Reviews for XCOM: Enemy Within


High risk/high reward mechanics

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | See all GuardianOfSouls's reviews »

The new abilities and units you can research and build are expensive but devastating if taken care of. These new units will make the older teams obsolete but you will have to be extra careful in keeping these soldiers alive as the new resources can be hard to come by. Once you get a few fully upgraded it is well worth the risk of investing so much into so few soldiers as they become extremely powerful. The new missions and new enemy human faction are a welcome edition with several fun easter eggs built into their gameplay if you look for them. Highly recommended for anyone that enjoyed the base Enemy Unknown, a good expansion that adds a lot more to the game.


a great DLC for a great game.

chakad | June 9, 2015 | See all chakad's reviews »

to be honest you dont have to own this dlc in order to enjoy xcom eu, i played many-many hours on the base game (not mentioning the mods that are available to it), but if you get this dlc you get a whole different experience from the game. * new game options * new weapons * new classes * new research it basically makes the game more interesting and with more options. if you liked the base game, you should give this a try, it a really dissent DLC (not like other games that release "skins" as dlc this one release dissent content)


well after i played XCOM eu i got this and i have to say

napstip1 | June 9, 2015 | See all napstip1's reviews »

it take the game even further. it adds alot of new options, weapons, enemy's,new classes, game mods, you name it! personally im not a fan of dlc in general but this dlc is like adding a whole new game into the base game (which is great as is) i have no regrets on getting this dlc at all.


Exceptional new content!

Witchcraft6 | June 8, 2015 | See all Witchcraft6's reviews »

Enemy within takes a great game and expands upon it with more great content. The ability to augment soldiers into mechanized heavy units and/or modify them genetically to be semi-super powered light units adds some very refreshing and compelling possibilities for enhanced game-play. The extra levels offered in the DLC pack were enjoyable, and the side quest of tracking down the traitorous human splinter group breathed some new intrigue into the plot. My only (and I do mean 'only') gripe about the DLC pack is the lack of a second, or alternate, ending. I had played through Enemy Unknown extensively, so upon completing Enemy Within, I was terribly disappointed to feel as though I had wasted my time once I had completed the new levels described above. However, if you have not played or have yet to finish Enemy Unknown, then scrap your save, buy Enemy Within, and restart your game. It's full of fantastic new content that adds a ton of value to the game.


I've been pulled in by XCOM... again

cptmold | June 6, 2015 | See all cptmold's reviews »

Flashing back to when Slingshot came out, my hopes were very low for any future DLC this game may have. Needless to say, I was... skeptical... about Enemy Within. Glad to know my suspicions were for nothing, and waiting to buy it was a terrible decision! Aside from several fixes that NEEDED to be addressed in Enemy Unknown (but they still have a free turn to run for cover when you spot them... *sigh*), this expansion truly brings out everything this game can offer. Two new enemy types can be found, the new side-objective (Meld) forces you to complete objectives quickly rather than through camping and waiting out the enemy, and your base is no longer invincible-- the constant fear you had in UFO Defense of a UFO sneaking past your scanners and raiding your base has returned, and you could lose everything through a single failure. Don't be scared away by the pricetag. This is leaps and bounds ahead of Enemy Unknown, and the definitive version of the already outstanding reboot. Despite being three years old, it can easily keep that $50 pricetag and still be worth every penny... but that doesn't mean the 75%-off sales aren't nice ;)


A huge expansion that only adds to an already fantastic game.

Shodex | June 6, 2015 | See all Shodex's reviews »

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is a challenging, and exciting tactical strategy game. Enemy Within is an expansion pack that adds a ton of new content and new challenge to the game. Possibly the biggest addition is Meld, a resource you will recover from mission to mission that will allow you turn ordinary soldiers into supersoliders, or outfit them in hulking mech suits. It's a great way to get some much needed vengeance on the aliens in the late game, but don't think for a second that it makes you invincible. Your fight doesn't get any easier with Enemy Within, harder in fact. As you're forced to face a whole new threat, a human one. The EXALT are terrorists fighting in support of the aliens, and offer some unique and challenging missions to fight through. Same goes for a number of new maps and ball-busting council missions that were added, giving even more variety to the gameplay. $30 isn't cheap, and honestly XCOM: Enemy Within isn't really worth it. But if you're a fan of XCOM: Enemy Unknown and want to breath some more life into it, pick up XCOM: Enemy Within when it's at a price you're comfortable with. It's practically a mandatory addition.


