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a new way to play

damienjameswebb | June 7, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

i originally had this for Xbox when if was first released and never really played it that much. i got back into it on the pc and finally understood it. it has beautiful graphics and the scaling feels just right, making you feel as if you really are a good playing in the sandbox of life. you are pretty much taking care of a bunch of little animals, pointing them in the right direction. you make sure they can get food and water, and try and prevent them from being burned in hot lava... although that is pretty fun sometimes. It has the allure as sim city did when you can send a tornado onto your perfectly designed and implemented town... mwahahahaha...... any way... the gameplay can get a little dull if you aren't really into the whole creationist thing, and you should stay away if your not into the sim city kind of games. but for what it's worth, this is a worthy game of anyone looking for a new way to play.


Beautiful and Innovative

bwrussell | Jan. 13, 2014 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

I don't play a lot of "God games" but for me From Dust was fresh and different. Tasked with guiding a primitive tribe on a quest for answers about their past you are given control of the environment, picking up dirt, water, and lava, to clear paths or build them, while fighting off nature itself. Visually From Dust is appealing with beautiful tropical islands to arid deserts and lava crusted mountains. The way your powers mold the environment also looks very good. The campaign is just about the right length with a lot of extra content in challenges or open worlds if you're craving more in the end. For the most part everything works as expected. Occasionally you will drown or burn some of your people but almost always it's because of your own mistake. That being said, occasionally the AI has some pathing issues that lead them into unnecessary danger and get them killed. More common though is having trouble telling where the AI will allow you to go, mostly involving how steep a slope they will walk up. This can cause problems when you think you have a clear path but the AI refuses to move and reverts to complaining about how much they are now on fire. It was never bad enough for me to make me stop playing though. From Dust is a nice change of scenery and play style that is definitely worth your time.