Reviews for Rocksmith 2014 (NA)


Better than the first one

andreacdc98 | Feb. 13, 2015 | See all andreacdc98's reviews »

Rocksmith 2014 is a game in which the player connects his guitar into the game you learn songs or new techniques by playing together with the song in the game. The game features a lot of different songs of different genres, from classical music to heavy metal. This new game is easier to play along, it has more techniques lessons and also a new mode where you can make your own virtual band and play something like a solo and they'll keep up with you. The game overall is awesome and I recommend this to all guitar players, from beginners to professionals, because this will surely help you improve your abilities on the instrument. Great work from Ubisoft!


A Truly Contemporary Guitar Hero

Qwertyfour | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all Qwertyfour's reviews »

While the Guitar Hero games were fun and all, they didn't teach you how to play a guitar. Rocksmith 2014 does. In this edition, it has an amazing selection of songs and mini games that never go stale. The UI is updated to actually make sense, unlike previous iterations and the Guitar Hero games so it's actually quite nice to look at while you learn how to play the guitar. In addition, there's no progression whatsoever. While some might think that as a bad thing, I think that it's for the better. You can move at your own pace with learning the guitar. Also, the tutorial videos are really helpful. Like, not convoluted. If you want to learn how to play the guitar, then definitely pick this game up. You'll need an electric guitar to play this, though.