Reviews for Total War: Rome II - Nomadic Tribes DLC


As good as the game itself

mahon | Jan. 21, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

I only wish my computer could run Total War: Rome II better. As beautiful as the game is, and as enjoyable as it plays, my computer seems to be too weak for all the glory of Rome II to reveal. Fortunately these of you with better machines will be able to enjoy the game and then you will surely want some DLCs to it. This DLC pack adds the nomadic tribes mentioned in the title, along with their new units, factions, traits, objectives and buildings. They're different enough from what you get in the base game that they offer very different gameplay experience and require different strategies. For anybody interested in ancient or early medieval warfare it's a must have in my opinion. Just like all the other Rome II DLCs.