Reviews for Portal 2


A plot stretched Portal 1.

smilzoboboz | March 9, 2015 | See all smilzoboboz's reviews »

First let me say that I liked the first Portal, a lot, and so everything that changed from how it was in there is just a regression IMHO.

Portal 2 plot is weaker than Portal one, actually far weaker, they stretched the plot to fill in new elements for a richer gameplay (which is good) but it's definitely not as enjoyable as the first Portal because here you feel like what you're doing is totally meaningless.

So, to sum things up, Portal 2 is Portal 1 with a richer gameplay, a lot of more hours of gameplay but a weaker plot that kills the enjoyment. Still a good game but not the 10/10 of Portal 1.


Best Puzzler of All Time

cameronb | Dec. 26, 2014 | See all cameronb's reviews »

You've heard of Portal. If you haven't, you're lying to yourself. One of the greatest games of all time, Portal 2 improves on the original in every way. Portal 2 introduces new puzzle mechanics, new "friends" (i.e. Wheatley, GLaDOS, Cave Johnson), a longer campaign, and even a co-op mode. Even though it can be beaten in 6 hours if you want, it offers replayability, and hosts mods and new chambers. Portal 2 is, simply put, a more refined, more elegant, more fun version of Portal. If you haven't played it yet, play it. P.S. - the cake is a lie.


Mind blowing First Person Puzzle Shooter

reginleifx | Dec. 7, 2014 | See all reginleifx's reviews »

In case you have not heard of Portal yet, let me sum it up for you: It's a First Person Shooter in which you solve puzzles by using a gun that shoots portals. Sounds easy, right? Wrong. The game's plot is alright. It is not perfect, but it still is quite interesting (especially if you have played the first one and always wondered what GladOS' origins were). Graphics are amazing. I mean, they are not out of this world, but they could have been worse. Soundtrack is good. Not going to complain, but it is fitting. Where this game shines, is its gameplay. It is a great improvement from the first one (which was also great). The main focus of the game is to solve physics puzzles, using portals that you create with your gun, however, you will find new elements the more you progress, and by the end of chapter 8, the game gets actually pretty difficult if you have not gotten a hang of it. Do I recommend getting it? Yes, even at full price. In case you have not played neither this or the previous entry in the franchise, get both as soon as possible.


Brilliant sequel

NucularS | Nov. 8, 2014 | See all NucularS's reviews »

Brilliant sequel to the game that taught us that the cake is a lie. With much more humor and double the number of homicidal robots. Not to mention the new coop mode. Portal 2 is bigger and better than the original, with more answers and a deeper story.


Crazy puzzles!!!

ysoserious96 | Oct. 28, 2014 | See all ysoserious96's reviews »

This is a great game that actually makes you think!! I highly recommend this game over the first as there is a ton of replay value! The only downside of the game is that some of the levels can get repetitive.


Best Puzzle Game since Tetris

darkhorse441 | Oct. 12, 2014 | See all darkhorse441's reviews »

Portal was a revolutionary game that took what we thought we knew about puzzle games and totally changed it by adding 3D FPS elements and a storyline. Portal 2 perfects all this by expanding and enhancing every aspect of the first game: a longer campaign, better graphics, more characters and even more references to the Half-Life franchise. The game takes a concept of jumping around with portals and makes it into a fun, well-designed, challenging, and heart-warming game that's as entertaining as it is clever.


So... Portal there? Wait, I can't? What?!

lorddarwid | Oct. 6, 2014 | See all lorddarwid's reviews »

This is without a doubt the best puzzle game I have ever played in my entire life. Knowing that every puzzle has a solution keeps you thinking and wanting to find the solution. The mechanics of the portal gun behave perfectly and so does the whole environment around you. If like 25% of the internet, you have a friend, then link him to this page and force him to buy the game! Many hours of shooting portals, insults and general killing are ensued. Overall, if you like thinking, and desire to train your brain, this is the game for you!


Who likes robots!?

midgetjacks | Oct. 4, 2014 | See all midgetjacks's reviews »

Okay, so it turns out that more Portal is still good. And even better, two player Portal is even better. It's best if both partners come in clean, so you get the fun of puzzling things out together. And then also taking away that energy bridge while your friend is halfway across, suspended over boiley lava. If you like Portal, puzzle games, or co-op, then just buy this already.


