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If you like football/ soccer.

Adam94 | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all Adam94's reviews »

So, being more of a rugby person than a football 'lad', i was initially sceptical before purchasing this game; the scepticism was truly unnecessary. I've only really ever played FIFA football once or twice; my experience with such games is limited but I thoroughly enjoyed FIFA street so thought, 'Why not?'. Although the game is not FIFA street, it is still FIFA football, if you're looking for different gameplay, customisation and other stuff, then don't buy the game. If you like football, then get the game, why look at reviews? Cleverly, EA have managed to keep the teams updated nearly 24/7 and can attribute skill sets to the players regarding how well they have played, real time, not just in-game but in a real game of football, whatever one of those is. I have this on PS4 and can honestly say that the graphics are great! The optimisation for PS4 consoles stands out; the detail on Wayne Rooney's ugly mug is both harrowing but impressive, you could easily sim a game, leave it on the tv and forget that you're watching a computer game; the graphics are amazing, simply. But, the game seems a little slow. I know seasons last a long time in football, but if you don't like football, you'll find that the time 'drags' when playing. It's not really a game to play alone, get some friends and play together, gloat in front of their faces as your Accrington Stanley FC crushes their Barcelona, 7-0 (take that brother of mine). To sum up: - Not interesting, but if you want true excitement then buy a different game - Same as any other football game + GOOOAALLLLL, Celebrations are amazing, the chicken dance specifically; the only real customisable option, other than FIFA Ultimate Team; which is okay, I guess if you're not all that into football. + Graphics, graphics, graphics! Get a PS4 and buy this game if all you play games for is to show your mum and dad the reason for why you spent £400+ on a next gen console (But it's better mum! Really!) *Note: I despise football, so may not give a totally objective view of the game itself, but this video game which simulates a game i dislike is... Okay, especially if it hurts your legs to run and kick a ball in real life. Peace out.


Bright Future

aitk3n | Dec. 29, 2013 | See all aitk3n's reviews »

Fifa franchise on last gen became a breakthrough and somewhat new and exciting, yet as years gone past, they became stale and lack of innovation. Playing this current version, from a distant stand point, not a huge amount has changed, beside a few graphically improvements and the inclusion of fans which after a while became repetitive but from a control stand point and the way the players feel and first touch, it's a much more enjoyable experience this year round,a lot harder to just hold on to the sprint button without losing control of the ball. It's more of a fluid game and more about possession and controlling the game. If fifa keeps this vision and improves on it's game modes rather than recycled versions of it, then we could be in touching distances of something rather addictive, until then, we have something which is just short but has potential to be something special.