Reviews for Watch_Dogs (NA)


Don't Bother.

Moss20 | June 14, 2015 | See all Moss20's reviews »

Watch_Dogs was anticipated to be a great game, however it fell on its face. While Chicago looks absolutely beautiful in game the complete and utter lack of character customization, which is only limited to a palette swap for your "edgy brooding teenage" trench coat and a slightly different hat, brings it down. The characters are unlikeable, Aiden is not a hero he's an insufferable ninny. Gameplay wise it is alright at best, the "hacking" that was hyped as a new and innovative game mechanic is just pressing gone button and solving a pipemaze puzzle. The world is littered with inane audio logs that add nothing to the game. Couple all of this with UPlay and you have a mess of a "game". Do not bother.


Mediocre game

Cheese4395 | May 8, 2015 | See all Cheese4395's reviews »

I've played this game for maybe 3-4 hours before I got bored of it. I was so excited for this game when i heard about it at E3 and such but when I finally got my hands I was sadly disappointed and ashamed at what the game came out to be. As a hacking game this is nothing like I expected, if you really want a good open world game I would have to say that GTA is a much better option as a game.


Better than its given credit.

Simao20 | Feb. 11, 2015 | See all Simao20's reviews »

A few years ago when Watch Dogs was first revealed it left a great impression upon gamers with how beautiful the game looks as well as the unique play style. Unfortunately people refused to settle for anything less then what was shown at that years E3 because Watch Dogs is a very good game. The game itself is beautiful with a great recreation of Chicago . The game play is very similar to recent Grant Theft Auto games with cover mechanics and the revamped shooting style they've incorporated from games like Max Payne 3. While the shooting itself isn't as refined as those, its still a way you're going to want to use to get through missions and it does a well enough job. The main draw about the game is being able to hack virtually everything you can. You can get away from enemies by setting up traffic jams through stop lights being set to green or taking out an entire city block with a power outage all from Aiden's phone. The story has many good moments, it can be funny but simply its just a fun game overall . I think fans were left too sour because it wasn't what they thought it'd be and refused to get out of that mind set. The game will easily give you at least 20 hours of gameplay and there is replay-ability being a good guy or a bad guy. Its worth getting , highly recommend getting it


Not as good as anticipated.

Kaboom3000 | Jan. 24, 2015 | See all Kaboom3000's reviews »

WatchDogs was expected to be a great AAA title. But the hype made this game a disappointment. Graphics were said to be exceptional and fantastic but this was a major let down. Performance was horrible. You would need two SLI titans too get above 50 fps. There were constant fps drops that made the game hard too play. Gameplay is mediocre at best. Gunplay is fun and exciting but hacking feels too neglected and driving feels like your'e in a brick on ice. Hacking was supposed to be the main aspect of the game. You are this super hacker that can at a touch of a button can do anything. But there is not much you can do in the game. The story isn't great either. Aiden has no emotion at all and you just don't become invested in the story. There is no character development and the farther you get into the game you just want to finish it and get it over with as fast as you can. I think the hype killed this game the most. If this wasn't too hyped up it would've been a game that just flew by and hardly anyone noticed.


OK at best

jack_49 | Nov. 29, 2014 | See all jack_49's reviews »

This game starts off great, it feels fresh and new it fun and easy going and quickly allows you to go through the paces, upgrading, and stealing crap, mugging dudes for their sports cars etc. All is fun until you realize oh crap this game lags like hell and looks super crappy compared to those E3 vids. It gets old quick and soon you feel like you have to keep doing all these dumb side missions that end up just getting annoying. Its basically like putting a new coat of paint on an old car and forgetting the clear-coat. New paint doesn't make your car newer, and without clear coat that paint will soon start to rust. In the same way, this game is an old game (GTA) with a new coat of paint (slight upgraded graphics and few mechanics) but without the clear coat (Boring story, polished graphics not what was promised, bugs, bugs, lag, poor PC performance, oh did I mention bugs?) this game really gets rusty quick.


Fantastic Game despite the hate

Kveni | Nov. 11, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

I know that people are all freaking out about this game being "So Terrible" and "Unplayable" but my computer plays this game WITH the enhanced graphics mod AND other gameplay enhancing mods at a steady 50-60 fps, so I know that this game is like inside and outside. The Story of this game is great, for once, and I really enjoyed playing through this game. The weaponry, vehicles, perks, and abilities that you can learn throughout the game is massively extensive, and keeps you wanting to play. The graphics are phenomenal, despite the little Ubisoft setback, which wasn't all that bad, people just like to freak out about the smallest things these days. Hacking is totally one of the coolest things introduced into a video game, especially on the online free roam mode, and speaking of multiplayer, that's absolutely addicting as well. The entire game FEELS great, smooth, and new. This game would've been a LOT more popular if it hadn't been for the tiny little graphics change that Ubisoft made, which utterly infuriated the little perfectionists out there who literally destroy a game because it was 100% of what was promised. No game is like that. This is a fantastic game, and I recommend it 100% to anybody that like Open world, Third Person Shooters, or intense Online multiplayer.


