Reviews for Battlefield 4



DanteNero13 | June 16, 2014 | See all DanteNero13's reviews »

Finished the campaign on Hard first thought it was great then moved on to the MP portion and loved it. Thought the gameplay was amazing just needed better servers which was delivered. Bought Premium because I am enjoying it so much cant wait for next expansion


Call of Duty, for people with a functioning brain

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all Adam94's reviews »

I've only ever really been a Call of Duty player when it comes to FPS so i thought i'd give something 'different' a chance. I was pleasantly surprised in some areas, but bored in others. Where i was surprised: - The customisation of weapons, both in game and online is immense, trumps on CoD - The story of the campaign was interesting, enthralling and real (well, to the point i got to before trying online play and, appalled with my KtD, simply stopped playing) - Vehicles? What are these? Being a CoD nut, i have never seen vehicles in a FPS. There's a wide and easily handled set of tanks, jeeps and PLANES! - Ultimate destruction. Psychopaths, buy this game and explode some stuff, cathartic and innocent (can blowing stuff up really be innocent?) - Graphics. If you are interested in graphics and making sure that you play something worth your while, and easy on the eyes, buy this game, the graphics are simply great! Being a PS4 fanboy, i love rubbing it in my unfortunate Xbox one friends that the game runs at a higher frame rate and is in glorious true HD (as apposed to Xbox one, which runs in 720p) Where i was disappointed: - I dunno, I think cause I'm used to CoD, it just seemed weird. As if I had stabbed Acitivision/Infinity Ward in the back. Especially seeing as I gave into the tyrant that is EA - Nobody talks online. Nobody! - Clunky, you need to boost the sensitivity to the max to make it seem something To Sum up: Get the game if you're too used to CoD, play something different-ish for a change; you may like it better than I. If you hate FPS then why bother look at this review, if I've changed your mind about FPS then please buy. Peace out