Fun for one and all

adboyum | Sept. 15, 2014 | See all adboyum's reviews »

This game gives you the same puzzling contraptions that came in the first one, but now you can do it with a friend! It also introduces the best character ever....Wheatly. Grab a buddy and spend a few nights shooting portals for each other and going through each other's holes. You'll love it.


You need to play this.

LautaroCompleX | Aug. 25, 2014 | See all LautaroCompleX's reviews »

This game, as well as its predecessor, is one of the best and most important strategy games of all time. The story is rich, the characters are deep (even though some don't even physically appear), and the gameplay is fun and challenging. Also you can play cooperative this time, and even download maps made by the community for either singleplayer or cooperative play. You can also make your own maps! This game is one every gamer needs to have played at least once.


Keeping you busy.

Takayano | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all Takayano's reviews »

Portal 2 is a game that offers puzzles which could keep you busy for hours. In the single-player mode, each level gets progressively harder as the game goes on. What makes this game different from others is most notably the Handheld Portal Device, which, as the name suggests, opens portals for the player to either jump through the portals in order to access different areas of the level or transport objects through them. Unlike the first Portal game, the sequel offers a multiplayer co-op mode, which has many other levels that are different than single-player mode. The multiplayer mode offers the bigger challenge due to needing to co-operate with four different portals that can be generated. With this, the game provides the player with hours and hours of gameplay and mind-stumbling puzzles. What are you waiting for?


One of the best puzzle game EVER!

MetalRevolution | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all MetalRevolution's reviews »

Portal was a revolutionary game, but Portal 2 take that revolution to an other level with the multiplayer mod. The story is incredible, it make me think and make up a lot of theory with the hidden graffiti of the ratman. My vote ? 95 on 100.



Ghost_Panther | Aug. 23, 2014 | See all Ghost_Panther's reviews »

If you loved portal you'll love portal 2. Everything that made the first great makes this game greater. Also with the inclusion of player created test chambers there is endless hours of fun in portal 2.


Valve's masterpiece

jaimito91 | Aug. 22, 2014 | See all jaimito91's reviews »

I bought this game on Steam, and at the moment my play time is around 100 hours. Many years ago I completed the first Portal; the story was very short, though. Portal 2 has a much more longer story, multiplayer and built-in level creator (one of the most easy ones I've seen on a game). The characters have charisma and the plot is original.

Recommended for any gamer out there.


Double fun.

Furrek | Aug. 21, 2014 | See all Furrek's reviews »

Finally a puzzle game, where you can play with another player! Did you loved first Portal? Then you will love even more this one. It's not only look better but, in my opinion, even more funny. I loved every conversation with GLaDOS. Puzzles are also sometimes more harder, but that's what makes this game so great. Doesn't matter if you wanna to play this alone, or with friend, you will have a great fun. Even if you will reach the end, it doesn't mean you can't play it anymore, or there won't be anything new. With edit tools and steam workshop there are tons of maps made by community - both for single and two players. Even if you don't like logic games, you will love this one. If you have someone to play with, do it. You won't regret it and you will have great time playing Portal 2.


The Second Wave

kbullock | Aug. 21, 2014 | See all kbullock's reviews »

I loved Portal, and Portal 2 just made my experience with the series a whole lot better. I highly recommend this and any game in the series to anyone who wants to divulge themselves into a game with a massive story, great characters, and tricky, but fun, puzzles.


Such a great game, espeically the CO-OP

momoster69 | Aug. 6, 2014 | See all momoster69's reviews »

I bought this game intended for co-op and it was amazing, I still play it, especially the single mode, this game is hours and hours of pure entertainment, i highly recommend this game, for co-op and single player


Infinite entertainment

eduardXD | July 30, 2014 | See all eduardXD's reviews »

Portal 2 is one of those games that hook you from the first moment. Like it is predecessor, the game is based on puzzles through the use of portals, rays, cubes, turrets, buttons and walls, but now added bridges, liquids, flow conveyors, glass cubes, among other things. The campaign now has a more interactive story and will be a lot longer than Portal 1. There will be more characters, more types of scenarios and situations that will leave us short time to act. Also Valve added cooperative mode, which will increase the difficulty we have to complete the chambers with many more possible routes. Best of all is that the community can create its own camera and share them with others people, which makes this game practically endless. If you like Portal 1, you will love Portal 2. Is the greatest demonstration of the potential that Valve developers have.


