Reviews for Lords of Football USA DLC


"Soccer" they say

saojoao | Oct. 22, 2013 | See all saojoao's reviews »

I am not too much into football games, but I found Lords of Football pretty enjoyable. Maybe it was thanks to the regional DLCs, which allowed to expand and customize your game, and to modify the experience depending on which region your games are taking place. The USA DLC pack for Lords of Football adds exactly this kind of enhancements - some architectural and ubanistic modifications to make you feel that your games are happening in the United States of America. It makes buildings and cities look more like they do in America. It also adds the National League of the USA, so if you want to play the USA National League, it is completely possible now. And although I am playing mostly in different regions, I will certainly spends some time playing the USA as well.


Small DLC that adds more variety

lok0812 | Oct. 14, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This is a small DLC to the strategy Lords of Football. In the original game, the players get to build and command your own soccer team and have a choice to play these soccer matches. With this DLC, everything else stays the same with the only addition to giving the player the ability to play the USA Soccer League. In addition, the DLC also allow players to explore the US theme background of the world that you can do the same in the original game except you are now in US. Great small DLC that adds more variety to the game.