Reviews for Just Cause 2: DLC Collection


Great additions to a fantastic game

alexshopping | Oct. 19, 2013 | See all alexshopping's reviews ยป

This is a great pack of fun vehicles and weapons that make an already ridiculous game more crazy and fun.

The Agency Hovercraft both responsive and really fun. The mounted grenade-launcher is super powered and an excellent addition.

The Black Market Aerial Pack gives you a far more maneuverable parachute, which makes travel far more easier and fun.

The Black Market Boom Pack gives you the Air Propulsion Gun, which can shoot power blats of compressed air that fling your enemies backward. This fits very well with the spirit of the game.

Rico's Signature Gun is a rather (over)-powered pistol that is very satisfying to use. Unfortunately you can't use it very long, as it has unique ammo not found in the rest of the game.

The other items and vehicles found in this pack also fit well with the game world and are icing on top of a very fine cake.