Reviews for LEGO Marvel Superheroes (NA)


Best Lego game to date

agentfortyfour | Nov. 27, 2015 | See all agentfortyfour's reviews »

Tons of fun for the whole family, my son and I have spent hours on this game, as an adult I'm surprised by the replay value. Give it a try!


One of the better Lego Titles.

GuardianOfSouls | Oct. 23, 2015 | See all GuardianOfSouls's reviews »

A fun open-world along with great tie-ins to the movies. A large roster with the same solid Lego gameplay you will be familiar with if you have played any of the dozens of titles in the main lego movie series. The story is worth the playthrough and is quite funny, especially with the addition of voice acting that was not available in earlier Lego games. After or before you finish the story missions you can run, fly, and jump your way through an open-world with many mini-games and secrets to find. The best of the recent Lego movie tie in games.


A great Lego game

mlefoo | Oct. 1, 2015 | See all mlefoo's reviews »

This was the first lego game that i played which featured voice acting, and in my opinion it made a big difference. I enjoyed the "silent" lego games that came before this, but i also felt they were too childish. I know legos are targeted for kids and all, but it felt like it was targets towards 5 and under. The voice acting helped by being able to add quips and other jokes, that were previously just made through overly exaggerated scenes. The plot of the game is standard marvel type of stuff, but the real gem of this game was the roster of heroes you could pull from. They have everyone and more, and they each do have a unique playstyle


Extremely Fun and Cool Game

GeoffAussieSpy | Aug. 29, 2015 | See all GeoffAussieSpy's reviews »

I would say this is one of the best Lego games, maybe even the best. It's so enjoyable, fun to play, and filled with things to do. The game does great to keep things new and fresh with everything you can collect and find throughout your journey in the game. The gameplay is fantastic, some of the best mechanics so far and each character has their own ability which is cool and they did a great job with each one. Story is awesome, very interesting and funny at times. Greta fun to play, especially fun family and friends. I really enjoy finding little things like secrets and collectibles spread throughout the entire game. You can replay missions, like any other Lego game, and choose your characters. This will give you a great way to experiment and add variety to the gameplay experience. Graphics are jaw-dropping at times. Pure beauty! This game is quite amazing, I would definitely check it out if I were you.


Mavel + LEGOs = lots of fun

TayburrFripper | Nov. 30, 2014 | See all TayburrFripper's reviews »

PROS: Soooooo many Marvel Characters soooooo many things to break! fun and casual The writing is well done, quite funny to be honest CONS: bugs here and there. no crashes to desktop but it can be annoying to restart levels It is a game designed for kids so it is relatively easy to a hardcore gamer som etimes they don't give you clear indicators of how to proceed, this is a game meant for kids and if i'm having a hard time i can only imagine the trouble a kid would have during a couple parts TL:DL I bought the game on sale for 5 bucks and It was definitely worth it. I have not beaten the game because I have a million other games to play but I definitely make it a point to come back an play an hour or two evedry now and again


Great Lego Game

Kveni | Nov. 4, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

I remember playing the Lego games when I was a kid, and I remember how linear they were, but they were still my favorite games. NOW, with Lego taking the next step, this game is open world, amazing graphics, awesome storyline, extremely cheesy super hero humor, and altogether an amazing addition to the Lego series! I make videos on this game, and everybody, kids AND older audiences, ALL love them, just because this game is so great! Honestly, the super heroes they give you, the city you can free roam, and all the amazing levels to do, this game is a MUST buy for anyone wanting a good Lego game. I've easily put more than 15 hours into this game, and would put in much more if I had the time to. You want a great playing and great looking Lego game? Well, Lego Marvel Super Heroes is the way to go!


Some Cool Stuff You Got Here

TheCorvette | July 25, 2014 | See all TheCorvette's reviews »

Many LEGO minifigures (Spidey, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor, STAN LEE) and some others that no ones probably heard about. They're fun to collect too. Nice city, very big. Fun to drive around, fly, run, and walk in it. Levels are easy but not to easy. It's fun to go back and find all the hidden places. Even once you've beat the story itself there's billions of things to do. This is a must buy for Marvel/Lego fans!