The next great AAA franchise

heerox328 | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all heerox328's reviews »

Watch_Dogs is hands-down the next big AAA franchise of the year. While Ubisoft admittedly butchered the PC port visually and in terms of performance, the game still shines regardless. The story is spectacular. The voice acting is superb. The gameplay is refreshing and new really putting the power of the city into the player's hands. If Ubisoft nurtures this franchise properly, it could be a major competitor to GTA in the coming years. Multiplayer is also excellent with seamless invasions from other players attempting to hack your game. There are also a variety of different game types, races, and free roam that truly offer some form of entertainment for everybody. You can also mod the game, apply FX, and you'll be able to return Watch_Dogs to its 2012 E3 visuals, of which are absolutely stunning and spectacular. Don't let the negative reviews fool you. Many are judging the game based on Ubisoft's failures and not actually considering the quality and merits of the title itself. Watch_Dogs is an amazing game and I would recommend it to anyone. Pick it up as as soon as you can.


It's an Ubisoft game.

Shodex | Oct. 12, 2014 | See all Shodex's reviews »

If you've played a lot of recent Ubisoft titles, you already know exactly what Watch_Dogs is. It's an open world game where you run from mission waypoint to mission waypoint, where you're then locked into a linear story mission. The map is scattered with collectibles and simple side missions. It's exactly the same as Assassin's Creed, Far Cry 3, etc. Is that a bad thing though? I really like Assassin's Creed, but sadly I don't really like Watch_Dogs. The hacking element to Watch_Dogs is kind of cool, hell not kind of. It is cool. Taking out enemies by watching them through security cameras and making stuff blow up in their face is a lot of fun. And the hacking element adds a new depth to the cover based shooting. But sadly occasionally good combat doesn't make up for how uninspired Watch_Dogs feels. Aiden Pearce himself is a pretty terrible lead. He's bland, boring, and every line he says tries so hard to be dramatic but just comes off cheesy. It doesn't help that the story is equally as bland. The world building is lacking too, everybody on the street at any given time is basically just talking about hacking or getting hacked. NPCs never feel like they have real lives. Watch_Dogs' Chicago is very pretty, but it doesn't feel alive. So you have a boring story, taking place in a boring setting, with a little bit of fun gameplay spread widely across an Ubisoft open world. The worst part about Watch_Dogs is while it's being mediocre, it never lets up this feeling that it thinks it is some fantastic dramatic story warning us of a near future. Watch_Dogs isn't as smart as it thinks it is, it's a mediocre game that latched onto a gimmick. It's not really a bad game, it's just not a good game. Everything is totally bland, and done better by everyone else. I can't recommend it, unless you really want to play an open world Ubisoft game and don't want to wait for the next Assassin's Creed.


Great game, Variety of Possibilities

cruzerblade271 | Oct. 2, 2014 | See all cruzerblade271's reviews »

This game wasn't what some people wanted but at least it is fun, hacking all the time can get bored, So this is most a game to ''Kill the Time''.



CreeperMoon2 | Sept. 1, 2014 | See all CreeperMoon2's reviews »

OK There are graphic glitches, the graphics look worse than some racing games on PC if you compare it to the E3 Footage You will see a Huge Difference


Think about it

Ghost_Panther | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all Ghost_Panther's reviews »

Watch Dogs is a fun game. So many things just didn't live up to expectations. Graphics were really a let down after E3 2012. Hacking would be better if more complex and intricate. Also the main character isn't likeable. There's no reason to like him.


Amazing game

philip08533 | July 24, 2014 | See all philip08533's reviews »

Watch dogs is a perfect blend of graphics, story, and creativity. This is the first game in the series so you cant expect it to be perfect. However after playing it for about 10 hours I don't have any complaints. Its a great, good looking game, that for some reason people like to bash. It is in my opinion worth picking up and giving a try. I haven't experienced any lag or glitching, if you have than you probably need to upgrade you hardware. This is one of my favorite games and its worth the price. Can't wait for a sequel!


