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Zazutuu | April 15, 2014 | See all Zazutuu's reviews »

One of the most competitive shooters you can find on the market.

You will be in a lot of intense moments in this game.It is also very fun to play.Counter Strike Global Offensive is a great shooter with a very good gameplay,a pretty good graphic and it is worth its price,trust me...


Counter Strike become competitive!

coop | April 7, 2014 | See all coop's reviews »

This is the best of Counter Strike series, with a new (and really great) game engine.

It has more game modes, and there is a big community. The servers are officials and hosted by Valve. There is a help menu for the beginners, and it's very helpful.

But the best part is..... it's competitive! You will play for 1 hour with a team, 5vs5, and you have to win 16 rounds. This game mode also give you a rank score.

It's the perfect first person shooter game!


Nailed it!

WolfeClawz | April 5, 2014 | See all WolfeClawz's reviews »

The new Counter-Strike game we all wanted. Despite only jumping in to the CS series with Global Offensive, it has taught me everything that is needed to play all the previous titles as well, clearly stating it hasn't steered away from the original essence of the game.

For me, Counter-Strike serves as the true definition of "Easy to learn, hard to master", as whilst many newcomers to the series (such as myself) can learn the basics easily and have fun with it, those that have come from a heavy CS background can take the knowledge from the previous games and apply it to this one.

I can easily recommend this game for players who want to jump in and have fun, as well as those that want to have a go at the competitive scene to test their skills against the pros.


Fun with friends

AlejandroJ20 | March 18, 2014 | See all AlejandroJ20's reviews »

It's just like the older Counter Strike's, but with a "new" game engine. Still, the gameplay is pretty good and it's fun to cooperate with your teammates in the match.

The graphics are ok, not too bad, not too good for a game made in 2012, but they could have been better. It's easy to learn the game controls (just move and shoot whatever enemy you see).

At the end of a round, you get the chance to get a item (weapons, stickers, boxes, etc.) and sell them in the Steam market or keep it and use it in your matches.

I recommend it to play with friends, a good FPS, but you might get tired of it after hours (unless you are trying to get items to make your profit of it, that should give you hundreds of hours).


What the FPS competetive scene needs

meltinghero | Feb. 27, 2014 | See all meltinghero's reviews »

"Extremely Competitive" is what first comes to mind after hundreds of hours playing this game. Every kill will be extremely satisfying and tou will find yourself throwing your arms in the air celebrating after you just won a 1 vs 2. Many tense moments comes with this game.

The only real downside of this game is that, you will need to spend a lot of hours practicing and shooting. Not that is really matters as you will surely enjoy every hour of it.

Another great thing about this CS:GO is that, at the end of every match, you will receive random drops, gun skins or even crates which you would need a key to open. You could sell them for a bit of money or even spend full time trading. Many has profited hundreds, even thousands of dollars from this game.

If you enjoy FPS games, this is a must. Counter Strike: Global Offensive is my personal favorite of the Counter Strike Series and you would be mad not to pick this gem up.


Competitive FPS

KyoLz | Jan. 6, 2014 | See all KyoLz's reviews »

I played counter strike 1.6 since 10 years ago. It was a fun and very competitive FPS game i had played. Need skills and teamworks during in the matches. Communication is the key in this games. I bought counter strike global offensive since it released. The mechanics are different from CS 1.6 like to recoil for each weapon and new weapons like decoy, Molotov, etc. The community isn't bad. Met lots of Pros player in the Competitive match.


Another CS game that you'll like.

InsaneHien | Jan. 5, 2014 | See all InsaneHien's reviews »

The Counter-Strike games have been known to be competitive. They are a series of tactical first person shooters in which the games pits terrorists against counter-terrorists. The goal is to complete the mission objective or kill the opposing side.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a major redesign of the series. It has new weapons, redesigned maps, new models, new sounds, new game modes, and new graphics. As like the other CS games, you earn money for winning and killing and that money can be spent on weapons and other equipment.

This is one of the top 10 most played games on Steam right now, so there's plenty of players and servers to play in. A definite buy for anyone that's into Counter-Strike.


A great Counter Strike. That's a first!

martinni | Jan. 3, 2014 | See all martinni's reviews »

Despite not being a big fan of the series, i've got them all and i've been playing them for quite a while, mostly with friends. I was expecting this one to be just another Counter Strike... But i found a much better experience than i was expecting; actually, i'm pretty sure i haven't played the Classic Mode (which is pretty much the whole game in the previous CS titles) for more than 10% of my total game time. If you're familiar with the series, see the classic mode as the past titles improved; and you may be happy with that if you're a fan of the good old CS days. If you want something fresh, there's always another mode waiting!


Competitive FPS

Highlander9782 | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all Highlander9782's reviews »

This is one of the best military shooters out there. It's realistic because you don't regain health after getting shot and requires teamwork in these medium sized maps or else you going to die in the first minute of the round. You get lots of weapons to choose from, and they vary depending on which team you choose, Counter Terrorist and Terrorist. Another great thing is that the end of matches, there are random prizes that are given out to random people, not based on kills, such as guns or weapon boxes that you can use yourself or sell on the steam marketplace for money. Two main game modes I like to play are hostage rescue and planting bombs. Definite buy to play with your buddies, you'll have a great time.


A competitive FPS (finally)

BlueSharkTheOne | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all BlueSharkTheOne's reviews »

Of course Counter Strike games have always been competitive but today most of the FPS are just casual and are not meant to be played in a competitive way. With Counter strike : Global offensive you can do both. If you just want to play it only once in a month, well you can. But if you want to improve your game and start playing ranked matchs, you can too and it is highly recommended as it is the spirit of the game. Plus, there are a lot of fun servers hosted by players that you can join with communauty maps and funny mods (one of them adds zombies players into the game session - funny).


