Reviews for Anachronox


Did they ever make them like this?

taigatsu | Feb. 15, 2014 | See all taigatsu's reviews »

Anachronox is a peculiar game. Fundamentally, it plays like a JRPG, but was developed by a Western company. The setting is rich, rife with one-of-a-kind characters and situations, a fairly off-the-wall sense of humor and a willingness to play with the conventions of the genre. Really, the story is by far the strongest part of the game, and exceptional in its own right. It is at times self-aware, irreverent, maudlin and mature. Many of the quests are particularly memorable, and rarely fall into cliche.

The amount of enjoyment a player can get from the game depends on their tolerance for older games. Graphically, the game is incredibly imaginative, but a bit hamstrung by the technology of its time. Combat plays out like any other JRPG of its era. There are a few interesting ideas there, but the game doesn't really take any risks that way.

Nothing quite like Anachronox has come out since its release. Its distinct personality, remarkable story and inspired imagery converge to create an experience that will have a lasting impression on anyone willing to put up with some foibles and give it a shot.


Gem of old

mahon | Oct. 21, 2013 | See all mahon's reviews »

How good it is to see these older gems available here! Anachronox is one of the great RPG games which somehow didn't become as popular as they should have. It has everything a great RPG should have - interesting world, well written characters and a wide selection of quests to keep you busy. Even visuals and sounds are not bad, so they surely were even better at the time of the game's release. I think it uses some kind of Quake 2 engine or variation thereof, so you know what to expect. And the gameplay is much longer than many games offer now (well, except for sandbox games), and it can easily take more than 20 hours to complete the game. But if you immerse yourself in the world of Anachronox, you will surely need much more time and it will be time well spent!