Reviews for Call of Duty: Ghosts NS


Recycled multiplayer, Extinction mode too short

kevin6040 | July 15, 2014 | See all kevin6040's reviews »

First of all, I want to people to know that I am not saying this game is completely bad, but it will seem terrible if you have played any of the other series of call of duty. The multiplayer is largely recycled material from Modern Warfare 2 and 3. The campaign mode is reasonable, I suppose but it offers nothing new if compared with the campaign from the other call of duty series. The extinction mode is somewhat new and exciting, but is way too short. In addition, all the DLC’s bundle up the extinction map with the multiplayer maps, so if you only wanted to buy the new extinction maps, you have no choice but to also buy the other unwanted multiplayer maps.


One Trick Pony

Rcoder97 | July 4, 2014 | See all Rcoder97's reviews »

Call of Duty used to be the most anticipated franchise ever, but after Black Ops 2, people were skeptical about a new game and whether it would stick to the same formula or not. Sadly, COD Ghosts did. With a forgettable campaign, finely tuned multiplayer, and a survival mode, COD Ghosts doesn't take any risks. I thought Extinction was a somewhat cool idea, but it doesn't feel that different from Zombies or Survival. I like the alien atmosphere but without cool characters like Nikolai or Richtofen to heighten the experience, Extinction falls flat. Multiplayer is no different which is good and bad. They nailed it the first time and stuck with it without changing much. Finally I don't know why they bothered with a campaign. This is just ok, but I could recommend it to someone who is new to the series.


Did not enjoy this game

bcf623 | June 11, 2014 | See all bcf623's reviews »

When it comes to Call of Duty, the multiplayer is a VERY large part of the game and in ghosts it just did not reach my expectations. A few of the maps are nice yet with the multiplayer in this game they tried to take a different turn and they smashed right into a wall. Most of the maps have nearly no form of true cover, no matter where you are there are multiple lines of sight where you can be shot from and it is very frustrating. The campaign of the game did not make up for it. The story was ok, but it was not very compelling, and it felt as if the dog parts were very forced and did not flow smoothly with the gameplay. If anything, stick to Battlefield or Black Ops 2, which are much better games.


Call of Duty Ghosts: A Former Shadow of Itself

mrminecrafter1 | May 25, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

Call of Duty Ghosts is not the best game in the series by more than a mile. The campaign was quite interesting with the whole Ghosts concept. I actually enjoyed it a bit until the space parts came in. Space warfare was new and interesting but it didn't quite fit into the Ghosts concept for me at least. Underwater battles was basically space warfare except the clips sunk down to the ocean floor instead of floating off into space. Multiplayer was still the same. It's good but gets boring quite quickly. The movie DLC as I call them adds a small twist but is not enough to cover up all the flaws. Overall it is rather disappointing.


Disappointingly bad, buy battlefield 4 instead.

BlockAgent | May 3, 2014 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

I was expecting this game to be an even better Modern Warfare 3...but I was wrong. So wrong in fact that after 30 minutes of playing it I could no longer take the punishment of playing it and uninstalled it from my pc. The gameplay is clunky, the graphics are terrible even at max settings (looks pretty similar to call of duty 4), and it has multiplayer matchmaking problems galore. This game was so disappointing. If you are looking for a great looking and great playing multiplayer shooter, go elsewhere.


Great multiplayer!

nicholegaming12 | March 23, 2014 | See all nicholegaming12's reviews »

I think that the multiplayer is improved from the past.I think the pc version is the best in my opinion but its gotten rather repetitive in the campaigns over the past i have windows 8 i think it runs beautifully. And in my own opinion i will rate this a 88.


Okay Campaign, Not Much Else...

lork3rr | March 1, 2014 | See all lork3rr's reviews »

This game had a pretty okay campaign. It was fun, exciting, and engaging. The plot left much to be desired and was about as dynamic as a stick, but there it was easy to play and had some interesting game mechanics interspersed throughout. Not the best, but certainly not the worst. Multiplayer added almost nothing to the series, keeping the same exact setup as previous Call of Duty titles and left much to be desired. I found it difficult to grind through the same multiplayer I experienced in previous titles. The squad mode had significant potential but was underdeveloped and felt tacked on. It offered an interesting change of pace for a few rounds, but quickly fell into the same grind as the standard multiplayer. Other games have implemented the squad-based multiplayer mode better and Ghosts would have been better off taking a few lessons from those titles. All in all an interesting addition to the series that doesn't add much of value.


Gets old fast

dweeez1 | Feb. 15, 2014 | See all dweeez1's reviews »

I am a fan of the CoD series and have been buying them annually for about five years now. I usually play them for a few months, then take a break and pick them back up right before the new ones come out. This one seems to have gone stale a lot quicker than others, I played it for about a week and then grew bored with it. I did enjoy the new extinction mode though.


