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Mediocre and generic game

KingTed | March 11, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

When Watch Dogs was announced at E3, it was a big surprise for me. An open-world game focused on hacking everything around the character? I was not expecting this from Ubisoft. I guess I was right... As Aiden Pearce we are on a mission of revenge. The man’s family was attacked and it’s our job to find out by whom. The city itself is our main tool of the trade. You see, Aiden is a genius hacker and the city is fully connected to CTOS, a super network that controls every piece of technology in town. Sounds fun, right? I love the Person of Interest TV Show so I was looking forward this game which promised us to play some Harold Finch-like character but with a bit of optional gunplay. However, the game is nothing like that. Aiden doesn’t do much as a hacker. All he needs to do is to press the touchscreen of his magical smartphone and BANG everything gets hacked automatically. There is no real hacking mechanic here. Aiden is just like John Reese in the TV Show, using one phone app and blasting his way through enemies. Sure you can be sneakier than this and use stealth to avoid combat but the problem is the same. It’s not original at all. Watch Dogs had a great concept at hands and wasted it in a generic open-world AAA game. Furthermore, the game story has some inconsistencies too (One example : Aiden acts like some kind of vigilante... But he robs people’s bank account...). About the presentation, the game leaves a lot to be desired. Some effects and textures are just broken. Some AI scripts are too obvious too. The game can be fun but I was expecting something else.


Too much Hype.Good game but not something we have never seen.

faraga321 | Nov. 10, 2014 | See all faraga321's reviews »

There was too much hype around that game,so was all the hype deserved.Well Yea sort of.The game didnt have that amazing graphics that it promised but i suppose it was for the better.Good story that i loved and replayed a second time. Pros: Good story High replay value The Hacking element is something cool(but not amazing) Cool NPCs No NPCs in main missions(aren't in your way) Cons: Police stops chasing when you go in water. You cant Rambo through the fights(even though you have the weapons and gear for it) The puzzles are really,really anoying. No real emotional bond to the people. Driving is just strange. Clunky Port. Reputation system that doesn't really have a purpose. U(don't get to)PLAY!!!!!!!!!!! WARNING:All these problems might/will be fixed in future patches. Final Verdict: Good game that got too overhyped and didn't reach its success.


Better than reviews tell

Ma3a | July 25, 2014 | See all Ma3a's reviews »

As someone who doesn't become comfortable with playing GTA Watch Dogs is a better game for me. In my opinion it is more adult, more reflective of the things you do and more serious in the way it approaches its story. You play as Aiden Pearce, a hacker, whose live was destroyed by the murder of his sisters daughter. On his way to revenge you play your way through missions all about hacking, stealth and shooting. While there are probably a little too mach hacking mechanics in this game it's quiete fun to use them.Stealth and combat are solid. The star of this game is the city you play in. Chigaco shines with a diversity and a good eye for detail. There is this big lake which you can explore by lake, the little suburbs full of wooden houses and the big city with its skyscrapers that makes the game so diverse and so beautiful. The story doesn't shine but is a solid surounding that makes you explore the world and gives you a lot to do. So in the end, Watch Dogs is a very enjoyable game but still has room to grow.


GTA's best friend and worst foe

LordAristocrat | July 23, 2014 | See all LordAristocrat's reviews »

Watch_Dogs is a new game from Ubisoft that helps us to become a professional hacker, who controls the whole Chicago by touching the screen of smartphone. Sounds attractive, doesn't it?;) In spite of this, Watch_Dogs is an excellent example of creative idea, which hadn't been fully used. The game offers us to play as Aiden Pearce - fixer and hacker who tries to find his niece's killers. (Typical revenge story from Ubi which we saw so in Assassin's Creed II, Splinter Cell Conviction, Far Cry 3) However, it doesn't mean that Pearce's story is awful! It's full of charismatic characters, intrigues and plot twists. Looks pretty well! (Sweet revenge!) The graphic in Ubisoft's new creation is quite good: it looks so amazing in dark rainy weather but seems a little faint in sunny day. Nevertheless, thanks to the mods, the graphic question was solved and now Watch_Dogs looks really beautiful in any weather. Gameplay of Watch_Dogs combines GTA's open world and ability to use transportations, Splinter Cell's way of skirmish and some parkour elements from Assassin's Creed. Also game offers us to use our smartphone as a hacking console panel of Chicago. And this is amazing! You can hack web-cameras, read some interesting unknown information about unknown people, steal money from ATM, use traffic lights to make chaos in the streets... The bad side of hackings is that this system looks like 'Press X to hack'. Mechanic is the weakest side of the game. Unfortunately, it doesn't good realistic! But for people who likes interesting storyline, cool graphic and some new kind of gameplay it won't become a big problem. For a long time Watch_Dogs had been supposed as the main competitor for GTA V. It's an amazing and very cool game, which has a potential, but it's very different from GTA! I advise all fans of Ubisoft's games, GTA and hacking to buy it. An excellent addition to your gaming collection!