Well worth the money

bainet | June 6, 2015 | See all bainet's reviews »

With Enemy Within Firaxis did what many companies haven't done in a while, which is do a proper expansion rather than a bunch of miniature add-ons a dlc, there is enough new in this expansion that I believe make it worth the purchase, and hey at a sale it should be an instant purchase for anyone who played and enjoyed the original. The expansion adds a new faction, a new resource and the much requested by fans base defense missions.


Great experience for those who still have patience

Kheiran | June 5, 2015 | See all Kheiran's reviews »

Having been a fan of x-com since the ms-dos days of the x-com titles, it is thrilling to see the franchise continuing and still following it's roots. At it's core this game is about micromanaging your troops, what gear they use, expanding their capabilities (through mind, genetics or technology), basic base building, etc etc and on top of all that, you get to throw all your hard work into a battlefield to see how well your planning has paid off. It's hard to find games that give you such a rewarding feeling for success like X-Com but it is not without its minor flaws. There's hardly any story to the game and frustrating battles will have you restarting constantly as the enemies are usually one step ahead of you (but that's also part of the challenge of the game). In the end, the game made me wanting more and I was sad it came to an end, at around 40-50 hours you will definately get your monies worth.


A great addition

Corax_E | March 17, 2015 | See all Corax_E's reviews »

This expansion adds a lot of content. The new resource meld encourages a more aggressive play-style which the new super soldiers and MECs are great for. Most importantly there's 47 new maps which adds some very needed variety to the missions.


A Good Expansion

karamargan | Oct. 23, 2014 | See all karamargan's reviews »

Enemy within is a great expansion to what is already a good. Enemy unknown is a great game in terms of tactics and strategy and with this expansion the game-play materials have increased, so there is more stuff to play. So overall this is a great game


Very good expansion(dlc) to Xcom

Asmo2 | April 17, 2014 | See all Asmo2's reviews »

Expansion brings a new resource "Meld". Player can spend it to upgrade soldier by new cybernetic and transhuman technologies. We also have new human enemy organisation called "Exalt" and missed in based game Base Defense missions! This new featured make Xcom almost perfect. Xcom + Expansion + Long War mod = 10/10 :D (perfect game!)


Enemy Within - the DLC you can't do without

RixRaw | Jan. 2, 2014 | See all RixRaw's reviews »

Enemy Within is a very significant add-on to X-COM: Enemy Unknown as it features a whole bunch of outstanding new content: a new resource type, council missions, upgrade options, new mission types, enemy units and a whole new different faction to face. The DLC also comes with Operation Progeny, a seperate content pack, that much like the Slingshot Content Pack can be turned on or off on the new game options menu and features a handful of unique, new council missions. With all the additional new mission types, it's easy to forget that you're playing the same campaign, which results in an even increased replay value. While all the new factors to pay attention to may overwhelm players at first, the new content is definitely interesting and worthwhile if not a bit on the easy side compared to the base game.


Excellent expansion

thezayel | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all thezayel's reviews »

While Enemy Within never really changes the core mechanics of the game, it brings enough new things to the table to stay fresh and reinvigorate anyone who might have grown tired of the usual tactics over the base game. The appearence of Meld and EXALT bring just the right amount of variety into game, although their effect all but disappear once you get to late-game stage. Although $30 is a little steep for it, I'd recommend this expansion to anyone who wishes to spice up a possible replay.



Demilisz | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

While enemy Within adds new things like enemies, weapons and options this really doesn't justify the price. For 30$ you should expect a complete new campaign that is independent from base game like in Fall of the Samurai. Well, with Enemy Within this is only wishful thinking as everything this expansion adds is build into base campaign. New enemies (Exalt and Aliens), new mineral, genetic manipulations and mechasoldiers - they are all here, but as part of old campaign. If you are a big fan of main game and want a reason to play again - buy it. But if you drop out XCom after finishing game ones and doesn't want to come back - forget about EW or wait for sale. There is many better ways to spend 30$ for you.


