Reviews for Startopia


Good little space station management simulation

Gmen | Jan. 7, 2015 | See all Gmen's reviews »

This title is interesting as it’s a management simulation that sees you taking control of a space station with various decks, and each deck has a theme, like the bio deck which has everything from trees and plants to bodies of water. The overall goal is to make it a home to all aliens who arrive at the space station, and to do this you need to cater to their needs; give them jobs, and make sure that everyone is satisfied and gets along. This game is a bit like The Movies, and just about any Sim City game you’ve ever played, except it is unique in the way that it is set in space. It’s a fun little game and never takes itself too seriously.


Sometimes an Oldie really is a Goodie

Larker | Feb. 6, 2014 | See all Larker's reviews »

Had this title back in the old days of CD-ROM. To say my social life seeing as I was in my early twenties back then suffered is an understatement. To me, this game seemed a little ahead of it's time and it's great to see it available again now in the digital storage age as I presume one day discs will become obsolete. Any sort of sim game of this genre is well up my street but what endeared me to Startopia is that it's quirky, colourful, very busy, the bigger you make your station the more you need be in many places at once, sorting out issues like maintenance, organising new building space to try and avoid conflicts between what each race requires not being too close to an area that a species they do not get along with will use. The learning curve for this game is not that steep in my opinion, it's pretty easy to realise that not only will you need attractions to bring in the punters but builder bots, mechanics etc will also be required to keep things running smoother. I did quit my first few stations after making too many bad choice on location and size of some of the structures and not managing my hydroponics bays as good as I should have. You do sometimes get the opportunity to just sit back and watch the little guys going about their business on your station and it does get very emersive quite quickly. I would suggest you don't go overboard too quickly in the early stages by trying to obtain every type of structure too soon. I used to try and cater for a section of the species first and kept a close eye on my energy and consumption to not run into trouble. I am so getting the urge to go play this game again now for the feelgood factor of an old game and all the good memories I had of it. Indeed as said in other reviews, graphically it is nowhere near top end anymore but I can easily forgive this for it's quirkiness and comic elements that I have just not found elsewhere other than dare I say it the early Tropico games.


Great Classic Overseer Sim

Squiffy | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all Squiffy's reviews »

I spent many hours with the original release of this game back in 2001. It was made by a team of ex-Bullfrog employees, the same people that gave us classics like Dungeon Keeper, Theme Hospital and Syndicate, and it shows. There is a great sense of depth in the simulation, lots of things to do, but it never gets overwhelming or confusing. Definitely recommended for people who love to the "overseer" gameplay style; setting orders and places to build or do things and waiting for your workers to get around to it (assuming they're content and competent enough!) The graphics hold up fairly well given the age of the game, and it takes advantage of modern hardware thanks to DirectX (why is Steam abandoning this again?) Now, a quick caveat. The company went out of business before fixing all the bugs after launch, though they did get most of them. The Steam version is patched to 1.01, but there are apparently still a few small bugs around. That being said, this version (as well as the original CD version) work great on current operating systems, including 64-bit. You may never hit or even notice a bug, but be warned it is an older game from a now-defunct company.


A really fun older sim game

DaiMonPaul | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all DaiMonPaul's reviews »

Startopia is an older game, but it really holds up, if you can get past the older graphics. It's kind of like a mix between the Sims and a city-building game like SimCity, where you take a space station and manage the building of the station and the desires/needs to the people on it. It has a great atmosphere, a fun design, and it plays really well. It can get complicated and requires some micromanagement, but all of these types of games do. If you enjoy any kind of builder/management game, you'll like this!


Very enjoyable game

lok0812 | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This game is very enjoyable to play since the game often challenge or task you with something to do. With this sandbox gameplay, players interactions are virtually limitless and at the same time able to idle around and watch how your aliens are doing in their own world. The game itself have a very deep learning curve which at that moment the game will truly shine and will be even more fun. Overall, a very fun simulation sandbox that is enjoyable to play and fun to master.