Reviews for Spuds Quest [Playfire]


Perfect return to the golden age of platforming

mahon | Oct. 6, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

Spud's Quest makes me want to scream: 16 bit days are back! I would be completely amazed if your sentiments would be any different. Do you remember Dizzy and the Prince of Yolkfolk? This game looks and plays so much like it, that if you remember the games of old and miss them, you will surely scream with happiness the minute you launch Spud's Quest. It recreates the old platformers so well that even the limitations and problems of these older games are still present here. For example limited capacity of your inventory may feel like a limitation, but hey, that's what it used to be back then. So if you miss the golden age of platformers, you cannot miss Spud's Quest!