Expansion that is a must-have

Mandemon | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all Mandemon's reviews »

Enemy Within greatly expands the base game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and is must have to all those who loved XCOM: EU. The expansion adds a new resource the player can collect: Meld. Meld is physically on the battlefield, much like UFO Power Sources and UFO Navigation Computers. However, Meld have timers just like bombs during Bomb Disposal missions. If player takes too long, he loses the Meld. This adds entire new element to tactical combat: Is the rewards of getting Meld greater than the risks it pose? Speed is the key, but speed brings risks. Player needs to decide what he values more: resources or his soldiers? On the strategic layer, player gets lots of new toys, foundry and research projects to study as well as two new base facilities: Cybernetics and Gene Labs. These two are used to apply Meld on your soldiers, either creating mechanically augmented MEC troopers or genetically modify existing soldiers. MEC troopers carry heavy weapons, can punch aliens through walls and do other numerous tricks. They also get their own skill tree, as well as their suits have their own upgrade paths. Gene-modded soldiers are less expensive per-mod. However, they do not receive as drastic changes as MEC troopers can get. Gene-modded soldiers gain other skills, such as ability to jump to roofs or blend into surroundings. There are five gene-slots, each with two options, but only one option can be used at the time. Genemods can be swapped, if player so desires, but this cost time, money and meld. Enemy Within also introduces new enemies. Aliens receive two new units: A Mectoid, is which alien version of MEC trooper. Other new unit is Seeker, a flying robotic squid that can(and will) turn invisible and hunts down isolated soldiers. However, greatest enemy additions comes in form of EXALT. This shadowy, Illuminati type organization has it's own goals regarding aliens and will sabotage XCOM efforts. EXALT bring eight new units to the table. These units are similar to XCOMs units, Heavy, Medic, Sniper and Operative. These units also have Elite versions, with gene-mods that Dr. Vahlen would not suggest using. Dealing with EXALT is very different from Aliens. Where as player responds to aliens when he can, player actively seeks out EXALT. When EXALT cell is exposed, either by player initiating a scan or by EXALT managing to sabotage XCOM efforts, player can send covert operatives to infiltrate the cell. Fighting EXALT is very different from aliens. EXALT might be lacking in tech, but they compensate this with sheer numbers. EXALT is not afraid to lose it's members and will aggressively pursue it's objectives on the battlefield. Eventually, player can locate and destroy EXALT HQ, ending this threat... for now. Other new additions Enemy Within brings are numerous bug fixes, improvements to AI, five new Second Wave options, 40 new maps and a new mini-story arc called Progeny. Player can also have soldiers speak their native language, or at least those that the game have been localized on. Greatest flaw in the expansion is that it does not really add new campaign, merely adds to existing one and that the final mission has remained the same. However, these flaws are small compared to all the goods things that the expansion brings.


A actual expansion pack!

andymanmessiah | Nov. 27, 2013 | See all andymanmessiah's reviews »

Thank god. In a time when expansion packs are all but gone and replaced by crummy 3 hour long DLC adventures and special pre-order bonuses, out comes Firaxis with Enemy Within, a stand-alone expansion pack almost straight out of the 1990s with so much new content that it brings a tear to your eye. If you loved Enemy Unknown, Enemy Within is simply a must-have as it easily enhances the game greatly with its many new features and missions!


Great add to more XCOM experience.

ryucchang | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all ryucchang's reviews »

Other good long reviews have already covered the pros and cons of XCOM enemy within, so the only thing I'll have to add is that this is something you must have. For those who like turn-based strategy games and for those who love XCOM, this is not a game to miss or let go or wait for high-rate discounts since it will provide over 30,40 hours of fun when many games provide less even with a higher cost. We all experienced how XCOM:Enemy Unknown can be annoying in repetitive gameplay due to the lack of specified base management. Well, they didn't add that but added other things to at least provide better fighting and modified soldiers. I guarantee that this will at least satisfy old XCOM fans in a better way compared to EU. Only con here is that I wished EW to be a stand alone game with all the old features installed in it but guess the developers didn't think that will work.