One of the best lego games.

SonicusZ | April 6, 2014 | See all SonicusZ's reviews »

If you've played and enjoyed the other lego games you'll love this. It's more of the same type great gameplay that all the lego games have. It includes a huge open world to explore, tons of unlockables, Many characters to play as and a fun story to play through. And of course it's a blast to play through with a friend. The pacing on this game seemed to be improved over previous lego games as well! So overall this is a very fun lego game!


The best Lego game so far

Skeride | Feb. 22, 2014 | See all Skeride's reviews »

I have the PC versions of all Lego games up to the Lego Movie except for Star Wars and Indiana Jones. This is by far the best of the bunch. An open world, tons of unlockable characters (Squirrel Girl!), side missions, voice acting, great humour and in-jokes... It's the pacing that makes this game so much fun. I was never bored or thinking I'd better take a break during my playthrough. Meanwhile, I could only stand to play the otherwise excellent Lego Lord of the Rings in half-hour bursts. The only minus is that flying is poorly implemented. That's never been game-breaking for me, though. A good value at full price, and a no-brainer during sales.


Childhood Memories Combined

DazeOfWar | Feb. 16, 2014 | See all DazeOfWar's reviews »

My favorite childhood pastime toy combined with my favorite reading adventures leads to a nerdgasm of enjoyment. I mean really who doesn’t love LEGO or super heroes? Playing with many of my favorite heroes in LEGO form to battle it out with many great supervillains and lead to a giant battle with Galactus is just a dream come true. LEGO Marvel is another great addition to the LEGO game franchise that deserves its recognition. The game features 155 different characters to unlock, 26 levels to play through, and a huge New York City to wonder around in. You also have the standard gold bricks and red bricks to find too. There’s plenty here to take up many hours of your time to complete 100%. The story is about Galactus coming to Earth to devour it like in the old Fantastic Four story. Silver Surfer is shot down when he was scouting the planet and the supervillains are trying to use his cosmic power to take over. You’ll battle through 15 different levels for the main campaign which will take place in places like the Baxter Building, Latveria, and the Savage Island just to name a few. There are 11 levels you can access after collecting the right amount of gold bricks to unlock them. These are mini missions to play where you find the red bricks and some of the characters to unlock. Voice acting wasn’t too bad in the game and it also had plenty of goofy LEGO humor to go along with it. The gameplay is pretty much the same as other LEGO games but the characters are pretty good with using their abilities and fighting skills each in their own unique way. Thor fights with his hammer for melee and calls down lighting to power up certain objects or even shoot enemies or Spiderman who shoots his webbing, has a spider sense for hidden objects, and swings around on his webs. I really enjoyed playing through the levels and playing in the open world of NYC but it did become a chore finding everything. Especially the races you had to do to get some of the gold bricks which would become frustrating and annoying. Most of the game ran fine but I did run into a few bugs. Sometimes I couldn’t pick up objects I needed, I’d get stuck on stuff, or couldn’t get NPC’s to do what they were supposed to do. I even had the game crash on me a couple times. Even with these items I still had a great time playing and they never really took away from the experience. If you have enjoyed playing the previous LEGO games and enjoy Marvel comics this is a great game to play. It did feel a little more refreshing and not like every other LEGO game before but it is still a LEGO game so don’t expect a world changing game. Just enjoy it for what it does and have fun. It may bring back childhood memories and can even be fun playing with the kids if you have any.


Great All Around

Epicazeroth | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all Epicazeroth's reviews »

Like the title says, this is a game that's great in all fields. It has a great plot (for the type of game it is; I don't expect it to have Game of Thrones-style plot twists). It does a great job of being consistent with the movies while still being its own franchise. And it has a great map and world - including references and cameos by certain people. The only problem is that some characters are too similar to others - though that's to be expected when there are over 100 of them. It's one of the best games to play if you just want a fun experience.


