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Fighting Fantasy on PC

Raideoul | Nov. 11, 2013 | See all Raideoul's reviews ยป

Do you remember the late 80's Game Books? One of the finest writers of that genre, a mix between a story and a single player rpg, was Ian Livingstone. His book series 'Fighting Fantasy' included the seed of this game: Deathtrap Dungeon, the game book. Ian Livingstone worked on the design team of this game, looking for the feeling you can find on his book: a hideous foe on every corner, a deadly trap every step. Deathtrap Dungeon was a sort of Tomb Raider with a fantasy theme, but it is quite different in the matter of controls and mechanics: keeping the action button down, then pressing a direction triggers different attacks and defensive moves. Weapons worn down so you must keep looking for another sword or maul. Graphics are real good with a wide variety of enemies, but locations could be a little repetitive, all the game takes place on a dungeon. As usual on the early 3D games there are some camera problems, sometimes a bit annoying, specially near deadly traps. There's a 3DFX patch for this game, i managed to make it work on a modern system (no real Voodoo card but a Glide Wrapper) with nGlide. The original release had a problem with Windows XP: There were no sound effects nor music, hopefully this problem should be adressed on this new relaunch.