Reviews for Space Engineers


Space travels, now in our hands!

Requiem12 | Sept. 27, 2015 | See all Requiem12's reviews »

For being an early access, I have found a nice game. Nowadays I am studying engineering, so, I know how it works in real life and I can say that this game is really awesome! You can create your own spaceship, designs, weapons, you can customize everything you want and from my point of view it is really cool. At least, the most important thing for me is the multiplayer, play alone is fun but play with friend is really better, you can build a lot of thing that you can not imagine to build alone. So, I truly recommend it.


A Very, Very Interesting, Cool Game

GeoffAussieSpy | Sept. 3, 2015 | See all GeoffAussieSpy's reviews »

This game, this space survival game, is awesome! You can do a lot in this that you really can't do in other games! It has amazing mechanics that keep you trying new things and exploring to find more. Yeah, sure they could've added some cool other things, but the way it is is just fine. Gameplay is quite smooth and has some pretty simple controls that you can get down in your head fast. The game does very, very good at immersing you into a world you've never explored! The world is beautiful, great graphics. I absolutely love the construction and destruction in this. It supports steam workshop, co-op, single and multi player. It's tons of fun and really, really cool to play, I love it!



jet300 | Aug. 29, 2015 | See all jet300's reviews »

Create actual flyable space ships, explore the galaxy, Dogfight your friend, there are literally tons of possibility's for this awesome game! The dev team regularly updates the game adding more and more content and even though its early access it is entirely playable and has more content then your average sandbox "finished" game. Highly recommend for those who wish minecraft was more realistic and in space.


Nice creative sandbox

Murderbot735 | July 15, 2015 | See all Murderbot735's reviews »

The creative mode is great, and I haven't tried the survival mode, but it has potential to be awesome. This game is heavily supported by the devs, and there's frequently new big updates coming out. The ship building is great with many different blocks, and the flying them feels good too. There's also a big modding scene for this game, where you blocks, spaceships and more can be downloaded. Playing with a friend and then battling each other with the spaceships is great fun too.



Kane987245 | June 29, 2015 | See all Kane987245's reviews »

Imagine playing Minecraft and then imagine doing it in space. That is how this game feels. I had a lot of fun just screwing around in it. Obviously it is not polished and could use some work, but it's not something i will hold against it. It's too fun to put it down that easily. Pick it up and enjoy.


Space Legos, build your ships, stations and defend them

gamma_rad | June 10, 2015 | See all gamma_rad's reviews »

First, bear in mind that this IS an early access game. However it doesn't suffer the same issues as other early access games. The game is very much functional, and the Developers and incredibly active, posting new content patches every week. This game is hard to describe, Many says its like Minecraft - I find this comparison unfair for Minecraft. Space Engineers is superior in so many ways. it has far better graphics, better physics, better multiplayer. The game's premise is simple - You are an engineer in space - Go build thing! you have complete freedom at what you can build. a tiny fighter ship of a colossal carrier. or maybe a huge space station. maybe replicate the deathstar complete with interiors? You have two modes - Creative, which is pretty self explanatory and Survival, where you need to go out and mine asteroids for raw materials which are processed into refined ore, then component parts(and Oxygen for you to survive) and then eventually actual ship parts. The game has a massive community, constantly building new whacky ships or weapon system, which are available on the steam workshop. Furthermore the game features mods, built-in game scripting and timer blocks for advance ship designs. The game truly shines in Multiplayer, because building a massive project is fun, but building it with friend and then showing off online is even better. And testing new weapon and ship design is always better when you're aiming at a live target.


Awesome experience, decent game

sycomantis1991 | May 28, 2015 | See all sycomantis1991's reviews »

There's not a whole lot of gameplay to this, it's more of a simulation. What it is though, is a fascinating simulation of an exploring astronaut. It moves and controls well, it looks beautiful, and it immerses you quite a bit. The value of this game to you depends how long that keeps you entertained, but for early access, there's a lot here.


"One small step for mankind, One giant leap for gamers!"

mdell3 | May 26, 2015 | See all mdell3's reviews »

Unlike no other game out there. In a fully immersed space scene, isolation, meteors, and lost ships await you! Will you conquer other ships for yourself? Or will you salvage the nearby asteroids for materials? How about salvaging ships? What will you do about the mass of meteoroids hurling towards you? This is by far the best space sandbox game ever!


Minecraft in Space.