Incredible experience

MarianoAlipi | July 29, 2014 | See all MarianoAlipi's reviews »

Now with multiplayer co-op mode, Portal 2 takes the puzzles you're (kind of) used to to a whole new level. With many more puzzles to solve, you'll find yourself enjoying that this game makes you think in a very entertaining way. Videogames don't just ruin your mind. Games like this one help you improve it! They make you think and take decisions. One of the best games I've played. Don't think twice and try it out!


The second portal

luxcaeruleus | July 27, 2014 | See all luxcaeruleus's reviews »

Portal 2 is the sequel to the critically acclaimed game Portal by Valve. Like it's predecessor, Portal 2 is a puzzle first person game. It takes place a couple of years after the events of Portal. You wake up in a rather destroyed version of Aperture. As you progress through the game, you'll uncover Aperture's story and GLaDoS's past. It's still a great puzzle game. Only now, there are additional challenges Plus, there's a coop mode where you play as P-body or Atlas. Team work is the key to beating the game in coop. There's also a new feature called "Perpetual Testing Initiative" Where you can create maps to play on. With that, Portal 2 now has the possibility of infinite puzzles . From simple puzzles to mind blowing ones. Truly, this game is a masterpiece. I'd recommend it to be played.


And so it begins again.

TheTwerkBot | July 16, 2014 | See all TheTwerkBot's reviews »

What you were expecting from the first game can be send to the bin. This game has truly some new mechanics that will make your brains go "Argh!" But it's a very funny game, with some memorable characters such as Cave Johnson. "I punch those numbers into my calculator, it makes a happy face" -Cave Johnson, Aperture Science. Also, if you want to play even further, there is community maps, so you wouldn't be bored after completing the game. I would recommend co-op, if only I didn't have limited bandwidth. Expect a lot of puzzles from this game. The graphics are great, but it isn't perfect. The voice acting and the sounds were great though. Overall, great game. I would give it 90/100


Valve's Greatest Game Yet

MattMin3 | July 15, 2014 | See all MattMin3's reviews »

Portal 2 isn't a game, it's an experience. This is a game that not only defines what a puzzle game is and should be in the near future, it defines what a game should be, period.

Valve has a knack of coming up with the most innovative games in history but Portal 2, dare I say it, is their best. The one thing that you notice first is the excellent and point on voice acting. Ellen McClain as the monstrous Glados to J.K. Simmons as the hilarious Cave Johnson, this game is on par with the acting greats in video games. The mechanics are fluid and excellent, the puzzles are innovative and stunning in their own right and the plot is through and movie-like. The dialogue could be probably be nominated for an Academy Award for it's amazing wit and humor coupled with dark and sometimes philosophical lines. The co-op is one of the best I've ever seen, making it so that the two players working, actually have to work with one another to reach the goal.

Not once, has a puzzle game ever been this excellent in all aspects. Critics hail it as the best game of the year and not one person can disagree genuinely. Why? Because Portal 2 is not only the year's best game, but could be considered as one of the greatest games of all time. It may seem like this game is flawless, and at times it isn't. The loading screen takes some time and the graphics sometimes pop in and out. But, the reason I'm rating it a 100, is because Portal 2 is, like I said, not a game. It's an experience worth playing.


A must play game!

TPCGorillaMunch | July 8, 2014 | See all TPCGorillaMunch's reviews »

If you have played the original Portal and enjoyed it, you will love Portal 2. I would recommend everyone to play Portal 2 even if you never played the original as it is close to a perfect game in my opinion.

The game is a first person puzzle game with a great atmosphere and story. There are plenty of humorous moments and the characters are brilliant. There is also a coop campaign so if you have a friend there is even more to enjoy. The game isn't huge but it definitely long enough to keep you interested and satisfied. Also steam workshop support will keep you playing for as long as you want to.


The Legend Returns

bwrussell | June 23, 2014 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

Oddly enough it's hard to compare Portal and Portal 2 directly. The first was born from a prototype made by some students, while the second is a full fledged AAA release. Portal 2 is just the next step, if you're contemplating playing it then you should have already played Portal. This isn't an either/or situation.

Portal 2 has it all, clever game play, terrific dark humor, an engaging atmosphere (Act II really excels in this aspect), a strong single player story, fun co-op multiplayer, and Steam Workshop support for almost endless content. This is a game that's hard to review in much detail as you quickly run out of synonyms for "good". This really is a masterpiece, building on everything Portal did right without diluting the experience with forced innovations yet feeling fresh and new.

