Reviews for Dungeon Dashers


Good Table top Game

ming08108 | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all ming08108's reviews »

This game brings back the fun of tabletop rpgs to the computer. The gameplay is very well ported to the pc and very unique game. If you enjoy tabletop turn based game but cannot get together this is a great game to buy; but make sure you have friends to play it with. The game creators have almost perfectly capture the essence of moving around game pieces on a table. The graphics are not AAA quality but that is to be expected from an indie title. If you are an avid tabletop gamer looking for something new or just someone who loves to play coop games this game might be an interesting choice. Cons: The game is very buggy (At least at the time of this review) This game needs to be played with friends.



Lasiu2 | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all Lasiu2's reviews »

And next RPG game which I have to comment and rate. Well. I think it's pretty nice game. Plot has to be on high level and luckily it is. Graphic is nice as for Indie games which cant of course compete with hight budget popular games. (As i said. Only if we talk about graphic). The next think is gameplay. I like it definitely. Combination of characters, enemies, plot and gameplay give us great enjoyable game. I would play this for a weeks. Of course i like this game and i recommend it.



hellinperson | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all hellinperson's reviews »

Dungeon Dashers is a turn-based dungeon crawler. This game is not bad. It is fast-paced (something that I like). There is a lot of unlockeables. The pixel art style is well done. The story is humorous. So are its dialogues, and if you don't like them, you can skip them. You can speed up AI turns. And the thing I like the most is its high difficulty level. Despite all these great things, the interface is not the best and there is no mouse and controller support.



Bolo | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all Bolo's reviews »

I'm writing this review based on the first version in the early access, so there are bound to be many changes and improvements. This game visually looks like a rogue like, but in fact it's not. It's pure dungeon crawler used predesigned dungeons with little randomness. But there is an editor so you can expect the community to create many more dungeons. The game is played with keyboard exclusively, should work ok with a controller too. In the game you control a party of four characters - a thief, knight, wizard and elf (ranger). In combat each character has its set of AP and movement is based on initiative. Thanks to a number of skills the combat gets fairly tactical and is deeply satisfying, unfortunately atm there is no loot, just gold with which you can purchase new equipment. Sometimes there are also puzzles usually requiring some logical thinking and using the abilities of the characters. The game is very easy to get into and fun. it has a lot of charm, and it is nowadays unique - on one hand it looks very old school, but with a very streamlined and easy gameplay.


A good dungeon crawler

Cavalieroscuro | Oct. 29, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

If you've completed Dungeons of Dredmore and The Binding of Isaac, Dungeon Dashers could be your next choice. The game is still in Early Aceess (it's not fiished yet), but still is a very good game. It has a lot of levels and skin, so the replay value is high. Maybe the graphic is not that good (it reminds me the Spiderweb titles), but it's not that important. The gameplay is solid, making this a really good game. I hope they will add Hardcore mode soon, to improve the challenge a bit.