Furrek | Feb. 23, 2015 | See all Furrek's reviews »

I probably love every game inspired by minecraft. It's same with Space Engineers. Gathering stuff, building bases and space ships was never so comfy. You might get bored while playing alone but it's totally different game when it comes to multiplayer. It's still game in Early Access but right now there is many things to do so you won't get bored. Also, devs said that every update will be free which is nice. Even if you are not into Minecraft and clones, maybe something in space will change that? It's not so "childish" and some game mechanics aren't even similar. I know one thing - if you love sandbox games then you must have Space Engineers.


Best Early Access Game I've Played

beltramo | Dec. 26, 2014 | See all beltramo's reviews »

If this game wasn't marketed as an early access, you probably wouldn't notice much. Updates come every Thursday and always have some awesome new features and optimization. A major issue is the lack of optimization, although it is getting a lot better (Building large ships is near impossible without a top of the line rig right now), and multiplayer can be a bit iffy, but overall it is extremely fun and more people should buy it and support the devs.


Amazing Game

Kveni | Nov. 4, 2014 | See all Kveni's reviews »

My friend picked up a copy of this for me, and I was expecting to play one of the worst Alpha games of all time. Never have I been so wrong. Once I started playing, there WAS no stopping. My friends and I built MASSIVE space centers and shuttles, built a base INSIDE a meteor, and then all fought each other. My honest opinion of this game is that it has the potential to be the next Minecraft, IF they can pull together and make this game the ultimate space experience. If they added things like planets to land on with alien species, or maybe optimized the game to run a little bit smoother, I'm sure that this game would be one of the greats! It's honestly a fantastic game.


Unexpected Fun

emptyhaven | Oct. 15, 2014 | See all emptyhaven's reviews »

Familiar with other games from the same developer, I figured that this game was probably the same in feel. I wasn't expecting much, especially since it's just an Early Access game. Once again, I was proven you should never immediately judge a game by the other games the same dev made. Space Engineers turned out to be a lot more fun than I initially anticipated. It really takes the "engineer" part of its name seriously, and really makes you feel like one as you're putting together parts. The physics system in place is also great. It really makes it a challenge for when you want to build rockets, or pretty much anything that flies. Speaking of flying, the jetpack is fun to use. It was not too long until I was finally sold, and now I'm pretty happy I own it. It's admittedly not something I will go to often, but I'm still glad I have it if and when I want to play it.


Not bad

benalish | Oct. 1, 2014 | See all benalish's reviews »

I have spent few hours playing this game with my friends on lan, at first it was really confusing and I wanted to give up on it few times because we ran out of uranium (every time..) after some time of learning what does what, we got our selves into hours of playing, we got addicted to it, the way how the game works is awesome, digging yourself into the asteroid, making small and huge ships, we even went into creative , built up huge ships, and had a huge space battle, it was awesome. I suggest to you to get the game, it's loads of fun and it's a time killer, I myself am trying to get it for my steam account too.


Incredible, even in it's current state

ninjamerson | Sept. 27, 2014 | See all ninjamerson's reviews »

Since purchasing this game, space engineers has quickly become one of my favorite early access titles in my library. Space Engineers is a game based around creating ships for mining, combat and salvage using a relatively simple set of parts, such as rotors, cockpits and drills. These can be used to create simple combat ships piloted by the player, large cargo and player transport vessels or even remote mining drones, using the remote control and camera blocks currently implemented in the game. Space Engineers is easy to learn, but difficult to master. New players can quickly build a small ship for simple purposes and eventually move on to designing large-scale automatic mining drones and other such creations. The graphics are not particularly impressive, but certainly get the job done in a satisfactory way. The music and sound design fits the game perfectly, featuring songs of a graceful and occasionally epic timbre, perfectly fitting the graceful, epic setting of space. The inclusion of multi-player in this game is a welcome addition and is a lot of fun with friends who know what they're doing. The game is not perfect though, as can be expected with early access titles. Sadly to say, the issues and glitches that plague this game can be quite noticeable and severely limit the potential of any players creations. The most major and noticeable issue is the fps drop when inside large ships and stations. This means that building huge ships is not possible for all users as it often results in the game dropping to an extremely low fps count, often to an unplayable extent. The other problem that i have with the game is the unreliability of ships and contraptions in multiplayer games, especially when using pistons and landing gear. Pistons almost always explode with, seemingly, no cause if they are used in cooperative or competitive scenarios, and the use of landing gear often results in ships beginning to rapidly spin, collide with other structures and tear themselves apart. Overall, Space Engineers is an incredibly rewarding and satisfying experience, both with and without friends to play with. If you are interested in physics-based ship construction or more complicated survival-based games, and if you are willing to look past the notable issues with the game, i would highly recommend that you support Keen Software House and pick the game up.


