Reviews for The Inner World [Playfire]


A Great Point and Click

Qwertyfour | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

In a genre that used to be so condensed with shitty games, The Inner World is a truly great game. Modern days, there are not too many point and click games that sell very well so developers stray away from that genre. I personally have played other point and click games like The Walking Dead, Sam and Max, Back to the Future and several other games, and I've found them great in terms of story. Game play wise, they are often lacking, but you can't expect much more than quick time events and nifty puzzles. The Inner World was a very fun Point and Click. Its story feels like a fairy tale, and its graphical style is similar to Adventure Time. So imagine an Adventure Time that takes itself a bit more seriously. The characters are very wonderful and the puzzles are well thoughtout. This game is definitely my most favorite point and click of 2013 so far, and you should definitely get it.


Meh... well it's kinda interesting

Alcatraz_Inmate | Oct. 2, 2013 | See all Alcatraz_Inmate's reviews »

The Inner world is set in a unique and creative world and is a relatively nice looking point and click adventure game. The puzzles and character designs are pleasing and it does somewhat immerse you into the game, but overall I would say it's only a decent title at best. The only thing that really made this pop out to me is the aesthetic design and artwork put into the game which is fantastic. If it's something you are seriously considering picking up, I guess now is a good time seeing as how it's on sale. But don't have any unreasonable expectations.