Quite the lie.

sgtpepper901 | July 23, 2014 | See all sgtpepper901's reviews »

This game was not much of what was advertised. First off, the graphics were dropped by a lot, making the game a lot less immersive. The gameplay is some ok stealth, but the driving is pretty awful. Hacking can be fun, but it may get old after a while. Overall, if you got hyped it was bad, if you just saw it today and played it, it's alright.


Great Concept, Okay Execution.

StupidMarioBros | June 25, 2014 | See all StupidMarioBros's reviews »

One piece of advice before playing: Don't expect as much as the hype let in. The original gameplay trailer in 2012 is completly misleading, as even the CGI scenes weren't as good. Its the kind of game that got overhyped like shit, as if it wasn't, it would have been called great. This game is a free roam game like GTA with a twist: you can control everything in the city, and it makes all the small details in the city come alive. You can find little dirty secrets on everyone, change traffic lights, or explode pipes, and its really fun to do. While the concept is amazing, the game is held back by a lot of problems. The first is the look. While the game does look very good while its raining, it just looks like a game from 2005, which since its "next gen" should be over. The game also is quite poorly optimized for the PC, so it suffers from a lot of frame rate drops and lag. The second is the gliches/bugs. I felt as though every minute I would find a new glich by walking into tables and chairs, or just looking at the policemen try to actually follow me. It also has one HUUUUUUUUUUUUUGE problem: Police cannot chase you on water. Seriously, this is just a stupid nearly game-breaking bug that makes it very easy to escape police. Some of them take immersion out, others just ruin the game in general. All in all, a interesting mix-up of a game from Ubisoft, with some setbacks. I really hope for a sequel to fix these issues, as that game could be a big competator to GTA VI, or GTA 6.


Fun, with flaws

ruready12 | June 24, 2014 | See all ruready12's reviews »

This game is a really interesting experience compared to pretty much every other game released in the last 10 years. It's a mold of Grand Theft Auto and the Tom Clancy series in that it is free roam with gadget-oriented stealth that is optional for stealth fans. The bad parts about this game are that it's immensely buggy, poorly optimized, and has an overall mediocre story that really ruins the tone of the great open-world atmosphere that goes along with it. The gunplay and gadget usage is quite nice, however, the multiplayer is quite lackluster. It is basically the same multiplayer you would expect from any generic shooter or Tom Clancy game. Overall, this game is pretty fun but not worth the full price, I'd wait for deep discount before buying this title.


When it works.....

Zerhardt | June 2, 2014 | See all Zerhardt's reviews »

Watch Dogs on the PC suffers considerably from poor optimization as well as simply garbage coding. When not stuttering on a rig perfectly capable of max settings, crashes meet the unwary buyer. Quality wise when compared to the videos shown last year, the game graphically looks significantly worse, no way around it. That said, it is still quite impressive, but nothing in comparison what modders have accomplished in GTA4 or even CD Project have with the Wichter series. T When functioning appropriately, the game is a hell of a good time. The feeling of becoming a nigh digitally omnipotent over a city such as Chicago makes for a new take on the sandbox genre. The shooting while not spectacular, still offers moments of enjoyment. Driving suffers from being nearly cartoonish in execution by either being in cars suffering little to no visual damage form impact to handling like RC cars. Complaints aside the overall gameplay is still quite enjoyable.


Good Game, But Quite a Few Issues at Launch...

phoenix1120 | May 31, 2014 | See all phoenix1120's reviews »

Personally, I really like the game. The bugs can be frustrating, and they including freezing, crashing, controls acting up, stuttering, etc. But what is here is extremely promising and really fun when it works properly. The gameplay is really fresh and the online multiplayer seamlessly woven into the singleplayer campaign is genius. All in all it's very good, albeit buggy. If I can do anything to reassure you it's that Ubisoft has a pretty good track record to updating their games and fixing problems, so I have no doubt they will continue this trend with Watch_Dogs. If you're curious to see some gameplay, check out my video (sort of) review here:


Good Game ,i don't understand the bad review on steam

jeanarh1982 | May 31, 2014 | See all jeanarh1982's reviews »

If you expect it to be like a copy of GTA5, then look somewhere else, if you are expecting that the game needs you to know programming and other things so you can do a "real hacking" stay away! dumb people saying one button is not hacking.. its a game! it has to be easy to do some stuff!! Geez..... Graphics are not bad at all, you want photorealism in an open world?? How many really have 4 GTX Titans to be able to handle the game steady? Seriously driving is like in GTA, no complains at all. You want full realism? go play forza or gran turismo or arma 3... Geez people are just trolls thinking this game had to be 100% realistic! they never said that! No graphic problems or framerate drops at all for me... Come on if you pc is **** and u want full hd 60 fps with all ultra settings, upgrade your damn PC!