This is one of those few games that I can easily recommend at full price. If you haven't played the original then look for a bundle that contains it and invest the 2-3 hours in it before jumping into this.


One of the best games of all time

mugaro | June 15, 2014 | See all mugaro's reviews »

The single player campaign is a full retail, 12 chapter endeavor that greatly expands on the original. You get 2 more characters that are both hilarious, you get all kinds of new elements introduced like gels, outdoor levels & vacuum tunnels. You get a full, 3 act story told that takes a bit of Greek mythology, adds in a ton of humor, and has top notch voice acting.

You get a great coop experience that is 100% entirely separate from the main game, giving you levels that literally require 2 people to complete.

You get a map builder so you can play the best maps the community has to offer that include new voice acting from fan favorite, Cave Johnson.

This game has it all, this is another can't miss experience.


better than the first one

mirta000 | May 20, 2014 | See all mirta000's reviews »

This one still has everything that the previous one had: an evil sadistic robot that makes sarcastic comments, funny monologues, hard to solve puzzles and dizzying portal mechanics. However it has something the first one didn't have - co-op!

Now co-op is the most fun place to be. Not only do you get emotes that your robots perform perfectly in sync with each other (like high five, hug, etcetera), but you also get laughter out of destroying your friend again and again and again. Oh, it's not supposed to be a versus. But you can make it into one by refusing to perfectly time your portals.

Oh and this one still has a funny end credits song. You absolutely have to hear it. So go and play trough the game right now!


A game that will make you laugh and use your brain

MasterMin | May 10, 2014 | See all MasterMin's reviews »

If you're remotely interested in puzzle games then you must have heard of the Portal series. This game offers "out of the box"-thinking with its gameplay. You use two portals that you can create doors with. You open up one entrance portal and can fire another one to use that as exit. Your goal is to escape and survive the game's brilliant designed level. The game will throw you some basic Newton's physical laws problem mixed in with some witty conversation with the series characters.

The game is a bit short if you've played the previous portal game. It took me 7 hours to complete the ride. For new players it might take 2-3 hours longer. The ride is worth it though. It's like that fun rollercoaster everyone has tried. It will throw you upside down, spin you around, make you laugh, make your adrenaline level shoot up and activate your JOY CENTER in your brain. You will want to have another go! and most of all you will have FUN!



Awesome logic and action game!

David7311 | May 5, 2014 | See all David7311's reviews »

It has SP story, co-op story and community maps. And there's an editor, so, you can create your own maps! In story are many good and funny jokes. I have played the game for more than twenty hours and it's still entertaining. Btw. There's a free mod for Portal 2. Thinking with time machine. It's a new story, but you can use portals and... yes, it's in the name... TIME MACHINE! but it's different game.... So... Portal 2 is very entertaining and interesting game, whose genre isn't in many another games. 95% Sry for my english.


A gem in modern pc-gaming history

borobobo | May 4, 2014 | See all borobobo's reviews »

Metacritic: 95/100 My score: 99/100 Having played the original Portal back in 2011 I always thought it was a clever game with challenging and fun puzzles and a great story. I always considered trying Portal 2 at the first opportunity and so it happened in 2014 a month ago. While playing the game, it starts with some easy and already known puzzles from the original Portal and you think it is going to end soon, but this doesn't happen at all and you find yourself in another place trying to survive and use what you already learnt. In fact, I thought I was approaching the end of the game at about 3-4 times and this is something that keeps your interest in high grade and excites you even more. One thing that you might like in Portal 2 is that innovation didn't stop in Portal 1, you still have your gun with blue and orange portal but there are new cubes and the blue and orange gel that aid you in your puzzles(I am leaving this to be discovered by you :) ) A huge amount of humour in dialogues and animations also give a pleasant feeling that makes you want to play the game for hours over and over again. Last but not least is the co-op mode. Grab a friend and get ready to experience some hilarious moments where you "accidentally" kill your teammate in science or the opposite :P On sales this game goes for a 75% discount at least so it's a no-brainer pick for me. I assure you you are going to have fun playing this game! Hope I helped!