Great game, not the masterpiece some were expecting

Stebsis | June 22, 2014 | See all Stebsis's reviews »

Watch Dogs tells a story of Aiden Pierce, a vigilante who's hunting the killers of her niece who was killed because of Aiden. Characters aren't the most interesting but not bad, most of them are well made but I never felt I wanted to really know more about them. Story also isn't the most interesting though also well made. What shines here is the gameplay and multiplayer modes. You can basically hack anything in Chicago with help of your smartphone. You can hack citizens walking by to get some cash to get from ATM, hack the street lights to cause mayhem or my favorite: blockers to fend off pursuers, or, as I like to use them, get some speed with your car, couple meters away from blockers turn on focus that slows down time, hack the blockers and your car flies high into the air. You'll be using hacking a lot, police will chase you, you need to gather some intel from enemy infested place or follow someone. It all feels natural to do and is fun to boot. One of the best things here is the multiplayer, particularly hacking others. It's really exhilirating when you go in other person's game and try to sneak at least 50m close to hack them, then try to find some safe place so that he won't find and kill you. It takes some 3 minutes I think to hack someone, you need to stay in range of them and the area gets smaller every 25%. Usually when you successfully hack someone, other person is dropped in your game so be careful, best way I've found to counter others is to occasionally use focus, if it slows down time you don't have anyone invading, but if it doesn't then there's someone after you. It's pretty easy to spot other people especially if you find a nice vantage point or are in highway with no places to hide, but it gets pretty boring if you just kill them before they even begin so I usually let them hack me, it's more fun to hunt them even if I don't succeed in finding. There are also bigger multiplayer matches where you need to get a phone and you and your team need to hack it before other team. These take place in fairly large areas and it's pretty fun. There's also free roam though every time I've gone there people are just causing mayhem because, well, there's absolutely nothing to do there than to kill others and get cops after you, and the lag was always unbeliavably bad. I'd say Watch Dogs is worth your time to play even if it doesn't reach the hights some people were expecting and doesn't really provide enough new to make it something truly special. Story is good for the one run, there are many activities in the city like digital trips that let you operate a huge spider tank which is fun, and you can play chess which I really like. Hacking and tailing others in multiplayer is incredibly fun, I did that for hours without touching story missions. Ubisoft made a fun game to play, hopefully sequel, which definitely is coming, takes the same kind of leap Assassin's Creed 2 took from AC1.


Ground breaking, most anticipated game of the year?

gramdo | June 20, 2014 | See all gramdo's reviews »

Pre ordered the deluxe version from GMG while they were offering the 20% discount. First impression was that the pretty good graphics (played on high settings; i5 4670K & r9 280x ) and "ground breaking" gameplay. After the first hour or so I found the gameplay to be quite repeatitive (similar to Assassins' Creed) where u explore new area to unlock the main and side quests. That being said I did spend quite alot of my hours off work playing this game. Managed to finish the main story plus most of the side quests in a week. In all one has to decide whether the new gameplay style/mechanic and decently good graphics(not optimized on AMD cards & not maxed out on PC although there is a workaround) is worth paying for.


A bad port for an Incredible game

Ryukrieger | June 10, 2014 | See all Ryukrieger's reviews »

Well, before I get into the actual review, I have to say one thing, the PC port is a poorly optimized mess (as of the time of review), you will not be able to max this game out completely no matter what system you have, an i7 with GTX 770 won't max it, reviewers with Titans can't max it, so I doubt you can, but if you can... darn, you're armed. Actual review: Gameplay: I love it, love it to dead, imagine GTA with hacking and changing the city as you play (don't worry, damages done will be recovered like in any other games), I also like the vast amount of things you can do beside the main missions, I've been playing since release date and still haven't finished Act II of the game since all the side-stuffs are so addicting I keep forgetting about the main missions. I also like the "Alternate reality" mini games called "Digital Trip", in short, this open world game is more than just an open world game, you interact with the city and see all its citizens' profile, choosing who to steal from, what to hack, what to do... Yes, I love the directions they went with this game, and I hope they can improve it. Certainly the AIs can be improved, along with stealth and parkour system. Music: Nothing spectacular but the music is really good. Graphics: Certainly reduced from the original gameplay, too bad it has to be compatible with the PS3 and Xbox360. What I like best is how the UI works, it's... interesting, I must say, it's not just a 'flat' UI flapped on the screen, but more like it's actually there. Alls in all, ignoring the terrible port job, I'd give this game a 97, but due to the terrible port, it's a 91 from me. (So keep that in mind when they actually fix the port). Because no game is perfect, and this is only my personal opinion, but you can play this game!.... if not, wait until a few more patches come out, it might be better then, although I'm playing quite stably, I can't say the same for everyone.


Similar to GTA

Cavalieroscuro | June 1, 2014 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

If you've played Assassin's Creed and GTA, Watchdogs is pretty much the same stuff. The hacking sections are nice, but nothing more. A good free roaming titles, but PC version isn't well optimized.