Don't buy this.

thealbertjen | May 28, 2014 | See all thealbertjen's reviews »

No, seriously, it may look amazing, it may sound amazing, but this game isn't worth it. Uplay is a disastrous content management system, and it's mandatory that you update and use it. It's unwieldy, untested, and worse than Steam at its inception (Half-Life 2 era-ish). If you aren't bothered by Uplay, then read on... Watch_Dogs is an interesting distraction. That's really all it feels like. I don't feel attached to any of the characters besides the amusing fixer, I don't feel any connection with the story (it's rote, and predictable), and the gameplay is marred by a myriad of bugs, so it's really difficult to enjoy it. I have heard of the issues people have when running AMD/ATI parts with this game, as Ubisoft worked pretty exclusively with NVIDIA. There are stories of crashes and just not even being able to start up the game. This isn't limited to those with AMD/ATI. I am running a GTX 780 on a 4th Gen i5 and I'm getting at least a crash every half an hour to an hour I try to play this game. Drivers are up to date, rig runs fine with every other game. I would love to keep playing this game, but really, there's no way to if I'm to crash out to desktop in between missions. It's bad enough that the game functions off of an archaic checkpoint system (die on a mission, start the whole mission over, regardless of how far you got). For example, I start a checkpoint race mission. I make it through half the checkpoints before gloriously depositing my mission car in a body of water, forcing me to restart the mission. No problem, I'll own up to not being able to handle poor driving physics properly. I race through the city, hacking things, opening indestructible gates, etc. At checkpoint 23 or 24, the game decides that this is a great time to crash. Watch_Dogs crashes to desktop. Uplay crashes not a split second after due to an "unrecoverable error. Now, this was a side mission, not a story one. Imagine having to do a story mission 4 times through because the game crashes at random times throughout the hour long mission. It's a miracle I managed to even get as far as I have. This is unacceptable, and Ubisoft seems to think it's still fine forcing Uplay and shitty programming onto people. It's not, and I already was tempted to avoid this game, but made the poor decision of buying it. DON'T MAKE MY MISTAKE. SAVE YOURSELF AND EVERYONE ELSE. The game get's a 25/100 because when I do get to play, I find it hilariously fun to hack explosives and blow people up with my phone.


Over hyped

MrBongoGT | May 28, 2014 | See all MrBongoGT's reviews »

While it isn't a bad game, it is over hyped. Hacking is a cool concept, but for me, it gets extremely boring and repetitive very quick into the game. The driving could be better but it isn't horrible. Trying to elude authorities is a pain on some missions. Honestly the entire game feels like sleeping dogs but its been a while since I played it so I'm going off memories. I haven't tried much of the multiplayer but I have been invaded a few times and I actually quite enjoy it. One of the modes reminds me of AC's multiplayer (slight similarities in some modes) just to throw out a comparison. I encountered a few uplay problems early on but only lasted about an hour for me. You'd think they'd be ready for what I believe they said is their most pre-ordered game but guess again. PS: I have yet to encounter any bugs but I have read and seen videos of people running into them, such as falling through the ground. I fell threw the ground in AC4 and still loved the game but it only happened once so I cant really compare the two.


The good, The Meh, and The not so ugly.

hoopscoop3000 | May 28, 2014 | See all hoopscoop3000's reviews »

Wow! I really have enjoyed this game so much. It's fast, fun, and fluid with great driving and an interesting environment. This game did have some performance issues on my PC which is a pretty hefty rig. The game is absolutely stunning a true marvel on the eyes. I do feel that this game was overhyped and I'm feeling a little underwhelmed in terms of the story and the sub-par shooting. Also, why is Aiden such an inconsistent character? It really makes no sense. Either way, the game is fun...


Okay, here is my real review of Watch Dogs

jsnarey | May 27, 2014 | See all jsnarey's reviews »

Okay, so I pre-ordered this game, and this is the first game I have ever pre-ordered. I was really looking forward to this game based off of all the trailers, videos, and hands on I have watched on the internet. I am really enjoying this game it has some really decent graphics and it seems to be well done and put together. I would rate this game 100 however, it is lacking in some areas. I was a little disappointed with the Physics when driving, some small objects stop you right in your tracks, a little unrealistic. It is easy to evade police and its easier to do rampage than stealthy to accomplish missions. I am also a little disappointed with the AI, they made it look like each AI would have its own personality. However its a lot like GTA V. In comparison to GTA V, it is a much smaller world but still fun to explore. I am looking forward to exploring a lot more.