Great Improvement on an Already Great Game

AdmiralBay | May 1, 2014 | See all AdmiralBay's reviews »

Portal 1 was a fantastic game. It had an innovative concept, a great story, and very fun gameplay. It was one of my personal favorites. The only problem with it was that it had little replay value. But overall it was fantastic and i wasn't sure how they were able to follow it. Then i played Portal 2, and i was amazed by how greatly they were able to improve on it. The game had the same great gameplay as the first one, but they were able to expand on it and make it even better with new concepts to help complete the puzzles. The story was even better than the first one and way more replay value was added to the game, including a coop mode you can play online or locally, and the ability to download user made stages directly through the game. Oveall i can't recommend this game enough. You'll play the story multiple times and play many of the user created levels. It's still not too long of a game, but it's a game worth playing.


The perfect sequel

Zarek | April 28, 2014 | See all Zarek's reviews »

Portal 2 makes much better what in the original Portal was yet great.

The gameplay is renewed by the introduction of new elements, like the light tunnels or the sticky gels. Also the plot is better-realised in every detail, and naturally the presence of both GLaDOS and Wheatley make the player laugh more than in the first episode. Portal 2 has also some new game modes, that make the game much longer: the co-op campaign, and the possibility to play test chambers realised by the community.

In conclusion, a must have for every player...


Unlimited hours of fun guaranteed

Chosedone | April 26, 2014 | See all Chosedone's reviews »

If you thought Portal was a great and innovative game, then Portal 2 will exceed your expectations. With completely new puzzle mechanics, a better ambience and characters, and a longer and more attractive history, this game is a jewel that none gamer can refuse to play to. Those classic Portal's puzzles that could make you think for hours returned, in more quantity and quality. The history is catchy and the dialogs are comical. The new testing elements completely change the way to resolve the puzzles; it's no more a only-portals platform game. You'll have several hours of fun playing the single-player campaign. But if it isn't enough for you, you can play co-op with a friend or (thanks to the awesome "Perpetual Testing Initiative" update) play the community chambers. In my opinion, a game that couldn't be better.


Impressive step-up from the first game!

OverkillerlSRBl | April 19, 2014 | See all OverkillerlSRBl's reviews »

Portal 2 is a game that advances so much from the first one, which was really good, it amazes in many ways.

First off the gameplay, if you haven't played the first gameplay consists of using a portal-gun which creates 2 portals to walk through, laws of physics apply, and sometimes requires you to use the objects in a test room (boxes, lasers, liquid, pressure plates etc), your only enemies will be turrets which only react in their field of view and will shoot you down.

Next up, it has a story! And a damn well written story that is, with lots of humor and plot twists, you will enjoy it!

Also worth noting is the really good graphics and nicely designed levels. The campaign lasts for around 8-10 hours and will take you to an amazing ride.

But, it also has a GREAT co-op mode in which you have to play with a friend and overcome equally or more challenging tests.

Best valve game so far, worth alot more than it costs right now!


Creative in more than one way

AkiMatti | April 1, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

Going to Portal 2 I was thinking I would basically be getting more of the same as in Portal. Boy, was I wrong. The different materials give a lot of room for creativity and the story is significantly better than in the first Portal. Characters and the world, the whole testing facility is opened up more to the player to delve into. The architecture of some levels is jaw-dropping, leaving impression of a vast complex autonomously in control of itself.

Co-op side is a welcome addition and boggles the mind at least as much as the single player if not more. Terrific fun all around.


One of the best Valve's games

LoudeRZz | March 25, 2014 | See all LoudeRZz's reviews »

Before I bought it I also debated and wasn't sure but once I played a bit I started to play non stop untill I finished the Single player and then just played more times in the single and in the co-op mode.. The game is so fun and challenging, You really have to be smart in a lot of missions (or you just see how to pass it :P) but if you play only by yourself it's very challenging and fun (+ you have a great feeling after you pass the level). In my opinion the plot is very nice and not boring, the whole campaign took me more than 10 hours so the story is not so short.. For summary, I really liked the game and I think it's worth the price and it will never bore you (only if you really got stuck but it has solutions), and the game is even more recommended if you've played the 1st portal and you still didn't play the 2nd portal.. Enjoy !


a perfect expansion on the origional concept

damienjameswebb | Jan. 30, 2014 | See all damienjameswebb's reviews »

Portal 2 made a great improvements on an already perfect game. The story-line this time over is well fleshed out and very entertaining. The puzzles are challenging and the ability to play with someone in the multiplayer testing chambers makes this game perfect. my only wish is that the story was just a little bit longer. The game runs great on even low powered machines and could even be set to max on my older laptop.