Good fun.. IN SPACE!

Octoclops | Sept. 8, 2014 | See all Octoclops's reviews »

Have you ever wanted to start your own mining colony in space? Well then Space Engineers is your game! In this game you will find yourself floating around in space, mining asteroids, and then refining the minerals you acquire from said asteroids in order to build ships to either blow stuff up with, or mine some more. I have found it to be great fun with a good set of friends because of its well designed physics system (which can be tons of fun) and the fact that it has a minecrafty feel to it, wherein you build everything you know from raw materials.The dev's have been working on their game hard, providing updates with a lot of new content.The only grievance I have is that because it is in development there are some performance issues FPS wise but otherwise, very promising.


Space Engineer: Just Wow

mrminecrafter1 | Aug. 29, 2014 | See all mrminecrafter1's reviews »

This game is still in development (sort of) but it has an absurd amount of potential. The game places in the role of some random space engineer. From there, it's up to you. The entire beautifully randomly generated world is yours to explore. It feels amazing to float through space.Plenty of good base-building and crafting. Ships would occasionally appear near you and you could hijack it and pilot it. The game does need some improvement such as a guide for beginners. It is rather hard to grasp the game at the first but after awhile the game's basics are mastered. Overall this indie game has got alot of potential. Actual legit potential.


Great, if you have a good computer

pacos99 | Aug. 22, 2014 | See all pacos99's reviews »

This game is a great concept and provides fun for the creative, however it requires a decent computer. If you happen to have a decent computer and enjoy the concept, then this is the game for you. As of now, this game is still pretty good, however I would only recommend it to people I know have good computers.


There's potential

Gruntdonttoot | Aug. 10, 2014 | See all Gruntdonttoot's reviews »

Please keep in mind the date of this review and the status of the game at that point. This game has a lot going for it. My biggest complaint has to be that there isn't much of a goal to keep playing, you build ships and stations, mine and that's about it, no npcs, no economy, no real survival aspects. I'm sure as time progresses some if not most of my problems will be resolved. As for now only buy if you are interested in watching the game progress or enjoy a no limits free building mode.


Has a lot of potential!

JKX | May 16, 2014 | See all JKX's reviews »

I once played a free game called corneroids but it has been in a hold for a long time and this game is just like it. Build your own spaceship with cool physics that make you really think what you are doing. I cannot wait what this game has to offer in the future


Fun for a couple of hours

Drakenyte | May 11, 2014 | See all Drakenyte's reviews »

Space engineers is similar to minecraft is aspect of building and crafting, just that it is in outer space. However, it might be slightly overwhelming for new players and it is highly recommended to go through a tutorial. Otherwise, crafting and gameplay is simple enough once you have figured it out. Most importantly, get a few friends to play with you. A couple of hours of shenanigans is all good, but the lack of an objective or goal will eventually bore you. Do note that there is much more to be released as this game is still incomplete, and there is still a lot of potential.


Buying potential for a Cheaper Price

peshmi | May 11, 2014 | See all peshmi's reviews »

This game is about relatively realistic space. The really interesting part is that you build everything from ships to space stations, then use those in combat if you want. There is multiplayer, and playing with friends is fun. A lot of physics is already implemented and there are regular updates, unlike many other early access games. At the moment, the game definitely isn't bad. It definitely seems to be coming along and at the moment, allows for a fair amount of creativity in building ships. See the steam workshop for some examples, people have made some really cool things. Survival exists, but I'll be waiting for the future of it before commenting, though again, like the game, it definitely isn't bad. It's just undeveloped. I don't think the developer will drop this. It's really coming along and I'd recommend anyone interested in building creative ships, engage in battle with said ships (or pre-made ships), and/or role-play buy this before it becomes more expensive.



reeko1 | May 8, 2014 | See all reeko1's reviews »