Great collection of LOGO heroes...

Jeffski | Jan. 18, 2014 | See all Jeffski's reviews »

This game plays like any other LEGO game. If you've played any of them, you'll have no problem jumping into this one. It has the same humor found in the other games as well. The most impressive thing about this game is the cast of heroes TT has lined up. All of the majors are here, along with several lesser known heroes. Some of the heroes have the ability to change (Spiderman/Peter Parker for example). With so many to choose from, you're bound to find one that you really enjoy.


What it lacks in polish, it makes up for in charm

llevity | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all llevity's reviews »

There are still some polish issues, and bugs, but this game more than makes up for it with its charm. The now standard brand of lego game humor is here in droves, the game play is fun and varied, and there's tons to do! Aside from the normal story levels, there's a large over world to explore and do random things to unlock new characters, vehicles, or find more golden bricks. The occasional bug might make you get stuck in the scenery, but it's fairly rare, and the charm makes up for it.


The best Lego

kalil | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Lego snowmen return to the fray . This time venture into the world of Marvel heroes and villains . Lego has tried many themes from Harry Potter to Star Wars , but is this a game aimed at the little ones or also like a more adult ? gameplay: It has a control system very easy and suitable to the game. The game has fully themed Lego and I love to use different characters , including the creator of the Marvel franchise, Stan Lee. This game should never be taken seriously because it is riddled with jokes easy laugh that will bring out a small smile between scenes . Also encourages exploration in search of collectibles that lengthen your games more . Each time you unlock a mission just a free mode where the characters will choose to want to play it again . My rating is a 7.5 and that your game system hooked and you will have playing it very well but is not a very difficult control and not be a very big challenge for experienced players . graphics: The graphics need not be detailed and as it is a game in which everything is made with Lego . The Lego look great in this game with variety of colors and textures but need not have very good graphics and it is a serious game . My rating is 8 because the Lego look great and have done a very good job with the characters and structures sound: The voices are very good. The Marvel characters are folded and in character with his characters. An example is Tony Stark. Fucker has a voice that I love . The music is also different tones introducing good music in the various situations that happen in the game My rating is a 7.75 because some of the voices do not complement the character and are acted on innovation : If you've played any game in the franchise of Lego , everything will sound. They have not changed anything except the freedom to walk around New York in vehicles and etc. ... I do not need because if invara in this regard would lose the essence . My rating is 8 because they have innovated adding some changes but not needed them since, is still a very fun game Rating: My rating is 8 . Marvel fans will enjoy playing this game as a few minutes. I must also remember that it is not a game to be taken seriously and if you prefer to invest the money in a more adult games tone should look for other options though, this game is fun and entertaining, I would go for it.


The best Lego game yet!

MechaYakuza | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all MechaYakuza's reviews »

I have played each and every Lego game with my son since the first Lego Star Wars. And this is hands down the best one yet! The graphics are finally starting to look more modern and less "slightly-better-than-PS2". And the diversity of characters to choose from goes beyond their looks but actually lets you fly anywhere as Iron Man, or destroy everything in your path as Hulk, or go completely invisible to sneak behind enemies as Black Widow. And I think not having a specific movie plot to stay with has really let TT Games go crazy with the story and really delve deep into the Marvel Comics universe. If you have found any entertainment in the earlier Lego games, or have never tried them because they look to childish, do yourself a favor and give this one a try.


Best Lego title yet

jkyle | Nov. 21, 2013 | See all jkyle's reviews »

This really is the best and most refined Lego title yet. This is the first game to lure my kids away from Lego City Undercover on the Wii U. An enormous roster of heroes and villains are there for you to unlock, and even after a few weeks of constant play, my boys and I aren't even halfway through the list. The game mechanics work as they always do, but the graphics are the shiniest yet, and the usual level of humor will bring a smile to Marvel and Lego Games fans alike. I have played all the Lego titles and usually buy them with the excuse that my young kids will play them - then I "try them out" and end up playing them until I beat them myself. My only gripe is the new tendancy that started a few games ago to allow the split screen to get confusing when playing with two players. On Lego Batman, both players shared a screen. Now there is a dynamic split effect, but that is a criticism of all the recent Lego games as opposed to this one in particular. These games are lower priced, especially on PC, making them great value for fans and parents of kids who love these games. And honestly, who doesn't like Lego?!