Just as entertaining to play as the first one, and even more fun to play with a friend.


Co-op makes this game

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 20, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews »

Never really got into the first portal game, so wasn't keen on this either, but I saw it had co-op so picked two copies up when it was on sale for me and my brother. Co-op really makes this game fantastic, forcing you to work together to achieve goals which would otherwise be impossible, lots of humour throughout and some nifty mechanics make this a great experience.

I haven't played the single player at all, but if you enjoyed the first game I can only assume this will be just as good if not better for you. With custom levels available to extend the playability further.


Bigger Portal.

kubqo | Jan. 12, 2014 | See all kubqo's reviews »

Portal 2 is evolution from Portal. You still have to solve puzzles (rooms) with your portals-making gun, with some small aditions and more polished game design. It now offers 6-7 hours singleplayer campaign as well as 5-6 hours of co-op campaign, plus workshop support with user made maps. While i think singleplayer is slightly worse than it the first one, coop is where the game truly shines.


A must-have!

martinni | Jan. 4, 2014 | See all martinni's reviews »

I'm the kind of guy who was amazed by the 1st Portal. I played it over and over again, both alone and along with friends. Its concept was great and it was a cool game for you to join some guys in front of a computer and everyone would think the levels differently and you'd discuss ways to solve them. That brings me to co-op. It is amazing! The co-op levels are really well made, and you get not only to think the levels together but also to act together. Absolutely magnificent! The single player is much longer than 1st Portal's. That was kind of an issue back then! Well... Not anymore. And you actually get some new mechanics with a nice bunch of fluids. It is fun. Really fun! Wanna play it by yourself: great game! Want a game to play with your friends: pick it! For me, Portal 2 is a must-have!!


Single and Multi-player awesomeness

Freako | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

Portal 2 is the new great sequel to the newest concept of puzzle games. Using 2 kind of portals named "Blue" and "Orange" portals.

This game is great it brings the game to a whole new level partly because the concept of puzzle game has been scrambled up with a shooter to make it look so confusing it's awesome.

Puzzle games used to be pushing buttons and activating or interacting with objects. Portal 2 tries it's best to maintain this elements gamers still love but with a twist. Old puzzles usually require pushing objects or standing on them. Portal uses a "Portal Gun" to shoot out portals so you can jump into the blue and coming out of the orange.

The nonsense you get from playing Multiplayer is insanely fun. The things you guys can do may not be as straight forward as you think it would be. Preferable playing it with a friend that is willing to create mischief because as the objective maybe getting an object to stand on a platform. You could sabotage your friend and confusing him which makes it so intriguing to do it.


Amazing overload

penguinfizzy | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all penguinfizzy's reviews »

Graphics: 10 - Those robots couldn't look better.

Audio: 10 - The music is just perfect for this game.

Controls: 10 - Left click and right click to shoot portals. Could it be any easier?

Story: 10 - GLaDOS loves test subjects.

Lifespan: 10 - Even when you finish this game, you can still play the multiplayer, which is a lot of fun.

Overall: 100 - This game is perfect. If you have never ever played this, you don't know what a good game is.


Two games in one!

PowerGreen | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all PowerGreen's reviews »

The premise is simple. You create gates (portals) - what goes in one hole, comes out of the other. Puzzle your way through some great tricks and traps and be entertained by some comedy genius along the way. You will be roffling and lolling as well as pulling your hair out.

The single-player is great, but the co-op is great as well! If you ever wanted a game where you actually HAVE to co-operate, then this is it.

One of those must-play games.


Portals everywhere

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

When I see and think about the amazing title called PORTAL 2 me gives many things to think about , but more than anything , as antesesor PORTAL. By having a beginning in a locked room and meet our nice friend WEATHLEY from 1 minute and have some humor, infile know that this is something that will be worth the hours totally worth it. Although it has the best gameplay with some flaws that make us lose unfairly. It has a beautiful movement that whenever we make a movement will blur everything for a second. Throughout our super- adventure, we will discover some secrets of our classic and fun GLA0S WEATHLEY new partner and that will leave us quite sorpendidos . We may also discover the ancient local APERTURE SCIENCE with some dark secrets we can tell from our own. The title is set in the good old Aperture Science laboratories all absolutely destroyed and we will be crossing the old parts of the previous game making tutorial. And then many places that will have to discover on your own . The game is almost completely devoid of soundtrack , except a little sounds that put to acclimate the scene and the great ending song that VALVE gave us this wonderful delivery. The infile not force us to replay the wonder that gives us Portal 2 , but if we have a 3 available horitas finish the game without any problem . What I will review is the most fun game in my opinion, the cooperative mode, we can play with our friends and you'll have an endless experience with the Steam Workshop , which will ensure we guaranteed fun.