A good, solid expansion.

Ithuraen | Nov. 24, 2013 | See all Ithuraen's reviews »

Before I begin I will say in a word this expansion is great. What follows will be mostly highlighting of issues, but through difficulty and second wave options balance issues can be overcome and what is left is definitely a clean-cut expansion that is immensely enjoyable for anyone remotely keen on XCOM:EU. Enemy Within is a solid expansion pack that does what it says on the box with only a few twists that you might not see coming. The idea from Firaxis was to improve in thirds: a third innovation, a third renovation and a third bug fixing. On the innovation front you have an expanded toolset in outfitting your soldiers with MECs and genetic enhancements. With the MECs you have much more powerful weaponry and survivability at the cost of them not able to take cover and having limited vertical maneuverability. The genetic enhancements are mostly minor changes that affect the game in only very context sensitive moments (aim bonus when elevated above an enemy/reflect damage to psionic attackers etc) except for one which kind of broke the mid-game for me balance-wise (mimetic skin). With it I was able to send a soldier out completely undetected and have squad sight enabled snipers obliterate the enemy, it wasn't until facing Ethereals did he actually have the chance at being detected. As for the rest of balance it has been a hard task to change the base game for Firaxis and mostly they've done well to keep it balanced, new enemy types are introduced in the campaign at sensible intervals, and tech is researched at a comfortable pace (slightly lengthened I feel from the base game). Some additional items and foundry tasks are added to make up for the stretched out gameplay which really help bolster your soldiers. Unfortunately I can't say that it's entirely thought out. I believe your soliders are being tooled up to face the bigger threats, but the aliens for the most part aren't equally as beefed up. The Sectopods seem quite dangerous now, and the mechanised Sectoid can be quite a danger early-mid game, but otherwise the bulk of the aliens are little danger to your squad. Even the most basic MEC at a low rank can stand toe-to-toe with 90% of alien troops, maybe a muton elite could pose a problem but by the time you see them you'll have at least one (or three) tier two MEC and a squad backing it up with plasma weaponry. Of course the battle isn't ever fought with numbers on your side, but I just get the feeling that the difficulty has been eased downwards purely due to power creep. The variety of enemies is bolstered by the appearance of EXALT, a human threat that (tries to) also have similar tech to XCOM and proves an almost-equal threat. Due to the previously mentioned genetic ability my agent was never discovered by them and felt more like a mission where I had to just kill all humans rather than really do anything stealthily or tactically. The EXALT soldiers do come up with some interesting game changers, having most of the tools the XCOM soldiers do, such as stim-paks, med kits, grenades, sniper rifles, etc, but they had only just started fielding laser weaponry by the time I had finished them off. I feel I'm harping on the issues more than the highlights because they are the only things wrong here, aside from the power creep and sometimes nasty animation bugs, there is nothing else wrong with this expansion (as said above). Compared to the base game, bugs are fixed, a whole slew of them, and only one introduced (MEC animations are off-sync, only noticeable in slo-mo). There are a slew of features introduced I didn't even know about, including a streamlining of council missions (no longer have to choose to do Slingshot, it works its way in seamlessly), a new set of council missions, a heap of new maps (didn't repeat a map once in 30-hour playthrough), new soldier customisation options, new second wave options (training roulette really spices up the next playthrough) and probably some more that I've forgotten. For a tonne of content it's worth it's RRP pricetag let alone with GMG vouchers and specials I got it 45% off. There are still some options on my wishlist that I feel could have taken the place of some features, such as expanded end-game enemies (super-mecha-sectoid reskin maybe?) and maybe some more distinct downsides to the MEC/GM soldiers (one second wave options does disallow GM soldiers from being psionics though) Anyway enough rambling, here's the tl;dr If you enjoyed Enemy Unknown enough to get more than a weekend of play, buy this expansion pack and enjoy the new features to spice it up. If you played through EU once or more, buy this right now and enjoy enough content to see one or two more playthroughs. You're looking at 30-50 hours of gameplay for the price of a BluRay. No negatives I've listed here can deny you enjoyment in this product


Right in the Melee..

