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Give it a chance

Demadizz | Sept. 27, 2014 | See all Demadizz's reviews »

Give it a chance and you will be glad you did. The first couple hours are a little slow because the controls are poor, but eventually you get more abilities and then the controls flow. It has a really amazing story and it is only the beginning. Buy it on sale. Don't skip this one in the series, because it's definitely worth a playthrough. It will lead you into a series you will come to enjoy and love, because in the next game will take you into Ezio's life and the masterpiece unravels from there.


Poor execution

Jericho417 | Aug. 9, 2014 | See all Jericho417's reviews »

I felt that Assassin's Creed had a rough start The dual story between Desmond and Altair didn't really feel necessary. It was all focused on Altair, with Desmond seeming boring and useless. It was like intermission. The parkour mechanics were a bit glitchy and unpolished. Traveling between zones felt like a chore. Altairs story was interesting, though. Combat was rough, not working like I had wanted. Still, the Animus is possibly my favorite story tool ever. As an introduction to the series, I think it hurts the franchise. I just didn't enjoy most of the game.


Enjoyable Game with a few flaws.

fuzeblu | Aug. 8, 2014 | See all fuzeblu's reviews »

Assassin's Creed, as the first in the franchise, throws players into the soft soled shoes of an assassin during the Third Crusade. The visuals and scope of the world's cities are beautiful and only topped by the later games' iterations. Parkour and free running in this game is it's main and most fun feature, swinging from rooftops and plummeting down upon unsuspecting foes. The combat is pretty standard. You can upgrade your skills and abilities linearly and learn to take on more challenging enemies. Stealth and remaining undetected player a large role, with interesting hiding spots around the map. The story is done relatively well, though not the most satisfactory, does have a few surprising twists and turns. Overall, Assassin's Creed is an nice start to a fantastic franchise, and I suggest giving this one a shot.


great game

AceKaiser | July 2, 2014 | See all AceKaiser's reviews »

The story was pretty good. The gameplay got a bit tedious I would say there's a lot of controls and it sometimes won't listen to what I'm doing. This is my first game into the Assassin's Creed series and I would say I like it a lot.


Great series, Poor entry

bcf623 | June 11, 2014 | See all bcf623's reviews »

On release, I honestly thought this game was great, as there were not many recent games that were available in this type of gameplay. That said, I definitely enjoyed the plot to this game and still do, as it ties in many forms of conspiracies in an interesting fashion. Looking back, what I truly didn't like about this game is that it gets very repetitive. No matter what mission you are on, there is an assassin that basically tells you in order to climb to view points, pickpocket a prominent person, eavesdrop on a conversation, then finally assassinate your target. Over and over again. After the first 4 missions, you really catch onto the pattern and begin to drag yourself through just for the continuation of the story, and really only find enjoyment in the moments where you can sit in the middle of town and slaughter guards that keep running at you. In all, it is definitely worth it to start the series, but you may just want to read a synopsis for this game's plot, as the game itself is really not that enjoyable.


Go in with an open mind

mugaro | April 26, 2014 | See all mugaro's reviews »

Give Ubisoft a lot of credit here, they created a brand new IP with this back in 2007, and while there were a lot of kinks to iron out (which they eventually did), there is still a solid foundation for the opening to a great series. The biggest draw here is the story, the story will keep you coming back for more to find out what happens next. The gameplay can get pretty tedious at times. The investigations suck, but the main missions are all varied and different and are a lot of fun to do. The dialogue and voice acting are also a huge draw with all of the stories going on. Give this a try if you haven't, the story is phenomenal and will be a great precursor to the Ezio trilogy.


Mediocre but Enjoyable

Cgtitan5 | April 15, 2014 | See all Cgtitan5's reviews »

I bought this game awhile ago on sale for a cheap price. This was not my first Assassin's Creed, I played Black Flag first. Anyway this game was pretty fun but it does suffer a bit from being repetitive. The story was great and I really enjoyed it. I don't feel this game is the best in the series but I still prefer it to Assassin's Creed 3. The graphics are great and so is the architecture. Overall even with its faults I would recommend buying this game.


Good Start.

Esikimo | April 15, 2014 | See all Esikimo's reviews »

Assassin's Creed is a game about assassins who want to save the world from the templars. At first I was skeptical about buying this and playing it, but after watching some gameplay I decided I need to play it. The game starts you off as Desmond miles who lives in the modern day and age. Desmond was captured by a Templar group known as Abstergo who wants to use his DNA to look at his ancestors memories. For the majority of the game you play as an assassin who has to gain trust back from the other Assassins. This assassins name is Altair. This game will take you to well known cities in the Middle East around the Third Crusade. This game has a good story to it, but it can be a bit repetitive throughout most of the game. I did not let that stop me though because I fully enjoyed the game. I loved how the free running system works in this game and how much fun I had scaling buildings. I would recommend playing this before playing Assassins Creed 2 because it does have some story elements concerning desmond. I give this game a 85 out of 100.


A Great Start To A Great Franchise

Tripleforce | Feb. 4, 2014 | See all Tripleforce's reviews »

Wow. Was not ready for the mind-blowing, conspiracy loaded ending. A bit on the abrupt side, but the final moments of the game left me shaken and completely creeped out, but totally looking forward to more from the franchise. While the game's biggest issue is repetitive gameplay, the story, combat and movement mechanics, sound, and graphical style kept me coming back again and again, anxious to see the battle between Assassins and Templars to the very end. Assassin's Creed is a sci-fi conspiracy theorist's fantasy with an interesting injection of historical fiction and definitely worth checking out.


"Was" Skeptical

chataolauj | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

I have this game on the XBOX 360 and bought it a couple years after it's release. I was skeptical about this game since I wasn't much of a stealth type of gamer. I liked RPG and action games only back in the days before I bought this game. This game has a great storyline that will keep you wanting to play until the very end. After finishing this game I really wanted to play part 2, so I bought part 2 a month later (I didn't work and was broke). This is a good game to buy if you're looking for something different, and especially if you're wanting to play a series.