Reviews for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim® (AU)


Amazing successor to Oblivion

Pandita | March 27, 2015 | See all Pandita's reviews »

Skyrim is an amazing RPG offering fantastic flexibility, with a great storyline, with many hours’ worth of content. A must-have for any gamer! Players customise their character at the beginning of the game – it is your choice as to what skills you possess, what your ‘race’ (more like species) is, and hence what sort of game you would like to play. The graphics are great, especially with the official high definition pack offered by Bethesda on Steam Workshop. Thoroughly recommended to newbies and to fans of the Elder Scrolls series. Oblivion was a hard act to follow, but Skyrim certainly exceeded my expectations.


Great continuation of the series

deedwards | Aug. 24, 2014 | See all deedwards's reviews »

This series has always been one of my favourites, starting from Oblivion, coming to this one and going back to Morrowind. Overall this game is fantastic, there's just so much lore behind everything you see and do during your time in Skyrim. The characters are interesting and the plot is well expressed, with constant distractions of side quests and NPCs of that community dancing around and such. You can complete all quests in this game without consequence, which is something I really like; you can join all guilds and 'clubs' and still be in the ones you were in before. The only disappointing elements of this game would have to be the fact that there is no real difference between many of the species and classes and that you don't feel as much "in the world" rather just someone from the outside who can affect the outcomes of situations and not actually be in this community. Overall I'd have to give this 88, with the pluses being the stunning scenery and lighting effects, the lore behind the game, the combat and the levelling system (because who doesn't love constellations).


Didn't Grip Me In As Much As Oblivion

DBOT187 | Aug. 21, 2014 | See all DBOT187's reviews »

While I enjoyed this game overall, I felt that obilivion had a stronger story, better gameplay once tweaked and a stronger overall focus. While Skyrim is fantastic as an open sandbox game, it didn't really draw me into the world. I felt more like a visitor as opposed to an integral part of the world like I did in Oblivion.While the graphics are great and the music is awesome as always, for me it was just lacking that killer punch.


Series keeps getting better

lachking | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Skyrim is the fifth instalment in the Elder Scrolls series and is another great game in the long running franchise. Like earlier games in the series, you create the character of your dreams and make your own way around a large world completing quests, discovering locations, finding items and interacting with NPCs. It is really up to you how you want to play; whether that be as a character such as a noble swordsman, sneaky thief or sorcerer. The graphics and audio have been drastically improved in Skyrim and the whole ice sort of environment looks fantastic with lots of atmospheric effects. The in-game cinematic at the start of Skyrim really sets the scene well and is definitely better than the introduction that Morrowind and Oblivion had. If I were to criticise the game, it is that this alongside the other Elder Scrolls games have no multiplayer whatsoever, so the game does have that lonely feeling sometimes. Still, this is a minor complaint really. If you like RPGs or even if you don't, Skyrim is a game that is simply fantastic and is well worth your time and money.