If you are a fan of minecraft and Kerbal Space Program, this game might be for you. It is an interesting mix of crafting, and combat that differentiates itself fairly well right now through it's unique crafting system. Like minecraft, you gather resources then refine them into the base parts you need, however in space engineers there is another step that makes all the difference. To build a block of any type you must first place down scaffolding, giving spacecraft and ships a very industrial, mechanical feel while in production. From there you must weld it together, gradually assembling the block desired. While this may seem like a small change, it makes a world of difference. Quick repairs are neigh impossible, and under threat of asteroids in survival it makes for a very harrowing experience. The combat should be praised as it is not health bar based, instead it is a more realistic damage system focusing on the components of ships rather than the ship as a whole meaning that spacecraft dogfights are won through damaging key components, and smart fighting. It should also be mentioned that this game has a fully featured destruction system that is fairly impressive, capable of warping blocks drastically. Overall, a title to watch for, but I can only recommend it to people who are very sure they will like it as it is lacking variety in its block selection. As of now most of the parts are for spacecraft only, and I hope to see more emerge for base building.


Very Fun

Nymanthe1st | April 15, 2014 | See all Nymanthe1st's reviews »

This game is very promising. It has great physics and is very fun to play, it is very creative, having the ability to customize ships and make bases and has amazing destructible physics which I have never seen before. This game is definitely worth buying.


Space the final frontier

g_reaper1666 | April 11, 2014 | See all g_reaper1666's reviews »

This is one of the most fun games that i have played so far, i have so far built up 42 hours of gameplay constructing massive ships, with the purpose to crash them into asteroids as well as using the survival mode to mine for resources inside asteroids. The access to the steam workshop for this game means that you can also access the creations of the community. There are no limits to your creations build them as big as you want and load ships up with missiles and blow the asteroids to kingdom come. the graphics of this game are excellent with it making me feel like i am really in space and panicking when the oxygen meter starts to run down, and you have to get to your source of oxygen to survive. this means that you can't spend too long mining or you might die.


if you never played Starmade or Mincraft then this is for you!

sgtfoo | March 17, 2014 | See all sgtfoo's reviews »

Space engineers fulfills your need to build things from scratch in an infinite space/size and use clever mechanisms to turn your structures into functional things like ships and weapons. The style and design is exceptionally executed and well worth checking out if you enjoy building stuff. Keep in mind that early access games have their issues, but if you're willing to take part in this pre-beta stage with the developers, then it's still a worthwhile ride.


Fun if...

viriel | Feb. 13, 2014 | See all viriel's reviews »

Space Engineers is fun and innovative but that comes with a big IF...You will only get value from this program if you enjoy building and working with objects in space. Currently there are no quests or objectives, nothing like the Ender dragon. There is a multi-player and the creators are making improvements all the time and even without making any big projects I've logged over 14 hours so it is definitely worth the price. If you enjoy building, space ships and limited weapon use this game will be right up your alley. However if this and the low price tag aren't enough to draw you in, wait until the full game is released and hopefully all of the features will be worked in. If you can get a gmg code and have some extra coin then there's no reason not to buy Space Engineer's.


Buy It!

jmods5710 | Feb. 12, 2014 | See all jmods5710's reviews »

Space Engineers is a game about building things in space. It is a sandbox game not unlike Minecraft, and even in Alpha, just as Minecraft was at first, there is still fun to be had for many hours. This game has some features that make it have potential to be better than Minecraft. First of all, you can build spaceships and space stations. And you can crash them. What you crash them into deforms with an awesome deformation engine that put holes in meteors and tears space ships apart. One thing that is awesome to do in this game is crashing into one of your friend's creations and seeing as you make a hole in their work. Multiplayer still needs some work overall though. In public servers there is a lot of lag, unless you have REALLY good internet. When playing with friends, I did not experience much lag, and the game was much more playable. Overall, if you love space sims, sandbox games, and games with awesome destruction and great graphics, then this is for you. Just make sure to buy it now, before the price rises (which it certainly will).


Great start

Neonberry | Jan. 19, 2014 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

Space Engineers is at the moment an early-access game that will (hopefully soon) expand to be a full space themed sandbox where the players can build their spacecrafts or bases and can use them to mine, fight, travel and so on. First of all I have to say that the idea is great - and so far the execution seems to be of high standard as well. The graphics is really nice and the physics seems to work quite realistic - which is quite important in a physics based sandbox. So far only the Freebuild mode is available but the developers promise to have a Story mode as well that will also serve as a tutorial. The game is recommended for anyone who would like to experiment with a physics based building game that shows great promise.


