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Below Average

aitk3n | July 22, 2014 | See all aitk3n's reviews »

I purchased this game already aware of some the harsh reviews it got and went in with an open mind. Now it has some very nice features, the ultimate team mode is nice and way you can earn rewards make it possible to have a stacked team although the limit on the amount of items you can obtain in your franchise is disappointing as for someone who likes to collect, putting a limit on something like that ruins some of the fun. Other good features it has is you can relive moments in nba games throughout the entire season and makes for challenging yet refreshing turn on basketball games. There is a rising star mode which essentially is my player/my career to which i really like some of the customization you can do to your player. The presentation had some nice little touches. That's pretty much where the good ends, graphically it could be mistaken for an early ps3/xbox 360 entry rather than next gen. it is poor in way it looks and way it plays, it is not something to which i'd have expected to play 8 years ago, never mind now especially as games have advanced. Only positive gameplay i can give is the dribble mechanics, which have some nice animations but overall, if you're looking for some enjoyable basketball game, you won't find it here.