasn't an option for 47. This time around you assassinate not for mere money but to save your friend. While the plot is intriguing, the gameplay is where the magic's at. This second iteration introduces different changes such as ranking the player on how well they executed their assassination, improved control system as well as collecting weapons. Each level has several different solutions which add to the replay value. Worth a play despite the weak A.I


The best part of Hitmans history

fearon | April 7, 2011 | See all fearon's reviews »

Silent Assassin has everything, that can be told about a perfect game. Good storyline, charismatic protagonist, non linear action, phenomenal music and beautiful graphics. In this game you can be brainless killer, who makes lot of noise or real silent assassin - choice is yours. My personal best.


I liked the first Hitman more

mikim | April 4, 2011 | See all mikim's reviews »

Hitman 2 is in my honest opinion, a sequel worse than the first game. I just didn't like the missions in the second game as much as in the first. Graphics can be slightly better, but they're still old. Audio is - of course - great, but if you're not a fan of Hitman YET, you should start from Hitman: Codename 47. Then go on with Hitman 2, then you will propably enjoy it, but not as much as Codename 47.