Reviews for Mafia II DLC: Joe's Adventure


Excellent DLC!

andreacdc98 | Feb. 12, 2015 | See all andreacdc98's reviews »

Joe's Adventure addon for Mafia II is the best DLC the developers have made for the game by now, since it contains new quests and lets you play as Joe Barbaro, the best friend from Vito, your main character, which is a unique experience for the players of the game. The company has made bad addons for the game, but this one is excellent, since it has new and different stuff added to the game. Anyway, I do recommend this to the players of Mafia II, since it gives you a new story and the ability to play as other character, which is great in my opinion. I think this is worth every penny!


Definitely the best DLC for Mafia II

Kordas | Dec. 13, 2013 | See all Kordas's reviews »

DLC's for Mafia II were no success, really. They all were rather weak and not worth spending money for. This is really the only one that I can recommend. In some areas it even surpasses the main game. Maybe not in terms of story, but definitely in terms of variability of gameplay. There are stealth missions, chasing missions but it's a tip of the iceberg really. I also like the fact that the game counts your score for each mission: it's really easy to go back to a mission and play it one again to try to beat the score. Joe is definitely great character and it's great to play as him.


One of the best dlcs ever released

darkmajki | Dec. 5, 2012 | See all darkmajki's reviews »

Joe Adventures is one of the best DLC ever released. You take the role as Joe, Vito's best friend. Although it was supposed to be Mafia 2 from Joe's view it only features one mission that is connected with the main story from Mafia 2, but that won't stop you from fully enjoying this dlc. It features some pretty hard and interesting missions, new fight moves and new clothes for Joe and it has pretty long gametime(at least for a dlc) which will last atleast 8 hours. I heartly suggest this.


Pretty good

jeyko | Sept. 21, 2012 | See all jeyko's reviews »

You would expect this DLC to be fairly bad, as the other cosmetic ones are bad, and even this one didn't get that good reviews. Well I found it pretty good. Joe's adventure adds a couple of fun car missions, shoot-guy missions, and stealth missions. What I loved is that they are as good as those found in the main game, but don't really add all that much. If you finished the game, liked it and want more, this is a great deal.


Not so bad after all

sYncz | Sept. 15, 2012 | See all sYncz's reviews »

This dlc will let you see the world from Joe's perspective, unfortunately the extension to main story is a rather short one and will be over in less than an hour. In addition you get many arcade style missions where you can try your best and compete for top spots on leader boards, so it's not so short after all. Also there are some new areas waiting to get explored.


Best Mafia 2 DLC

panz3r88 | Aug. 3, 2012 | See all panz3r88's reviews »

Joe Adventure is a good DLC for Mafia 2. There are many side mission with a timer like in the first DLC but there are also story missions like in the main game. This DLC allow you to understand better the story of the game and of some characters because it's related to Joe activities while Vito was in prison. The gameplay is the same of the main game and of other DLC and allow you to play 4-5 more hours with the best character of the game,Joe


I agree: this should be a free DLC

klaros | Aug. 2, 2011 | See all klaros's reviews »

Today I played Mafia II (who cares you'll say, well read a bit more) after having finished time ago the main game in hard difficulty level and having collected enough steam achievements. Why should I enter again in Empire Bay? Easy answer, to play Joe's Adventure DLC. The first time I saw Joe's adventure I was enough disappointed: not only the Mafia II's story didn't reach the expectations that the masterpiece Mafia I raised, but this DLC seemed having something less than the main game. Waiting a month after endind the main title let me see things from a different point of view: after having spent enough money on Mafia II, I revived it with much less money (I got the DLC with a good discount). And here again I have something to do, run here, shoot there in a wonderful graphic environment. But that's all Joe's adventure does, so I'll pass to describe what it lacks and what it has. This DLC transforms Mafia II in something more similar to the earlier 3D GTA. Which means you'll have many side missions and some more important to proceed in Joe's main story. To get the missions you'll have to reach floating simbols, which is shocking if compared to Mafia II, because the main was based on a graphic realism, but after the first times you'll just consider them ok. When you click on these floating simbols you'll see a 2d still image where there is written what you should do. Again this is a "shock" because you are used to ingame animations, events and talk. And again after some missions you'll care no more about it, "just give me the action" is what you'll think about. Obviously this will not be engrossing and involving as Mafia II was, but will not be a really big problem because the missions are challenging and you'll can confront your results and scores on internet with all other players. Infact you'll get score for some different actions, like velocity, shooting enemies, skidding. What really have no any sense is giving points for running over people with your car, like happened in Carmageddon... In Joe's Adventure you'll find some stealth missions (if you want to play it stealth, but if you prefer you can start shooting when you want), race against time with your car for reaching some points (will also happen that you'll have to do it under heavy fire) and the normal shooting missions. You'll have also to find more playboy magazines. A good point goes to the radio: now there is fun music and great hits, obviously contemporary with Joe's time. You'll also find some new clothes. Some new locations are really well done graphically and you could do some nice screenshots there. I think this DLC should have been included in Mafia II, as it happened in Mafia I and as it is in GTA: main story + side missions in a single game. I should remember also that if Joe's adventure would have been integrated, GTA still has more a full multiplaying feature. This let you think how inopportune is setting this DLC apart, but the fact is that buying it will extend a good 50 EU (when was sold the first time just a year ago), or 30 EU (or less if you are lucky) game. After a month that you didn't play it I assure you that would be really nice rediscovering it for few bucks. In my case I was surprised again by its graphic.



ER_nut | June 28, 2011 | See all ER_nut's reviews »

Mafia 2 was a good game, with great story telling and characters which made the game world very immersive and is a game I would reccomend. This DLC however is very dissapointing. This DLC is very repetative and the mission presented to you arn't very good, there are a couple which stand out but for the most part it's a boring, repetative rag which doesn't capture what made Mafia 2 so great. I can't reccomend this to anyone except a hardcore Mafia 2 fan, or if it severly goes down in price. For £6.25 it's simply not worth it.


Free? No

hotmando1 | June 23, 2011 | See all hotmando1's reviews »

Go here, go there, and buy this dlc. This dlc isn't worth getting. It shouldn't have even existed. It should have existed in the base game. It really explains why the game is so short. Want more? Pay more? Get bored. This is pointless. It would've done at the very least better as free dlc to egg buyers on for the others.


This should be free

wahidasoldier | April 11, 2011 | See all wahidasoldier's reviews »

This is not worthy the title Add-on, or for that sake any money at all. As the intro says ; Its basicly feels lika a simple map pack that other publishers give away for free. The content feels hastily done and is so repitive and simple, that it feels like it have been atomaticly generated by a mafia2 building program. There are a few main missions that resembles the quality and feel of the original game, but they are to few. The rest of the missions is dull and boring, and in many times frustrating and time consuming mindless driving from A to B. In one mission you have to drive a car from A to B, but never get below 40 mph or the car explode. After about 40 (yes 40!) attempts I manage to beat the mission. No satisfaction, just the angry feeling of beeing robbed of money and pride. Who the he.... test these game, and give it the tumb up ? People that just loves to do mindless task over and over again? Too bad that that feeling keeps coming back many times in this game. This games should have been free to download. In that way I would have been pleased and happy over the game industry, even if many missions are mindless crap, and should never been released by any proud and serious game publisher. But now I just feel dissapointed, fooled and robbed...