Reviews for Marlow Briggs and the Mask of Death


A Nice God-of-War Clone

Bryggz | May 17, 2015 | See all Bryggz's reviews »

This game is surprisingly very entertaining. It's very charismatic in its presentation, and it doesn't take itself too seriously. The dialogue is funny, even if cliche, and the combat is entertaining enough to warrant a purchase. There are a few frustrating times where you need to use trial-and-error to pass an area (resulting in about 4-5 consecutive deaths). I've been playing for about 4 hours and I haven't encountered any bugs yet, just poorly placed jumps. (I run windows 7 64-bit with a GTX970 and I5 Devil's Canyon for reference) The upgrade system is very straightforward, 4 pretty varied weapon types, 4 obvious, elemental magic types. Focusing on weapon upgrades increases weapon damage and max health, magic upgrades = magic damage and max mana. You also have the ability to "convert" enemies to fight for you. I would suggest getting this game while on sale. I got it for a dollar when I bought it, and I feel like I dramatically underpaid. $5-$8 is reasonably priced for this.


So much potential...wasted

DeaD | Feb. 10, 2015 | See all DeaD's reviews »

I'm not saying that this game is the worst I've seen, nor it's that bad. It's just way too simple from one point. It wants to grab more than it can carry. It takes from bigger titles, and the result is mediocre. It is pretty, it is entertaining, but misses the real feeling. First off, it's buggy. It means that you may die at several points because, the character grabs onto a ledge which doesn't exist, you get stuck here and there. Luckily this kind of bug doesn't happen that often, it's just tiresome, when it does. Next, the genre. It's mainly a hack and slash video game with adventure elements, but someitmes you get a top-down shoot 'em up.The adventure part does involve puzzle elements, but they are so easy, you wouldn't miss them if they didn't even exist. Marlow Briggs has also some kind of an RPG-thing, but it plays out in collecting coins or golden points or what which can be spent on available skills, all of which will be maxed out in the end. Plus you do have 'different weapons'...uhm... different styles of slashing around during the gameplay, but when you get one, you dont really feel the need to switch to the previous one. As for the difficulty, the game can be runned through...almost. If an enemy doesn't create a barrier you can get further and it won't follow you to the next platform. Sure, you get an unfair, kinda harder, but solvable boss-fight in the end, but that looks silly too. The scenery is nice-looking and varying, so I'd say it's quite alright. Even so, as there are no cinematics, the camera just moves around 3D models, and the actual image is changed, which is...ok, so it doesn't add much and sometimes it was a bit weird for me and thought: how the hell did I get here? In addition the story is so lame it shouldn't even be mentioned... Who is this game for? For someone who wants something fast-paced, and feels the need for a mixed-up gameplay, but can get up from it any time (Because I assure you, you won't be addicted to this one). If it's on sale, I'd advise Marlow Briggs for them. (Some boring hours can be passed away...)


A suprisingly good beat'em up platformer

BlockAgent | Oct. 14, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

This is a surprisingly good game. It has a good story, great action, satisfying platforming and pretty good graphics. Being a budget title, it does have to have a flaw though. There are noticeable graphical glitches throughout the entire game. Things like characters' feet going through the ground and plants flickering into and out of existence happen a lot. I also encountered some odd glitches that made me have to reload from the last checkpoint. Fortunately, the checkpoints are aplenty. Overall this is a fun game for it's budget price that honestly gives some AAA games a run for their money.


Surprisingly great B - grade game

PootisMcPoot | Aug. 2, 2014 | See all PootisMcPoot's reviews »

When I first saw this game, I thought it would be terrible. It looks like a budget movie of something like Tomb Raider or God of War. However, upon playing it, all my preconceived notions were proved wrong. The controls are extremely tight and satisfying, making it easy to perform the variety of combos (accessible in a DEDICATED COMBO TRAINING MODE!!) while dicing up foes with the various weapons included in the game. Movement feels extremely fluid and well put together, and this game has the best rumble integration I have ever seen when playing with a controller, adding a satisfying impact each time a blade hits your foes. The pacing at the start is electrifying, and although it slows down a little in some parts, it continues to hold the player's interest through cheesy action scenes and dialogue. The game feels tongue-in-cheek in many parts, as the designers poke fun at the ridiculousness of the situations you find yourself in. Essentially, this game is as good, if not better than, God of War. While the platforming/puzzle elements are less interesting, and a little too similar to the old Tomb Raider games, the actions scenes more than make up for it (you can ride on giant scorpions' backs, for goodness' sake!). Great game, would buy again.


