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LEGO, the not quite LEGO video game

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all Adam94's reviews »

So, a PS4 exclusive release title, that not many like? Surprised much? No, this game is one of the reasons for why I thought, 'Should have got an Xbox One'.

The game is literally for children, unless you're stupid enough to let a child get their sticky, dirty paws on your new console, try not to buy this game. Buy a game that'll make them wish they never asked to play.

This is the Mega Blocks of games; remember Mega Blocks? The cheap knock off of Lego? Well this is Mega Blocks, the video game (that throws in some orcs and a scientist, and some relics). I really cannot express how bad this game is. All I can say is that when queuing for a PS4 on release night, those who did not pre-order had to choose between Knack bundle and Killzone bundle. The Killzone bundle sold out fast; everyone laughed at those who got the Knack bundle; it was great, some real community spirit. I got the Killzone bundle but played this game at a friend's house who was unfortunate enough to get either this bundle or no PS4 at all until 2045 or whatever.

To sum up:

  • If you like games for children, get this game, or a child, but never buy your child Mega Blocks, or this game, my 10 year old nieces at the time found it laborious

  • If you have a child, don't let them play on your PS4

  • The graphics are horrific for next Gen (slow, clunky, jagged)
  • The storyline is pointless (It's history vs modern science, dulled down)
  • The gameplay is a cheap Crash Bandicoot (Sony, re-release Crash, please)

*Note: I dislike this game. Duhhh

Peace out