Reviews for Beyond Good and Evil (NA)


An Excellent Change of Pace

bwrussell | Jan. 9, 2014 | See all bwrussell's reviews ยป

Beyond Good & Evil is one of those games that aspires to have its sum be greater than the the individual parts. On paper it's a third person action game with heavy stealth and platforming elements, both of which work well (Once you unlearn everything from current gen free running gameplay). In practice it is so much more.

From the title you can probably guess that the story tries to raise some issues not often seen in the typically black/white, hero/evil mold of games today. The writing and tone has good range, moving from humorous to heartfelt without much jarring and it features one of the better written and fleshed out strong female leads I've ever played. Also of note is an excellent musical score.

Out of all this the thing that stood out the most to me was the pacing. It is truly exceptional. Upon completing the game the first thing that struck me was the how well paced the game was. It helps that the final boss is definitely a challenge but not rage quit inducing levels of hard. Just enough to give a good sense of accomplishment when you win.

While Beyond Good & Evil definitely didn't go unnoticed in its time it has sort of fall off the radar since. It is a game that shouldn't be forgotten, even 10 years later. Most assuredly this is a game worth your time.