Reviews for Killzone: Shadow Fall


It's an initial release game, give it a chance

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all Adam94's reviews »

So, I bought my PS4 in November and have not played on Killzone since... November. It didn't hit me; I went and bought Battlefield and played that. I am criticised by friends and family alike for being a sporadic gamer; i don't necessarily complete games, whooptie-do, wanna fight about it? But this game gave me reason to not play: - The story of Killzone is dead, some critics would say it never really took off as an opposition to Halo, i won't be that harsh. This game is disappointing for a Killzone game, there's no real new weaponry; the only real new feature is online. - Clunky, clunky as hell. Ram up the sensitivity otherwise you will get angry with how long it will take you to spin 360degrees. I hate slow, clunky things. If you like Killzone, you may be disappointed. Although the visuals are easy on the eye, a game should not rely solely on graphics without a strong story, strong control system and good gameplay, this game lacks all 3, sadly. If you're new to FPS, then try it out, but don't let it put you off FPS. Not all of them are slow. Peace out


A True Next Gen Title

Sciazs | Dec. 3, 2013 | See all Sciazs's reviews »

Forget the critics, at the end of the day, they are there to provide you their opinion based on their experiences with gaming. Killzone Shadowfall is a worthy launch PS4 title and possibly the only one that fully utilises the 1080p visual prowess of the Sony machine. The game is absolutely beautiful, especially when you have anything over 40" sitting in your living room as you get a greater sense of visual utopia. The gameplay is solid as any of the major AAA FPS games released. The game is stable and sits at a comfortable 60fps on single player and varies from 40-60 fps on multiplayer. Controller responses feel great and an interesting use of the touch pad controls where you get to use it to control your buddy drone. The dialogue for the single player is well done and the story interesting and enamouring enough to keep you playing through to the end. Haven't decided which launch game to get for the PS4? Look no further. Your answer is here.