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The Classic Flashback Modernized

Azrael360 | March 25, 2014 | See all Azrael360's reviews »

Note: For this review, I won't compare the original Flashback with this new version, and it will be based purely in the experience offered from this re-imagined game. After reading some reviews, I wasn't expecting something great but, I'm very happy that it's much better than expected. The game uses the Unreal engine and it looks good, and the sound is also good. The story is not original, but it keeps you interested in it. And the control is also good, and using a gamepad (Xbox 360 controller), the control is very accurate and not bad as I had previously read, probably because of the patches (or maybe not). It has that 2-D perspective of those old games like the original Flashback or the earliest Prince Of Persia games from the 90s. The basic controls include: Jumping with (A), aiming and shooting with the right stick and [RT] respectively. You can also look around with the right stick, so you always can see and look for safe places to land or jump below you, or for hidden items. There's also a map that helps you if you don't know where to go. Obviously later in the game you can do more. If you look back to back with the original game, this version is like an upgrade of the old game using the current modern systems if it was made today and not in the 90s. Although, just like the original, it is a little short (around 5-6 hours). The difficulty is not really high, and probably you will prefer to play it on Normal or above. As a free Uplay Reward (for 0 Uplay points), the game also includes the original Flashback (1993 Edition). Recommended for fans of 2-D action platformers looking for something old, but modern at the same time.