Disappointing, You'll be wanting more

xyz25 | Jan. 26, 2014 | See all xyz25's reviews »

Call of Duty: Ghosts was supposed to be the start of a new era. Infinity ward promised a new engine, dedicated servers, balanced gameplay, and much...much more. Like every year for the past 5 years I was sucked into this charade, and spent 60 dollars on this. The game looks ugly sadly, even though it looks "better" than previous call of duties. Really the only major difference in graphics is a few lighting effects here or there, which don't make up for the fact that the textures are ALL very jagged and simple. The lack of an in game FOV changer is a big warning sign that Infinity Ward did not put that much time into their pc port, the game is STILL buggy to this day on PC, even after massive patch overhauls, and the fanbase has dwindled since release. If you are looking for a good time waster, then maybe MAYBE pick this game up on sale, but if you are looking for a groundbreaking CAll of Duty, you will be extremely disappointed 62/100


Nothing New

chataolauj | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

My review and I'm pretty sure most of the other reviews state the same thing. Call of Duty franchise has a hit a brick wall. They don't know how to improve their games anymore. Battlefield has won the battle of best shooting multiplayer game of 2013. Don't buy this if you have Black Ops 2 because you'll just be wasting money. I guess the dog in the campaign is the only big difference, but if you take out the dog the game is just the same old same old. This game is valued at the price of priceless.


Unoptimized and Saturated.

Engreyz | Jan. 10, 2014 | See all Engreyz's reviews »

This game is not for the budget PC gamer. Every single time I think "I really want to play an FPS!". I start up Ghosts and try to play it, but no dice. The game runs terrible. I have a Radeon 6770, AMD Athlon x4 640 quad core, 4 gb of ram. I know the game says I don't meet the minimum requires, but I just don't get why the game has the minimum requirements set that high? Like literally, the game looks the same exact as MW3 but with saturated colors, and dogs added to the game. But all in all, I bet the game would be extremely fun if I could play it, but since I can't since it's an unoptimized pile of crap, I have to give the game at least a 20.


this game is in no way an improvement from the old cod

madxskillzxgame | Jan. 8, 2014 | See all madxskillzxgame's reviews »

first of all everything new about it is minor the destruction is as simple as a whole in the wall and the multiplayer does not work because the game just does not support enough players and it runs terrible even on the best of pc's mine being one of them with the latest stuff can be laggy and annoying


Goes both ways

vennum6 | Dec. 29, 2013 | See all vennum6's reviews »

This game is a very good game for the older generation gamers. those who don't really want a fast paced 3 minute game with little kids yelling and screaming in your ears. the game pace is made to be slower and more tactical depending on your set up of course. some times its faster game play like old days but not normally. there is the flip side the game does have a lot more perks and a new system to the class build that is not bad, but the never before seen guns are limited to just a hand full of each type and the lethal/tactical are in my words crap. the game could use a lot more work or lots of DLC. overall: I have played COD since the beginning, this is a step backwards but could be a step in the right direction with guns having built in attachments already and the amount of perks that can be used/equip, I think this is a good game, not the best in the series but good.


It is a good game

noman412 | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all noman412's reviews »

Cod Ghosts is not a bad game, the game play is fast, the hit detection is awesome and there is really good weapons balancing. But the game is a pretty bad PC port. The game just looks ugly, there is no FOV changer, max resolution is 1080p. If that doesn't bother you than Ghosts is a pretty good game. Also the campaign is entertaining but short (took me 5-6 hours on veteran and max achievements) and extinction mode is fun for a little while.


Why fix what wasn't broken?

mugaro | Dec. 22, 2013 | See all mugaro's reviews »

Everyone always complains about Call of Duty being the same thing every year, and yet people still buy it. That's all fine, but there are some legitimately copy/pasted things in this game that is just plain unacceptable laziness. The single player was entertaining, but the story & voice acting has taken a big drop off since MW3. The main villain is just your generic bad guy, no real motivation like the previous CoD games. The gameplay was pretty easy, even on veteran. I've played harder games on normal. My big complaint is that they took out the fantastic Spec Ops mode from MW2/MW3 and replaced it with a very inferior Extermination which is basically a copy/paste of Zombie mode from Black Ops. $60 is fantastically overpriced for this game, even $20 is. It's a mindless, popcorn action flick worth under $10.


Call of Duty: Ghosts changed the way I saw life

jewishpegasus | Dec. 22, 2013 | See all jewishpegasus's reviews »

Alright let me be real clear and real honest right here right now for you potential buyers, you don't deserve to buy this game. That's right, you don't DESERVE to buy it. You are laying your eyes upon history, one of the greatest creations of mankind. A testament to the fire that once burned in the hearts of developers that has since long been extinguished. What is COD Ghosts? Who is COD Ghosts? I ask you today, who are you? What is the purpose of this game? What is the purpose of life? Food? Water? What does it all mean. It means nothing, absolutely nothing when compared to this virtual battlefield called COD Ghosts. This game, is life. It is the judge, the teacher, the principle, the homeless man, the DMV, the doctor, it is all in one, ever so beautiful. But yea this is a badass game, one of the best man. I’m telling you boy, you best pick it up right now it’s so good. MAN I’m going to go play now!