Surprise hit

MarkDeejay | April 16, 2014 | See all MarkDeejay's reviews »

Marlow Briggs is a rather unknown game but become recently popular due to its low price and word of mouth advertising. And, I have to admit, it's actually damn fun to play. Marlow plays like some sort of Devil May Cry or God Of War, but where these other games usually take a little break in-between the action packed moments Marlow moves full speed ahead. There's hardly ever a dull moment in this game. You move from one crazy action packed scene to the next, with usually just a few seconds of breathing room before hacking away at the next group of enemies. This game isn't extremely long, about 5-6 hours, which is more than enough. After finishing it you're probably done with it anyway. It's fun for a first playthrough, then you'll just delete if off your PC most likely. It doesn't have any replay value. Which might actually be the reason why it's just non-stop action. The graphics look good, the voice acting is decent and the gameplay solid. Marlow Briggs is something you just have to play if you love action games. Especially considering the price these days.


Boom Boom Smash!

Subj3ctLambda | March 28, 2014 | See all Subj3ctLambda's reviews »

Marlow Briggs starts out just an average guy, accompanying his girlfriend Eva on a dig site where she deciphers ancient writings! Problem is that the guy who hired her, Heng Long, knows the writings pretty much are a "How to be a Demigod" guide! These writings describe the rituals that need to be performed to attain unimaginable power! Eva refuses to do anymore deciphering and Heng doesn't like it! So he restrains Marlow and Eva and as an example has Marlow stabbed with an ancient weapon and left for dead! But...that weapon is Kukulkan's Fang which endows Marlow with the powers of "The Sacred Warrior" making him a superpowered shirtless freak with a nasty-as-hell ancient weapon! This game involves usage of weapons and magic to defeat foes which are quite variable in this game! There are so many explosions that it's amusing and fun all the way through! There is also a fair bit of platforming with walking through thin paths while sticking to the wall! Hanging on ledges, using vines and ropes to ascend and descend! the graphics are great and some of the visuals are spectacular! Sound quality is great with the voice actors doing a good job! No performance issues except a couple of bugs where the enemies leave the map! The whole experience seems like an over-the-top 80's-90's action film and it seriously feels good cutting up all the baddies with your blade! A surprisingly polished and well made game and hits the mark when trying to be what it is! A must buy in my opinion...if only for the laughs!


The true over the top Hollywood blockbuster

alphaprospector | Dec. 14, 2013 | See all alphaprospector's reviews »

Marlow Briggs is essentially a fusion of God of War, Indiana Jones/adventure movies and bits of your typical AAA gaming, complete with "dat AAA feel" and all. But there is a catch: the game comes at an affordable prices and knows what it is, so it just plays along with things ludicrously. Logic is kicked to the stratosphere in exchange for so much action on top of action that goes over the ACTION straight into more action that by the time you finish the game you are left wanting more. It's a breath of fresh air in an ambience full of super pretty, colourful set pieces. What can I say, give it a try and enjoy the ride, it's just so over the top you cannot just but love it! Recommended!


Great Game, Needs a Sequel Already

jkstokes22 | Nov. 17, 2013 | See all jkstokes22's reviews »

Very fun game. The combat is like that found in the God of War franchise and the platforming aspects add a nice mix and change of pace to the overall gameplay. This is a very fun game, especially when you consider how much it costs. (It's often on sale, Thanks Greenman.) This games story line is a little ehh but the commentary from the mask as you play is entertaining and funny, plus the visuals in the environment are crisp and the backdrops are colorful. I definitely recommend this clas. My Rating is based off of how it compares to games in its budget range...


Surpisingly fun budget game

commanderhavoc | Oct. 21, 2013 | See all commanderhavoc's reviews »

This game has a lot of cheesy moments as well as a villain who absolutely revels in being evil and not giving a toss about his workers or anything other then profit. And that is what makes this game such a surpisingly fun to play beat 'em up along with a satisfying combat system that will leave your enemies flying all over the place as you fight through hordes of mercs and other foes that stand in your way. Oh and Steve Blum, famed anime, video game and cartoon voice actor, is doing the voice of the Death Mask, he once again does an outstanding job here. If you're looking for something that has the cheesiness of an 80's or 90's action movie along with a combat system not unlike Devil May Cry and such, then you should check this one out.