Reviews for The Guild 2


Good medieval Sims - Nice LAN Multiplayer

Unbenannte | Jan. 28, 2014 | See all Unbenannte's reviews »

Have you played Runescape? This game is some kind of weird runescape, tho its a little hard to understand, there is what people call a learning curve, but if you have time, then its really fun. Its like a medieval strategic Sims. Point in the game is you making yourself the greatest (i think). I would call it a weird RPG medieval simulator, it has a lot of options, so you can make your own story, and I find that amazing. You can buy two copies and play LAN with friends or family, the game doesn't needs too much computer power, so you could be hours immersed in the game playing. Graphics ain't super, but if you are here for what the game offers in a much more intellectual way, then this is it, buy it, besides it really cheap. Hope you like it. 


Had potential but could have been better

gasheadgeorge | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all gasheadgeorge's reviews »

This game is what you might expect – very similar to the Sims but set in medieval times and very focused to the individual aspects of medieval life. The game play is quite profound and complicated but any keen and advanced gamers should have no problems with it after a couple (or maybe a little bit more) plays. I would definitely not recommend if you do not like strategic games as you are mainly rewarded in the game for playing strategically. The tutorial isn't great, it shows you more what buttons to press rather than teach you the game. The graphics are good but the game has a few little bugs and glitches, although this didn't affect me too much. I like the new feature that you can choose more of a rogue path as a thief as most games don’t let you choose the darker side, even though they are normally included in the game as AI. Overall a good game but could have been so much better.