Reviews for Star Wolves 3: Civil War


Best Star Wolves

Obsessor | Aug. 6, 2014 | See all Obsessor's reviews »

It's simply the first game, and second one, multipiled. There are more fighters to chose from(now the game has five tiers of ships, compared to three in the first installment of the series). What's also a big step ahead is the fact that you get new motherships as you progress through the story. In midgame you get a mothership that can take out whole wings of fighters on its own. That is an awesome progress from the first game, where your mothership was very vulnerable and you had to run away from any fighting, except maybe the weakest enemies, like pirates. As I said in the beginning - Star Wolves is bigger and better than its predecessors. If you haven't played previous games you won't miss much. Just a few characters from first game appearing in Star Wolves 3. Also plot refers to some previous occurrences. To sum up - this one's the is the best what Star Wolves have to offer. As an off note - there was a standalone expansion planned for SW3, but it was never released. A shame if you ask me.


A good entry to the Star Wolves series

kai246 | Oct. 27, 2013 | See all kai246's reviews »

Star Wolves 3 is a tactical role playing game. In this you are controlling a spaceship and its crew. You can level up the crews and ships skills and in turn makes you have different abilities to use. The graphics have aged a bit however upon playing again recently I sort of liked the charm that the graphics have. This may not be for everyone however as it tends to look a bit ugly at times. The music ranges from good to being sort of out of place and not really needed at certain points. They could have done with maybe tuning down the music a bit to make it less powerful as it doesn't really match the game that well. Gameplay is very fun once you get into it, however it took me a while to get to grips with everything that was possible. You control the spaceship with the mouse. Finally if you are looking for something to play with role playing game, I definitely recommend this game.