helloimmajosh | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all helloimmajosh's reviews »

This game is a bit different than the other MW games. There are still issues with this game. I highly recommend that you do not get this game. I only purchased it because I was tired of MW3(also a crappy game), and could not find an FPS to fill my needs. Good things with game : - Fast Paced. I'm kind of a instant gratification gamer... I hate waiting for kills, and in this game, it's usually alot faster than most of the games i used to play. - You die quicker. It's kind of a hit and miss for this... it makes the game harder, which is what I was looking for in a COD game...but there's always randy deaths occuring. Issues with game : - Like most cod games, you randomly die to bad players... it's not that they're good... it's just... they spray you and out of nowhere, there's a HS. - Camping is always an issue w/ every FPS, I do not mind it really, but there is more camping in this game than the other MW games. If you're a run and gun kind of gamer, expect to get killed by the person sitting at the corner. - FPS drops at random. Running 760, i7, 16gb of ram, and still having random frame drops. This game was horribly optimized... and there's alot of desync'ing w/ the frames, your screen will randomly jut and backtrack you to resync. - Sound - I'm a soundwhore player when it comes to FPS. it's a hit and miss. There are times when I can hear footsteps, and there's other times where I cannot. They're running at full speed. not crouching. And still unable to hear them. My friend has this game, and he is able to hear footsteps all the time w/ amplify... I cannot. - Community sucks. Always has. If you have a 2.0 kd. you're considered a hacker to everyone. no one says you're good. but whines that you're hacking. - Hacking. Because there are hackers in this game... if you're good, you're considered a hacker 100% of the time. - Killstreak perks don't make sense somewhat... Kill 5 players, get a dog the entire game till it dies... or... Kill 5 players, and get an IMS and last only a couple minutes, and doesn't move around to assist you. - Expect to play FFA or TDM or Domination. You'll get lucky with the other categories in PC world. I waited 20 minutes for a Crank game to happen.


Could be better.

BigEarsCross | Dec. 9, 2013 | See all BigEarsCross's reviews »

Don't get me wrong I do enjoy to indulge my self in a good old game of COD on the weekends and when I heard about these new "next gen" graphics I was kinda excited to see, but to my surprise when i launched this game a whole bunch of problems flew right at me (not really) the first problem i was faced with was that the game would not only work with my current drives but I also had to disable SLI to stop the textures from flickering. This made me angry at first but i then got over it next was the AI it just wasn't smart they were pretty stupid. There are many more but i wont get into detail. When it comes to story its your typical COD game the ending is just like MW2. I could not recommend this game to anyone i would tell them to lean towards the BattleField series over this game.


Spend Carefully!

chasewd | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all chasewd's reviews »

This game has a lot of problems at launch. A lot of the promises of dedicated servers and a "next-gen experience" were not delivered. That being said it stays true to the traditional Call of Duty. If you like the run-and-gun arcade like shooting action from the previous game, this one is definitely for you. The campaign was sub-par. We've come to expect excellent story lines from Infinity Ward this far in the franchise and they really let us down with Call of Duty: Ghosts. My verdict: Multiplayer needs some work but can be fixed. Campaign is a no go. Extiction is cool but feels tacked on and last minute.


Despite its flaws, very enjoyable

forgot2shave | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all forgot2shave's reviews »

I picked this up day one and encountered the bugs, glitches and framerate problems that many others encountered. It is not the best looking game but I can honestly say I have never gotten into a COD like I have with this one since COD4. Squads mode is a godsend. You can enjoy it anyway you like; alone, with a friend, against another players. The customization is unlike anything before and the cross-play with standard multiplayer mode is awesome. I like being able to level up a soldier in squads and be able play with it in MP. The single player, as I have come to expect from Infinity Ward, is captivating. Very good story despite being short. I can honestly say I didn't regret picking this one up.


Nice revamp

blckrockshtr | Nov. 11, 2013 | See all blckrockshtr's reviews »

The game is what you'd expect from regular COD fans with some nice set pieces and a marginally well done story. The campaign is your typical take revenge cliche but does shine in its execution. No previous knowledge of modern warfare series is required. I thoroughly enjoyed the single player campaign, but multiplayer is where the game shines. I was a bit disappointed at the amount of PC players though, it seems that over the years, most people have went over to the consoles when it comes to COD multiplayer...otherwise the multiplayer is on par with what I've experienced in the previous CODs.


More of the same...

YoshihitoBLM | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all YoshihitoBLM's reviews »

While the Call of Duty franchise has managed to push out polished FPS games, they remain more or less the same. The graphics in this game are truly top notch but sadly that's really the only praise. Nothing truly new is done here. They have the same tried and true multiplayer system and while the action feels spot on, some minor bugs haven't been patched yet. There is no doubt it will become more polished, but once that happens you're going to be playing what you've been playing with all the other games.