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AkiMatti | Oct. 21, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

I've played my fair share of arcade shooters in my youth. "Cave shooters", we called them. Launching PixelJunk Shooter (PJS), I didn't really know what to expect as I hadn't heard from the game before. That might be the reason it was such a pleasant surprise. PJS has the usual cave shooter tropes along with some new ideas. Of course, you fly in caves with your ship and encounter enemies, blasting them away, but there is also more to do. Your task is to rescue scientists of some sort from the caves with your claw or whatever. There are also hidden diamonds under clay formations or secret caves that give bonus points. What I really liked, though, was how liquid physics have been incorporated into the gameplay by having underground lava and water storages that give additional challenge to the exploring. Connecting water and lava will form clay, which you can shoot through. Diving into water will save your ship from heat damage and so on. These are all nice things to have in a cave shooter, but they won't be enough if the ship controls badly. Luckily, it controls very well, you hardly need to think about it. The game is playable even with a gamepad, even though the aiming is a bit "hit and miss". Overall, a wonderful game that gives its genre a good showing for the new generation of gamers.


What a great game!

StefaNob99 | Oct. 11, 2014 | See all StefaNob99's reviews »

PixelJunk Shooter is a dual stick shooter that is a joy to play. The controls are simple. Left stick for movement, right stick for aim. Right trigger for shooting, holding the trigger will unleash missiles. The catch is that missiles will overheat your ship. Cave ship. Not a space ship. The left trigger sends out a grappling hook to pick up stranded miners, which is the objective of the game. When you get the stranded miners, it opens a door to the next level. Each 'stage' has a few levels in it. The real selling point of this game is the incredible interaction that you have with the environment. You can destroy soft terrain. Your bullets will take out chunks and not the entire terrain / wall. There is water that is fluid and dynamic. It will also cool down your ship when it overheats. There are enemies and lava. The lava flows just as the water, makes your ship overheat and when it meets water, they bond together to form soft terrain that you can destroy. Its such a nice dynamic. There are powerups to keep your ship cool from the lava's heat. There are objects that you can grapple and tow around, such as a water bomb, good for drowning a volcano. There is a watercan object that you fill in water or lava, and when you take it out, it showers whatever liquid you have in it. Again, there is a lot of interactivity in the game. This is a game that rewards and encourages exploration. If it looks like there is a way off screen, that's probably a secret area with the game's main collectable diamonds. Well you need diamonds to progress past a certain stage. You will have to go back and play each stage a few times in order to collect enough hidden diamonds. While it might seem like a downer to replay stages and levels, its all fun. Nothing seems like a chore. Its soothing, relaxing, nice to look at and with the incredible interactivity that you have with your environment, no playthrough is really the same. On top of it all, the game sets itself apart with its art style. Its a beautiful, simple style instead of typical dualstick shooters that overload you on bright visual effects. It is well worth the price and you can probably pick it up in an indie bundle. I've also got the sequel on PSN and personally, I think this it is better.


Great port.

Agolf | July 4, 2014 | See all Agolf's reviews »

It was great on PS3, it even better on PC, great mechanics, and the world is pretty cool, the only bad point is that it don't have online co-op, but the local works just fine. We just have to wait for Shooter 2 to be on Steam.


An Excellent Game

Helicuor | Dec. 14, 2013 | See all Helicuor's reviews »

In a nutshell, this game is about exploring a cave in a spaceship, rescuing miners, killing monsters, and taking gems. What makes this game special are its brilliant fluid mechanics. Lava, water, dirt, Ice, etc. You can combine water and lava to make dirt, ice freezes water, lava melts dirt, etc. The interplay of these various fluids and substances are what make this game really shine.


Extremely fun Local Co-Op game

shadowsxfall | Nov. 17, 2013 | See all shadowsxfall's reviews »

I played this game waaay back at release on PS3 with a buddy with absolutely no expectations before we started. We were both very suprised when we finally beat the game and noticed that we had spent all night playing. This is a very captivating game with great physic-based puzzles and game feel. The co-op aspect was also very well done, requiring each player to work in absolutely full cooperation to solve puzzles or rescue scientists. Pick this game up and give it a try!


A new take on the Arcade Shooter genre

santiainen | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all santiainen's reviews »

PixelJunk Shooter is a game developed by PixelJunk, originally released exclusively on the PlayStation 3 and later ported to the PC, Linux and Mac, exclusively on the Steam platform. PixelJunk Shooter is PixelJunk's new take on the classic arcade shooter titles, mostly based around fluid physics and physics based puzzles. PixelJunk Shooter consists of 3 episodes with a boss at the end of each episode. All of the episodes are filled with exciting new puzzles and new fluids and gadgets to play and experiment around with. The game also includes a local two player mode in case you want to play the game with a friend. And if you're the score kind of player, there's also a Score Attack mode in the game, and online leaderboards to compete in. All in all, the game is a great addition your game collection, and I really don't see how they could of improved on it... Except they did improve on it, in PixelJunk Shooter 2, that is yet to be released on Steam.


PixelJunk to PC

CappinCanuck | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all CappinCanuck's reviews »

Pixel Junk Shooter is a scrolling 2D action shooter. You control a small space ship and explore the caverns underneath an alien planet to rescue the survivors of a lost scientific expedition. The title is everything you'd expect from a Pixeljunk title and more. The 2D graphics are crisp and fun. The puzzles range in difficulty but always satisfy. It's definitely not a game that will require a huge investment and can be picked up and put down whenever you want making it a great casual title to go back to. Fun mechanics include different firing modes with several hulls for additional abilities and environmental tolerances.


Another excellent port from the PixelJunk team

magusonline | Nov. 8, 2013 | See all magusonline's reviews »

Known for their very bright and easy to pick up games that emphasize around the theme of music, sound, and interaction (with friends/enemies/environments). They were pioneers of exploring different genres on the PSN. Shooter was definitely one that comes to mind (other than Monsters). While the devs already mentioned on Steam that this is local only. They said that when they port Shooter 2, it will too feature online co-op. However, I recommend getting this game as well. Especially if you have guests that come visit, or a girlfriend who would like to play something nice and casual with. It works.


One of the best PSN titles comes on PC

Cavalieroscuro | Oct. 25, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Pixel Junk Shooter was one of the best exclusive Playstation 3 title, and now comes on PC. The game is an action full of colors and nice music themes, with stunning visuals and a very good artistic direction. It's like a SNES game, if you are a retrogamer, and with this you will have hours of pure fun. Give it a try, it's worth it for sure.