Fantastic game for the Marvel or LEGO fan

xxdaredevil | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all xxdaredevil's reviews »

I'm a huge Marvel zombie and I've really been looking forward to this one. I can say without a doubt that I was not disappointed in the slightest. They managed to bring the whole Marvel universe together in a way I haven't seen yet in any game. An amazing amount of character, charm, and humor are found in all aspects. There is a tiny bit of polish that is needed to make it 100% but I can't recommend this game enough. Enjoy!


Worth the wait.

newtbludger | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all newtbludger's reviews »

I love Lego games as well as the marvel comics and 2 years ago I heard they were planning on making a Lego marvel video game. I was so psyched about this game and finally it came. This was absolutely wonderful but then again there are the things the games is missing like Lego batman 2 and lord of the rings was missing. You aren't allowed to change the character in the city until you complete the story, but with all the characters and the super powers and STAN LEE IN THE GAME this game makes as my favorite Lego game.



ming08108 | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all ming08108's reviews »

Its a lego marvel open world game. What more needs to be said? This game has everything a avid marvel fan would want, a large amount of playable heroes and a coherent storyline. The game play and story are excellent as we come to expect from the lego series of games; this game is made even better from the addition of marvel super heroes. The use of the different characters is well executed too for example all the heros have special abilities and in some puzzle you have to figure out which powers are necessary to solve the puzzle. The combination of lego marvel and excellent gameplay makes this game an excellent choice for old and young players.


Super-Awesome! Co-op Lego goodness at its best..

wfosnot | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all wfosnot's reviews »

I have played all of the Lego games with my kids and this one is just as good (or better). It brings all the things of a good Lego game back: the open city / collecting characters, minikits, "Stan Lee" / etc. 2-player co-op on the same system works great (just connect a couple Xbox controllers) and play away! It is great to see so many of my favorite Marvel characters and enjoy them with the kids. It also contains a new original story with familiarity of the Marvel Universe. Go start collecting those gold bricks!


Best Lego game I've played

JoezDaniz | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all JoezDaniz's reviews »

Among the Lego games, this one is my favorite. Starting from the 150+ playable characters, the open-world, the storyline; it's just an amazing game. There's a few problem in the game but they're not to big to bother about. The only minus I have for the game is the flying controls. It's kind of sketchy when you're near a bulding.


Best LEGO Game Yet

CoillyZ | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all CoillyZ's reviews »

I was blown away by last years LEGO Batman 2. It had good graphics, a funny script, and a decent open world. I really wasn't expecting that from a LEGO game, given the series's track record. Since then, the game have been getting better, and this is no exception. This game puts you in control of all your favorite heroes and some villains in a virtual NYC made from LEGOs. I had a lot of fun with this, and the quality hasn't dwindled at all from the last three installments. The combat was more brutal than I expected from a LEGO game, but that isn't really a complaint. At $30, this game is a steal. Buy it ASAP.


Very Great Lego Game

Qwertyfour | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

In my opinion, this is the best Lego game ever made. It combines everything from the Marvel Universe with a cute Lego theme. There are just many characters, many abilities to match up and a great campaign, albeit a bit short of what you'd expect from a Lego game. While the campaign is only around 15 to 20 hours, there is an absolutely gorgeous open world map. With that map, you can spend the after campaign action looking for secrets, unlocking characters, taking on the side missions. The puzzles aren't particularly hard, but it's what you'd expect from any Lego game. They're just mainly matching up the right situation with the right hero. However, that's not to say that any older player should not buy this game; in fact quite the opposite. What it lacks in challenge is easily made up by it's cute, open atmosphere.