Reviews for Damned


Fun Scary Time to play with friends

Highlander9782 | June 19, 2015 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

This is a nice little horror game to play with friends where you scare the crap out of each other. The maps and atmosphere of the game are nice and eerie. This game is basically about 4 survivors trying to escape a location before the monster kills them. The graphics are decent, but the UI needs some help and game still has some bugs and glitches when trying to connect together to start a server sometimes. This game has definitely brought some jump scares to me and my friends, especially when you turn a corner and see the monster looking straight at you. Controlling the 3 different monsters, a lurker, phantom and Mary (little scary girl that looks like the Ring girl), takes some getting used to since they each have separate abilities and game styles. Communication is key among survivors since some of you will find keys to open doors that others need open as well. If you're a fan of scary horror games, this is one of the best ones to play with your friends with.


Fun game but small lasting appeal

BlockAgent | March 16, 2015 | See all BlockAgent's reviews »

Damned is a game that can be approached two ways: 1. A scary game that is played with little communication OR 2.A funny game played with loudmouth friends out to get each other. Both ways will provide you with a ton of fun. To address the biggest concern of anyone considering buying this game, the online community is a decent size and I always found at least 20 games going on at any given time. Damned is a simple game with simple rules and that is what it needed to be. It controls and play just like you think it would. The only downside to that simplicity is lasting appeal. The game has around 12 environments, but the objective is always the same and the exact same thing needs to be done for either side to win. I played it with total enjoyment for around 2 weeks, but then started to get tired of doing the same thing over and over again. The game also crashes to the desktop more than it should. For every hour you play, expect at least 1 mid-game crash. Overall, if you want a genuinely fun multiplayer experience for a few weeks, pick this up.


Great with friends

ShadowViper0010 | Oct. 25, 2014 | See all ShadowViper0010's reviews »

Several friends and I bought this game on a whim, and have had a blast! This game is genuinely fun, and actually has some pretty decent horror elements, even while being multiplayer. The sound design, while not the best, gives the game a genuinely spooky feeling as you and your friends run around the map collecting keys, and various objects that allow you to move to the next area. The lighting is simple, but effective. Each player starts with a flashlight that's battery slowly drains while it's turned on, and when it turns off, the game gets VERY dark (As it should). You can collect batteries to refill your flashlight, but they can sometimes be hard to find. Now, one of the five players plays as the monster, there are three different monsters that each have drastically different play styles, and each promote their own unique sense of fear for the other four players. The game is very fun, but it has it's issues. The game tends to freeze as you join a server, which can sometimes get you killed if you stay frozen too long. There are times when you can get stuck in certain doors, this is rare but can still be annoying. While on the topic of doors, this is both something I like and dislike; Doors can be VERY hard to open at times. The way it works is you hold left click on a door, and move it with the mouse, similar to Amnesia, but very clunky and not near as refined. I dislike it because it can be a pain just to open a door, but it also raises the tension if you know the monster is nearby and can make for some intense moments. So while it can be annoying, I was actually pretty okay with it. The graphics in the game are simple, and not very attractive, but they get the job done and when you're playing with friends, you probably won't even care. The game seems very unoptimized. There are many times when your frame rate will dip quite low for no apparent reason. And before you ask - No. It's not simply my computer, it was happening to each of my friends while playing and most of us have very high end rigs. The frame rate issues can be helped quite a bit by just turning down graphics settings, though. So really, it's not that big of an issue. Is this game worth your money? Depends. If you have friends to play with, then yes. It's a lot of fun, and really is a fairly unique experience. It's cluttered down a bit by performance issues and lack of optimization, but makes for some great nights playing with friends.


A diamond in the rough

CyraxPT | July 24, 2014 | See all CyraxPT's reviews »

Well, at this point (as in the date this review was made) the game is in early access therefore i will have to forgive problems that would make me lower the score and complain about it, so, before i go to the core of the game, remember that at this point the game is poorly optimized so expect some bugs, crashes and frame-rate drops. What exactly is this game? It's a multiplayer game where one player is the monster/ghost/scarythingthatwillsh!tyourpants and the rest need to complete the random objectives (basically is get key/item and open the locked door/safe/whatever until you get out). Now, what does this game offer that will make you want to purchase it? Well, it's really a great game to play with friends, especially if you have a friend that gets scared easily (my friend is like that and trust me, it's a blast to hear him scream, ahah), i actually enjoy not killing them but taking my time to create tension, i do the old cliché of waiting in a window of a room (playing with Mary), appearing in their back and asking them to turn around, etc. Now, the bad part of this game, but again, this is in early access and somethings will change but i still need to point it out, the game really gets boring to play as a survivor, the objectives are really basic and searching thoroughly for the key/paper/item so that you can continue will give you a headache and the fact that the game still needs some balancing will make that task even harder. So, at this price (and in the current state) i would not recommend it but in a future promotion (or if they reduce the price) i would say that it's worth to take a look, especially if you have friends to play with and if they improve some of the mechanics.


Not bad for the early stage

desireatin | June 16, 2014 | See all desireatin's reviews »

This was bought for me as a gift and I must say it is fun. It is still early access so it has a few things that need work. As with most early stage games you have time you freeze or crash. This is to be expected, if your looking for a full on ready to go big studio game. This isn't the game for you. I recommend this to people that play with groups of people and enjoy doing it. I would say put it to random so not everyone try to be the monster every time.


Oh my Damned

PrecisionUnknow | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all PrecisionUnknow's reviews »

Damned takes a fresh look into the horror genre. The game either places you in the role of the monster which is so far a ghost, or a human, who is being chased by the monster. The game works in which one player is the monster and the other four are humans attempting to escape before getting killed. While Damned is currently in alpha. The game lacks a bit, which for starters is characters. There are a total of four characters. Two for the monster player to choose, and two for the humans to choose. Thus when there are a total of four human players there will be two of each character. This isn't exactly a problem, but I feel that there should of been more characters to choose from than what's currently available when this game was first brought out for early access. Not only that, but there is no way to identify who is who unless asking, thus it can be challenging to work together. Overall the game is exciting, and it does so much. Heck for me I can get scared by this game and its nearly impossible these days for games to do that. Point is that this game will bring the tension and so much more. Although I wish for larger maps at least with multilevel areas. For now the maps are a bit short and stay at one floor. I would just wait for now (but keep giving this game a look) though as lately servers have been light, and the current bugs that I've encountered lately have made it a bit challenging to work it. Which would need me to forcibly shut it down in a restart process. Also I would keep in mind that whatever I said is subject to change due the early access as noted before.


Interesting game - worth a look

britishlad | Oct. 30, 2013 | See all britishlad's reviews »

I didn't know much about this game and I couldn't find many other reviews for it so I gave it a chance and I'm glad I did. I love horror games and this one has lots of scares and screams, whether you're playing alone or with all your friends, this game is great. Despite still being in the alpha phase and in development, the small charge for early access is well worth it. Plenty of games going on all the time. This game will tap into your human fears and bring you back for more again and again. I truly believe that this game can become the multiplayer horror game of its genre. If it wasn't for all the bugs and crashes that still need to be fixed here and there, I would have scored it higher, but it's still in alpha testing and hopefully these minor problems will be fixed soon . Recommended