Reviews for Call of Duty: Ghosts


Like an old COD games

AntonimuksGME | March 30, 2014 | See all AntonimuksGME's reviews »

Like an old COD games this isn't chalanging game, but worth try of it's beautiful graphics and wide variety of weapons.


Fun as always, but a few flaws

Grandey | Feb. 9, 2014 | See all Grandey's reviews »

This game is great. I've played quite a few Call of Duty games in the past, and I've really been enjoying this one to the max! Ghosts comes with a new engine that allows for dynamic changes in multiplayer maps, which is a cool, new feature that makes this year's game a little differnet from the others. The multiplayer also features alot of fun maps, new killstreaks and good weapon-balance, in my opinion. Not to speak about the new camos, and the cool weapon reload-animations. Ghosts reminds me of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, a loved game in the franchise. This is a good thing, a few of the MW2 elements are in this game, and it is making the game even better. There is one flaw, that I've uncovered. The games is poorly optimized for PC-gamers. Even with an GTX 680 superclocked, the game may lag (on max graphics) in a few of the maps. (Don't worry, I've even played it on a laptop, with worse specs, it does not lag more, so don't be afraid to buy it because of this.) Other than the lack of optimization for the PC this is a game worth buying. Each time I play this it really reminds me of MW2.


A solid classic.

Minato78 | Dec. 28, 2013 | See all Minato78's reviews »

A user-friendly interface, mixed with original and numerous maps, gamemodes, weapons, and what not, is the surefire way to achieve millions of sales. And Ghosts is but another result of that formula. I think of this formula as an island, and CoD only explored the coast. But soon, the people will want to see a bigger chunk of the island, and if CoD fails, then the franchise will flinch. Ghosts is still in the "coast" of the island, but that doesn't mean it shouldn't get your attention. Just like an island, the coast isn't one single point, but a large territory. So even in the coast, there could be new, amazing things to be found. Ghosts still has the same formula, but with a different approach. It's more like an "upgrade" of MW3 or BO2. It has the best of 2 companies, Treyarch and Infinity Ward, mixed in one classic and solid game. It's true a bit of innovation wouldn't hurt, but until all the "coast" has been explored, I'll keep playing Ghosts, or any coming CoD. The formula still has potential for more, so unless you dumped hours upon hours of playing into other CoDs, and are desperate for some innovation, you won't find it. If you can overlook the lack of that innovation, then by all means this is game is worth it. As the title says, it's a solid and classic experience, and in my book, that is an enjoyable one.


Call of Duty: Ghosts - review

Neapolis47 | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all Neapolis47's reviews »

The single player of Call of Duty has a new campaign too fragmentary , little charismatic characters , plot twists and shoddy zero pathos are the ingredients of a story that is not passionate about, a simple task with some infamy and a few praises, perfectly forgettable if inserted between all campaigns played from Modern Warfare . In short, a big step back compared to the past . The multiplayer , however, is beautiful: over ten game modes, between old and new and fourteen maps, many of which are probably the best of the package, definitely large and open. The first innovation is the process of creating your own alter ego , which mediates between the system of Point Streak seen in Modern Warfare 3 and that of the 10 Pick Black Ops II. In fact, we can choose between three classes that determine the type of Strike Package to implement ( assault , support and specialist) and a construction of our armamentarium entirely free , in which the acquisition of weapons, gadgets and so is via Squad Point, points that you get to level up or completing quests , while only the perks are tied to certain levels. But where Call of Duty: Ghosts gives the best is in Extinction , which takes the place of Spec Ops , refreshing Zombie mode . The focus is the personalization of his alter ego : it starts from the choice of the class , including specialist weapons , tank, engineer and doctor, and then access the entire path of specialization and growth that affects both our performance that the contribution to the team. The heart of the game are the points that you earn wave after wave , whenever that is, that trivelliamo successful nests aliens that infest the town can be explored freely. The choices that the game asks us bring in almost role play area : specialize our class to the maximum or disperse the precious points in various skills ( offensive and defensive ) so useful to us as the other players ? Funny, but at the same time very reasoned and " tactics." A new feature that will please both the orphans of Spec Ops , and the many fans of the Zombie mode .


It's fine. But I think the COD series is nearing it's end.

votchamacallit | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all votchamacallit's reviews »

Single Player: I haven't played this section yet. But who does really these days. Multiplayer: They do a lot of smart things with there perks and weapons system which is nice. It takes a lot longer to level up though compared to previous games in the series. The one thing that will bother people the first time they get started is how the maps are so huge compared to the past games and some are confusing as well. Most of the maps are basically camper areas which you would think they would try and discourage from the past games given that they had none of that carry on until now. Once your out in the open and there's no suitable cover your gone. Overall I would recommend this if your new to the franchise. But I would also recommend black ops 2 as well.


Still the same old Call Of Duty in my opinion

davidv321 | Nov. 10, 2013 | See all davidv321's reviews »

Despite all the pre-build up to the game, in my opinion the game still isn't too different to the other Call Of Duty games. The graphics have only slightly improved, which may not matter to many people, but one complaint of the Call Of Duty franchise over the past 7 or 8 years is that the graphics haven't changed and the experience is still the same. The gameplay also hasn't had a great deal of change to it, but it seems as if Call Of Duty is going by the saying "Don't fix what isn't broken". Despite the issues, it's still a fun multiplayer game, and gives people that sense of achievement, alongside the competitiveness from the previous Call Of Duty games. The campaign as always is different, and is a thriller. Overall, it's a fun game to play if change isn't your thing, but the much awaited change in the franchise still hasn't arrived.


Classic and fun but has flaws

TakxD20 | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all TakxD20's reviews »

A great game with a ton of great improvements on the franchise, an over the top single player campaign and a typical yet game changing multiplayer that infinity ward has hit the nailright on the head with. Although it has its faults with framerate issues, laggy multiplayer at parts and the odd texture mock up but non the less, a great addition to the series.



gforcesa | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

So the new CoD came out and i though that It's going to be the same thing but the game was quite AMAZING in my opinion.I'm talking about the story of course,the CoD story telling has always been good and I liked the story of Mw1,2 and Black Ops,but Ghosts has taken it to the next level.I might even say that the story is better than Battlefield 4.The game in the beginning has its problems with crashing and freezing which was kind of annoying but I did complete it at the end.In every CoD story there is a villain that you have to defeat and save the world/city and in this case its the same story pretty much.And don't get me wrong but I don't buy the CoD games for the multiplayer since MW2 because there really hasn't been much change in MP in my opinion but the story is always good.The graphics in Ghosts are improved since the last game and I must say they look amazing.A few bugs that I've encountered were a little annoying like there was a case when I was walking next to my buddies and i glitch into them unable to move for a few seconds.The thing that i really enjoyed in the game were the missions with Riley the dog,he only appeared in the first couple of missions but it was really amazing and at one point you get to control the dog with an iPad thing so you can recon the area and stealth kill some bad guys.Over all i recommend that you wait a little while before buying it because it is really buggy in the moment,but if you are interested in the story you should probably get it.