Enjoying it.

scottnat | May 28, 2014 | See all scottnat's reviews »

Few hours in. Playing on a 680 gtx. Performance has micro stutters occasionally during driving (might get cleared up with patch), but otherwise is fine. Is a lot of fun. Not as rich as GTA in terms of interaction, but feels a bit more cohesive in terms of the narrative. There's also a little more momentum. The hacking part of the game had me a little on edge - was worried might make it fiddly or difficult - but unnecessary, it turns out. That part is really is very well implemented and adds a nice novelty.


Watch_Dogs (Deluxe Edition) | 2014 | Ubisoft | Windows OS

EviLFazZ | May 28, 2014 | See all EviLFazZ's reviews »

I've only had time to fit in an hours worth of actual game time and I'm already impressed. I won't pass any 'official' judgement at present, as that would be really unfair for something so seriously grand and detailed, but also many Steam reviewers are acting like typical uneducated humans and screaming like spoilt brats, which is why I'm posting up this unplanned and unofficial review ...more like my thoughts out aloud ...including a few random screenshots too ()^__^) Currently Ubisoft's Uplay is having some launch issues for some (I've personally not been affected hugely) and no doubt are working flat out to fix it for the world. Yes 'the world' for those who don't game and still live under a 1960's rock. I 'really' must say thank you to both Ubisoft and NVIDIA for fixing a critical error this morning and within a hour of release, that affected newer GTX hardware and optimised the performance by more than 20%. I went from 50fps peak to over 60fps with maximum graphical settings (in basic 1080p). I know the 'real' reason for this, which isn't usually spoken about publicly, but in short it's for piracy reasons and perfectly I'm fine by this. So Square Enix's recent Thief (on Windows OS again), which I thought had the best Stereo 3D, I think +Watch Dogs has hacked the crown from it, taken my top choice for (cheap'n'cheerful without having to use something like Oculus Rift) Stereo 3D. At present, I can't comment on the Oculus Rift v1/v2 compatibility, but soon hopefully. Everything in this game has been fine tuned with a lot of care and if you have a decent Windows OS based desktop, you'll see it at it's best and if you don't, it doesn't matter in terms of the game, as it's still all there, just not as realistic visually or audibly of course. So many have moaned about it looking average or being too easy (borderline boring). I completely disagree. Play the game on a DirectX 11 capable system (using NVIDIA 337.88 drivers) and it's solid, detailed and fluid. Now turn off Aim Assist, set the game to Realistic and it'll be much more interesting to play through []^__^] Audio wise is actually better than I thought, but with more a 6Ch output than 8Ch. Vehicle radios do actually have some great tunes, and not just conversation stuff as previously heard in the demos. The audio ambience of the city is rich in detail and distant sound textures can almost feel the sounds ...though playing in 3D helps that of course \{}3__D}/ What I'm not liking ...not a huge amount ...but the lip syncing and slightly dead-eyes of characters breaks it's realism, but keep in mind I've only played through the very basics of the game and haven't got deep enough into the game, so I'm hoping it improves. If Jordi is anything to go by, this should be fun []^__^] The game is on a more serious tone (Like +Rockstar Games *Max Payne*), which is suitable to the plot, but kills it just a little, though of course this depends on your mood and preference at the time of play and personally like a little more humour and sass in my games, but again ...I'm still in it's very early stages this is just me typing out aloud. The Ui is really good (innovative in some parts), but I really feel it could so with a Scaling option and also an Opacity option, as it's just a bit too big and too obvious for me, and frequently felt it got in the way, breaking the realism. This is something that +Ubisoft could actually change and update easily, so this would probably be my only request to them, as I know trying to give characters a more animated expressions now isn't possible. As always, the biggest let down is ...again ...Uplay itself. It's not that it's bad, it's just backwards, especially for the majority of us being long time +Steam users. I understand +Valve have over ten years of experience in this field, but shouldn't that make it easier to implement some of the great strong features of Steam? Uplay will (again) give new users to Windows OS the bad name that so many think it still has from it's Windows XP days ...which was a long time ago. I hope Ubisoft see how serious we are about gaming on their platform through Windows OS or even +Linux if they wanna get hardcore and decide to put some real effort into the Uplay client. I'll do a separate post what's missing and what's wrong, because it's honestly far too long to go into here. Meanwhile, my usual gaming hint, if like me, you bought it outside of Steam, add the games .exe (found in the Ubisoft's install directory) to Steam using the 'Add a non-+Steam game option, then jump into Big Picture mode, which enables easier big screen access. I use this options for dual/tri screens, which means Big Picture will open on a set screen (secondary monitor and/or projector). This makes playing it on a different larger screen as easy as two clicks (rather than messing with your systems configuration every time or expensive 'average' 3rd party software). For us Stereo 3D users, this also works amazingly well and makes it a simplified process. So unofficially ...though I doubt I will change my mind too... *3/3* (90% for GMG as some things need changing/updating) - But so far ...this is the best open world game I've played in a long time (over Far Cry 3, Rage, Saints Row, Skyrim, GTA: IV, etc) ...and I've not even played it fully yet, let alone on-line ...Well done Ubisoft (no sarcasm this time) \[]^__^]/