Reviews for The Dark Eye: Demonicon


Not bad but not great

KingTed | May 14, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

The Dark Eye : Demonicon is a RPG. In a Dark fantasy setting where we follow the story of two siblings who will have a major role in the event that the world is facing. The combat system is pretty well made and that's the game primary quality. The visuals are decent but not impressive at all. The other thing the game does good is its story. The adventure is a very interesting tale of events. The Dark Eye : Demonicon is not really original and it has some glitches at times, but it's fairly decent RPG experience.


Generic Action RPG with schizophrenic storyline

Zaggeta | May 13, 2015 | See all Zaggeta's reviews »

Demonicon came with a bundle and was not the game that I aimed on originally playing. As one does, however, I decided to give it a shot. The combat was fluid and fun with similarities to Kingdoms of Amalur or Witcher 2 and their were undertones of RPGness within it. What I immediately noticed was that skill choices severely changed what your character would be able to do at points in the game - trying to encourage multiple playthroughs. I liked the game, until I realised that my face was getting sore from cringing. The story and the voice acting is terrible to the point that I had to stop playing. Don't get me wrong - the lore seems good. Just the presentation is ludicrous. There are much better RPGs worth your time but if you don't care about story, the price is low enough to justify a purchase.



Matt43 | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all Matt43's reviews »

Developers ( and four years ago it has been experienced people from Silver Style Entertainment, who made it to The Fall: Last Days of Gaia) promised such incredible things that they wanted to canonize in life. Complete freedom and non-linearity, chatty party members with their personal problems and aspirations , work on fractions , the reputation system , different reactions and different quests for all classes and races , battles with tactical pause. And even the opportunity to build a house and raise a son . In general, the ideal heir loomed previous " darkayovskih » RPG - Drakensang: The Dark Eye and Realms of Arcania. This is despite the fact that the developers of the first had already experienced great financial difficulties. The miracle did not happen : Drakensang turned into another brauzerki , and The Dark Eye: Demonicon, which replaced the publisher and developer , and along with a few survived clinical death - a shooter with elements of role-playing , but without the tactical pause , party members , classes and reputation systems , ambition, home and son. However, the Germans were able to make excellent role-playing and without all these weighting . Noumena Studios clearly remembers about Gothic, and at first it seems that they will succeed if you do not repeat the success of Piranha Bytes, then at least come close to it. At the very beginning of the game the main character, scowling warrior named Chiron , put the choice on which of the two major factions of the city to work . As a result, the war unfolds between them , and we have to decide to support the rebellion , storming warehouses with hungry and exhausted plague citizens, or to protect the order , joining the ranks of the city guard . In addition to that, the player takes the difficult moral decisions ( to execute the rebels or not, kill cannibal , thus killing them and captured the peasants , and dismiss the criminal ) , takes the side (and not always ethical ) quests from the bulletin board , collect herbs, hacking chests and suffers choice how does it develop character. Despite the fact that there are no classes and party members , rich role-playing system found in the original nastolki Demonicon quite a grand stage . The possibility of better weapons , potions , open locks , find hidden areas and traps , to convince interlocutors ( so you can avoid some of the fights and vytsyganit extra reward for quests ) - it all depends on the level of development of relevant skills . But still need to spend precious experience for pumping main characteristics of combat and magical skills - and because at first it seems that everyone is important . However, the libertines and work on different factions quickly run out, leaving a feeling of bewilderment ( why would an unfamiliar person without even the status of citizen , decides which of the powers that be krysheval the local brothel ? ) And pity. Variability is still several times lower than in any " Gothic ", and no tangible benefits from joining a particular group , we have not received. And then begins a banal action role-playing with a few stops and moral torments that in actual fact little to influence . And this is where the big problems are detected . This is old technology , and to disgust trivial task ( " Bring me a spider's guts - I 'll tell you the password ! "). And the combat system is very simple - it takes into account a proprietary system for nastolki to injury , but most battles can be passed, just zaklikivaya enemies or using a known technique of " running up , applied the same for the whole game reception , ran back , drank a potion ! ". It is impossible to imagine that anyone would do such a RPG based on , say , Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. In the end , Demonicon - an amazing set of stamps from the typical dark fantasy and Mexican soap operas. Kyron fighting necromantic cults morning breaks blasphemous rituals , and in the evening - a wedding favorite ( not platonic , and physically) sister , his father asks questions in a spirit of "Who actually my mom and dad ? " And his chief ( for the time being ) enemy dies by the sword with the words " Listen to me , my brother ." Until a few years ago, such at the same time is not too bad and not too good RPG had the right to life, but today all the dreams of the old fans of the genre embody on Kickstarter. The Dark Eye: Demonicon immediately attract nastolki only fans of the original , but they are unlikely to be pleased.


For those who enjoyed The Dark Eye...

asiersua | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all asiersua's reviews »

This game is quite rich when it comes to lore, and the story is incredibly good. If you already knew about The Dark Eye, you'll very much enjoy that part of the game, and being a fan of deep story based videogames, I actually liked this one. The graphics are not that bad, although they need some polish, especially in the textures. The combat system, however, is not challenging at all, so unless you want to experience the lore and story itself, the gameplay leaves much to be desired and it shouldn't be picked based off of that aspect of the game.



rjb789 | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all rjb789's reviews »

This is the pinnacle of RPG story telling. If I were to liken this game to another game I would have to say it was most like the Witcher 2. This is because in both of the games the combat is rewarding and interesting, the story line drags you in and never lets you go and the graphics simply blow you away. This, for me, is the second best RPG I have ever played. The voice acting is incredible as does all the general sounds you will hear around the vast environments. The magic system also adds tons of depth to the already extensive RPG elements involved. This is simply, a great game that you should get!



Lasiu2 | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all Lasiu2's reviews »

Im in the middle of the game and i can tell that i love it. Graphic is great for me. I haven't seen cool RPG game for a long. But this thing destroys everything. Plot is really nice. I like idea of the game. As i said, graphic is nice and pleasing to eyes. Soundtrack is pretty nice too. Its original. I like characters who are in game too. I think Calypso game did great job with this game. I also think I will have a lot of fun while playing this game. Also i enjoy it and i will finish it as fast as possible. I strongly recommend it ^^