XGpredator | Nov. 22, 2013 | See all XGpredator's reviews »

More vicious, more strategic, more stressful, more clever than its predecessor, XCOM: Enemy Within gives a great sweep to the already very successful XCOM: Enemy Unknown by introducing elements of gameplay that tough tactics of a game that the was already tremendously. Sure, they blame the failure to correct defects in the original game or the lack of a new campaign, but if you're a fan of the license, it is certain that the extension will allow you to rediscover in a new light as such particularly time, which is now enriched with a very consistent content.


Must have expansion

fingerchain | Nov. 17, 2013 | See all fingerchain's reviews »

a great addition to this already great game.there are new cool stuff for your soldiers,new aliens, new maps and some of the old maps which they enhance , new enemy called xalt and a lot more. this expansion adds more depth to the game and more replayability.i would say that there are still bugs in the game graphical glitches to name a few but nothing game braking.


Great expansion!

taskaidomi6 | Nov. 16, 2013 | See all taskaidomi6's reviews »

At first look I didn't like the game nor the price of it. I visited my friend and he told me to try it because it's fantastic. After a while I bought it and it was better than i expected it to be. It brings a lot of new changes to the game. The combat if the same but there are a ton of new things to try. The new enemies look fantastic and the character customization has got a lot of new things added to it, so it is better than ever! If you liked the base game then you will definitely love this expansion!


Great-Great-Great XCOM.

Matt43 | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all Matt43's reviews »

In Enemy Within nothing has been curtailed or reduced , on the contrary , only become greater. And it all starts again: alien attack on Earth , we take command of the base XCOM, recruit fighters and pump , we clean the crash site of a UFO, build laboratories, workshops and foundries, study their technology being captured Dohlyaka or rogue launch satellites on different countries , will send interceptors . Buries the body of a soldier implants or amputated limbs ? But now all this added new concerns . First, all of our soldiers can now be turned into a cyborg or polukiborgov . You decide if there is enough will just utykat body ordinary Gantry implants (one , for example , increases accuracy during the occupation of the high ground , and the other allows you to jump on the roof) , or should it be amputated limbs to turn into a walking , wrecking everything in its path mechanical soldier . All this is reflected in the tactics and strategy. In the battle , a new aggravating factor - you need to grab the containers with a particular resource ( the "composition " in Russian translation) , which is spent on all these kiberprevrascheniya . And this must be done quickly : after a certain number of moves containers self-destruct . In addition, the battle is now more scope , dynamics , blood, sweat and tactics. Mekhi demolished walls, behind which hid the enemies , and the whole area is covered with a flamethrower ( after surgery fighters get kiberklass new and unique set of skills ) , snipers are jumping on the roof, "foreign" often attacking in waves, you have landed in the rear and also allowed in the case of their mechanized monsters with metal prostheses. EXALT mysterious organization brings together people who believe the invasion of the aliens good And increased costs: Implants for the construction of new buildings ( Laboratory of Genetics and kibergenetiki ) , the study and production of new technologies and equipment items (eg collars from choking to face a new type of enemy , " seekers ") spent more resources . So you can easily run out of money to buy new satellites and interceptors . Or operatives : one in the hospital , others are under the knife kiberhirurgov . And finally in the Enemy Within you more often and more quickly find yourself on the verge of defeat when the country one after another out of the project XCOM. However, this is minor compared to that begins in the second half . Developers , in the manner of Syndicate Wars 2 , introduced in the confrontation between the two factions of the third. EXALT mysterious organization brings together people who believe the invasion of aliens almost a blessing , want to put their technology to industrial production and thus to break through to the authorities . From words they start to get down to business , arranging sabotage your operations . And we have opened a second front : you have to calculate the headquarters of traitors and destroy them. But first have to defend your own base and to send spies into the enemy rear . And here opens a new layer of tactical game. Almost the first time in the series we have to fight against the people. And it is a special experience: they use the same tactics and kiberimplanty , you throw smoke bombs , grenades , rocket-propelled grenades are thrown out and run in mechanical suits. All this, however, is hardly even a " development of old ideas ." All new content as well lay down the ground rules for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, which seems to have been there originally . This is correct in every detail improved version of the great game that somehow missed the year. Now I wonder where all move on .