Reviews for Men of War


I want to like it, it's just not happening.

sycomantis1991 | May 16, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

I wanted to play this game for quite a while. I enjoy RTS games, and it's one of the few genres that I still enjoy military combat in. It's definitely a quality game. It runs smoothly, it still looks nice, and it has a ton of nice strategic quirks. My problem is that it's horribly boring. As a fan of RTS games, I'm cool with just managing the action and watching it unfold. This game borders on a non-interactive experience in my opinion. You click on a group of enemies, and wait for them to run into your bullets, and that's about it. There are many options, but you won't use most of them. Overall, the RTS is well designed, but the AI is terribly easy, which is among he worst things you can to to RTS games.


One of the best RTS World War game's and addictive ever.

luci2100 | July 25, 2014 | See all luci2100's reviews »

Men of War game's have allways make you feel like your commanding a real army with hundrerds of soldiers Take the fight in this amazing World War 2 game and blow up your enemy's fighting to death each part of the game count's very much but if you finished the game or want some extra fun why not try multiplayer! it will be way more fun fighting against real people than fighting with an AL right? so what are you waiting for?! buy it!


The strategy war game you are looking for.

Seibitsu | July 12, 2014 | See all Seibitsu's reviews »

I myself am not a person who pleys a lot of strategy games but still I enjoyed Men of War, for the simple reason it provides true strategy and a interesting campaign. Note also you can install hundreds of mods, like a zombie one or Star Wars so if you don't like war games you can use it to play some good mods.


A Fun Mix of Tactics and RTS

icedmetal57 | March 24, 2014 | See all icedmetal57's reviews »

Men of War is very similar to Company of Heroes in many aspects, yet different enough to stand out. One thing that makes it different is the fact that you can control units individually, managing their inventories as well. In a typical RTS you don't have to worry about a unit's ammo, in this game you do. It plays very much like a tactics game, but still with the RTS feel to it. For example you can order some units to guard an area, take direct control of one unit, having them run over to an abandoned tank, hop in and then drive that around to flank the enemy. There's a lot of that sort of interesting, dynamic feel to it. In some ways, this game seems like an ARMA game, but in RTS form, and it's great. If you enjoyed ARMA and/or Company of Heroes, this game is certainly up your ally. Definitely worth a try.


Best strategy game.

DeadReap | Jan. 30, 2014 | See all DeadReap's reviews »

Men Of War is one of the best strategy war games. I really like the strategy controls and gameplay of Men Of War. This game has a lot of dlc and other parts. I never liked strategy games until i tried this. This game is worth award as the best strategy game of all times. Graphics aren't the best but if you like game graphics is not the thing for what you play it. Men Of War contains a lot of action and thinking. This game is really worth a try from everyone on this planet.


Awesome Strategy Game without Skirmish

iiilker99 | Dec. 5, 2013 | See all iiilker99's reviews »

Men of War is a awesome World War 2 strategy game that challenges you with its smart AI. Campaigns are good but not perfect , in my opinion. You can take control of one of your soldiers and play like a action game. But the sad thing is it hasn't got a skirmish mode. This is not a base building game. It could be a perfect game with skirmish. However , a RTS fan can enjoy this game. Graphics are perfect , if graphics set to ultra and graphics are very bad ( but fast ) , if graphics set to low. That's weird but good. Overall , this is a good choice for RTS fans who want to play a WW2 game.


Addictive and challenging

michalmichal | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

The Men of War series feels like a pretty demanding incarnation of a World War 2 RTS (real time strategy game). It is less casual than some other RTS-es, like the Dawn of War or Company of Heroes games. It can become frustrating or make you quit the game in anger only to find yourself returning to the challenges over and over again until you finally manage to beat them. The game is addictive and challenging. There's little room for mistakes and little tolerance for incompetence. You need to lead your men well, chose their tasks as optimally as you can, and when things get really nasty, you can even zoom in to the battlefield and control one of your men directly. And then you will want to get the next Men of War games...


Men Of War Is Almost Perfect

ELELITHETERRIBL | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all ELELITHETERRIBL's reviews »

Men Of War is one of the very best games i have ever,played. The game itself is an rts but what is so special about it is you can take control over one of your men on play with him like in a twin stick shooter, there is a big variety of missions, every mission is like a puzzle u need to chose what section of the enemy line u take out first,who to use,and how to do it for example if you need to take out an enemy line u can send in your sniper and pick them one by one or u can charge on it from two sides at ones. all of the 3 campaigns have stories to them, each campaigns has 5 missions except the Russian campaign which has 9. I think every rts fan will enjoy this game like i did and be glad he bought it.