A worthy sequel

drakso | Dec. 18, 2013 | See all drakso's reviews »

I view Portal 2 as the mastered portal game. The whole experience. For those who don't know or have been living under a rock for a while, Portal games are puzzle games made with only one mechanic in mind - Making portals. With the portals you solve puzzles and advance in the story of the game. Portal 2 is really the worthy sequel that everyone hoped for. The graphics and sound are amazing. The story is longer, and the game is overall more difficult. The part that makes this game shine is the co-op. This is one of the best co-op experiences you could find. There is a continued story with the co-op play and also a bonus story and set of pages. There are also a lot of user created maps to play on and a tool to create your own.


Better than the original.

TETfromLondon | Dec. 14, 2013 | See all TETfromLondon's reviews »

The original Portal did much to innovate, and received deserved critical acclaim. Therefore, there was much hype surrounding the sequel. It did not disappoint. As well as the mind-bending puzzles, the game is much longer, and has more focus on the funny dialogue that gave the original game a sense of personality. The addition of Wheatley (voiced by Stephen Merchant) is one that vastly improves the comedy of the game, and GlaDOS is just as sassy. The game has a wonderful art-style and colour palette, and also changes between futuristic areas and old, decaying ones.

Another fantastic thing is the addition of co-op. The co-op campaign is completely different from the single-player campaign, and has just as much replay value. Be warned though, communication is key, so you really need to have a headset to be able to play it properly. Overall though, even if you are only planning on playing one of the campaigns, it is well worth the price of admission.


Outdone the original

lok0812 | Dec. 1, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Portal 2 continues the awesome experience from its original. The game improved in many aspect in terms of game play and game modes. The single player campaign continues from the first game and you are still the test subject and are tasked with testing chambers. New puzzle included many environment utilities like light rail, gravity beam, gels, etcs. One of the best thing of this game is its co-op mode. This mode have a separate storyline that tells the story after the single player mode. In addition, there are numerous maps available in the workshop for players to download and play making the gameplay experience limitless. Overall, if you enjoy a great puzzle game then definitely get this game and start thinking with Portal.


Better in Almost Every Way Possible

lachking | Dec. 1, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

After the great game that was Portal, Portal 2 takes the original and makes it better in almost every possible way. The single player game is much longer now, there are more challenging puzzles, there are more tools to use and there are different types of environments. In addition to Glados, Portal 2 introduces some new characters, the most significant being Wheatley and to say the least he is annoyingly funny. Since its release, Valve have also provided a level editor as a free download so that you can make your own levels and upload them on the Steam Workshop to share with others. You can also use the Steam Workshop to download the levels other people have made, and believe me, there are some superb levels out there. Portal 2 is also great for multiplayer as you and a friend can play the co-op campaign and this provides some great challenges as you need to work together to solve the puzzles and reach the exit. If you haven't picked up Portal 2 yet, get it. Get your friends to pick it up too so then you can play the co-op campaign as well!


Bigger and Better

Elstumpo | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all Elstumpo's reviews »

Fans of the original Portal should buy this game with no questions asked, Valve has done an amazing job on expanding the universe portal exists within and done well filling it with unique, deep and interesting characters.

Both the singleplayer and multiplayer puzzles are bigger and more intricate with a whole plethora of tools to use beyond the standard weighted cubes and buttons, such as the propulsion and repulsion gel.

The voice acting is nothing short of amazing, Valve going as far as to hire Stephen Merchant to do the voice of Wheatley who, if you are aware of who Stephen Merchant is, is nothing short of hilarious. All of the major characters introduced within the sequel are integral to the story and have plenty of depth to them which unravels as you play the game.

This game is completely worth the asking price of 20USD but as it is a couple of years old is frequently on sale. Would highly recommend to new and old gamers alike.