Hours of fun encountered

TL_ARMY | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all TL_ARMY's reviews »

This game is just so brilliant! Even trailer made me excited of this game. Those physics and damage systems are just great. I love how those ships blow apart in space and their debris just fly away. And making your very own space station, and you're the commander of it. There are some things to add like generator exploding. Sharing those huge shuttles on Steam Workshop sounds great and if multiplayer support comes, let me know first! I have been wondering how they got multiple astronauts to scenes. Sure there are some bugs but they don't really bother player's thinking. I saw my friend playing this and even he says that this game is great! God I'd like to have this game and just build gigantic ships, so don't waste time reading these reviews, just press that "Buy now" button and you will have hours of fun playing this masterpiece of space games. I see that this game has great future here and on Steam. I wish you luck; On space!


light years better then what i expected

jdavies655 | Nov. 4, 2013 | See all jdavies655's reviews »

When buying this game i expected it to be buggy and laggy due to it being in early access. I was wrong. the game runs smoothly there are daily updates and while it has limited features at the moment its plenty to keep you entertained until the new content is unlocked, which is soon. i recommend this game to anyone who likes these building type games.


Something New and Amazing

Fusion_Core | Oct. 31, 2013 | See all Fusion_Core's reviews »

Space Engineers is taking a step into the future...literally. The developers have created beautifully coded physics and is by far one of the best games set in space. It is also very rewarding everytime you build the perfect ship or the perfect space station after spending hours of your life wasting away over it only to watch it get smashed into space debris in a matter of seconds. I believe this is a promising game and an excellent creation on be half of the dev team who made it. This is an amazing game as it is I cant to see what happens when they imput things like multiplayer in the full release. I suggest you buy it now, I promise you its worth the money.


Great Start

hdavila | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all hdavila's reviews »

The game is in early access. With that said, I think most people can see what this will be about. Its supposed to be a minecraft in space with nice graphics. To some that will sound awesome, and it does to me too. However, you need to know what you are getting yourself into. You build ships, stations and eventually you will be able to mine space rocks and fight enemies among other lesser features. That really is about it. If you find that appealing you will enjoy this. If you enjoy story, points of any kind and an overall feeling of progression you will find this disappointing. Its a pure sandbox in the purest sense of the word. I suppose the question you should ask yourself now is if its worth the $15. Frankly, it is, for the simple fact you can build ships and stations. It will keep you occupied for hours on end with that alone. When more features come online, the $15 will probably be considered a bargain. The only gripe I have with it is that the UI is sort of messed up and there isn't any customization when it comes to that at all except for key bindings. You either have the whole thing turned on with annoying text that blocks your view, or nothing at all, which is not helpful if you are commainding a ship and wan't to know numbers such as speed and power consumption. Hopefully that will be fixed


Playing with physics in space

tzarinakatarina | Oct. 28, 2013 | See all tzarinakatarina's reviews »

The Space Engineers game takes you into the space and manages to turn some mundane and potentially boring maintenance tasks into interesting and addicting gaming activities. The excellent thing about this game is how much fun playing with physics can be. The laws of physics are represented really well, so with some little imagination you can really feel as if you are deep in space. But it's not all - you don't only get to play with physics, but also to build (and destroy) things. So you want to build a spacecraft - sure, it is completely possible. Just remember there's no gravity, so engines and thrusters will work different than in our atmosphere. How? Well, try and you will see...


Quite the Amazing game.

Tyendinaga | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all Tyendinaga's reviews »

One of the best games I have played to date. It doesn't have a story, Half of the objects within the game don't even work, but the game is already amazing and beautifully designed. Bugs are few and far between with the only two I've experienced being a headless engineer clipping through a cockpit nobody was in and a single crash after many hours of game play. Truly a remarkable experience that I can't explain with mere words.


Simply Amazing

RaTcHeT302 | Oct. 26, 2013 | See all RaTcHeT302's reviews »

Space Enginners has to be one of the most promising videogames I have ever player, the physics destruction make it already more fun than most exsisting space simulators, you could easily have fun with it by simply crashing into stuff, seeing another ship snap in two with it's debris flying all over space is just gorgeous to see, and even though the game might be rather unstable at the moment it is possibly waste entire hours with this building gigantic ships wich you can also share on the newly integrated Steam Workshop. You could even build your own home sweet home, add thrusters to it and see it crumble as everythings falls apart while you mash it through...things!