Try it and forget what people tell you.

danymora131 | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all danymora131's reviews »

If you bought this game during one of the multiple steam sales, you probably got yourself a great deal and a great game as well. The game might be difficult for you because there is a little bit of a learning curve. But unlike other multiplayer shooter games, you actually feel rewarded when you manage to kill someone before they kill you. It might be hard to learn gun recoil, crouching, and shooting in the spots. The gameplay is different, not difficult once you get the hang of it. Matchmaking is pretty decent because I got matched with players that were good, but not pros. I recommend that if you see on sale, you buy it.


n00b here...

beltmatt_usa | Dec. 22, 2013 | See all beltmatt_usa's reviews »

This game is a lot of fun. It is very fast paced, the community isn't full of pricks like a lot of online games are. As a n00b, this is a lot of fun! I wish I was better....but many of the players have 5 years experience.

Just like is the other CS games, you earn $$ for kills and wins, you spend your $$ for upgrades. The upgrades will last through the round so it really is pretty level when you start.

As I said before, the online community isn't bad. They have been very helpful so far. I think the hardcore players probably have groups they play with and stay out of the public games. I don't have the Bravo pass, but if I keep playing I will have to pick it up.

If you like the original CS game, you would probably like this one!


I can't stop playing

gforcesa | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

I really enjoy this Counter Strike game.It's fun and it's updated often which is great.If you are tired of playing the old maps you can always jump into a game of community made maps and servers and enjoy those.Valve also added skins to all the weapons in the game so you can kill people while your weapon looks bad ass.You can also sell those skins and make a little profit in your Steam Wallet.The maps are greatly re-done and visually stunning.I suggest you buy this game because it's not that expensive and It's awesome.


its so much fun

viedoo | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all viedoo's reviews »

I used to be playing FPS like Call Of Duty, battlefield,Medal Of Honor and even been addicted to PayDay. But Counter-Strike is a FPS on a whole different level. Its hard, Challenging and far from what most are probably used too but its so much fun. A must have for everybody that loves FPS! Dont let the price fool you. This game if far beyond awesome than most FPS which u pay around 60 euros for or more. You play matches with people in your own skill rank and u rank up when you get better. You dont have to worry to get in the game and be shooted by people that are 50 ranks higher than you. the game runs smooth, looks really good and you can play deathmatch against bots and other people, or competitively & Alone. Its highly addictive and for the price it is right now definitely worth trying. Incase you buy it (Which u should!) Have fun


An anti-terrorist war against terrorists!

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Since the first edition of the game " counter -strike " , you could say (or at least I 'm telling you, that could aver been one more in the series tom clancy 's ... but the game was developed at the end by valve, and brought to Spain and many countries for store or online with "Steam " , a program to buy valve games .

The game began to be a mod of "Half- life" (base of almost all FPS games valve game), in its version 1.6 , then it was better to become what it is today , an independent game with great graphics and very good gameplay.

The gameplay is simple, as simple as choosing how you want, (either deatmach .. for example), the map you want to play , and after charging is finished , choose the team you want, terrorist or terrorism .

In ancient games of that series, terrorists and anti-terrorists had different weapons , ie , terrorists can have a counterterrorism AK47 ... but no ... and vice versa ... can have a counter-terrorism and terrorists bullup . in this last game of the series, it has been removed .

The game does not have a " story mode " , as if they had in the " Counter -strike condition zero" or " Counter -strike condition zero deletes zones" ... but the game is based on mutual fighting between terrorists and anti-terrorist controlled by console or controlled by real people in " multiplayer " .

They have added several additional details to the game , such as the reports you get sometimes , actual reports of fighting against Universal SWAT terrorism.

On the other hand , and moving away from the gameplay, the graphics and sounds are quite improved over the last saga.Los games graphics have been remastered and sound better, not as in " Counter.strike source" that the graphics a bit more heran necientes and sound also .

In short , a game with so much potential, independent ... from his first appearance to be a "MOD" of a game, lots of fun and great gifts of history by our most loyal assistant, SWAT , which will always be to protect us.


It's Counter-Strike

crankafoo | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all crankafoo's reviews »

Not much has changed, but that's not a bad thing. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a fun shooter with an emphasis on team play. Buy your weapons and take out the other team or plant the bomb. It's solid fun and looks great. Must-have if you are new to Counter-Strike or want an update from Counter-Strike: Source.


Great improvement over the previous titles.

CrysisX | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all CrysisX's reviews »

So, what's the difference? The main difference that you'll first notice is the graphics which looks spectacular and doesn't require a high-end graphic card. In CS:GO, a few new game modes along with some new guns are added which are fairly good but if you don't like the new game modes, there's the classic mode available. There are a lot of community maps available for download at the Steam workshop which will keep you playing for hours and hours. Overall, this game is worth the purchase even though you've never played any Counter Strike games before!


Fantastic Addition to the Series

lachking | Dec. 16, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

CS: GO may seem like an unnecessary addition to the CS franchise as the core gameplay is still essentially the same and the game still only uses the source engine. However, CS: GO makes some good additions and refinements to the formula: there are new guns, maps, improved graphics, sounds and some of the maps have been re-made and re-balanced. There are also some new game modes such as arms race and this is a good game mode for those that don't like having to wait when they die. The new game modes are representative of an experience one would expect from a traditional COD game, and Valve have done a good job fitting it into the Counter-strike experience. Valve recently added item drops including cases and guns with skins, meaning you can collect items just by playing which is similar to the whole hat system of Team Fortress 2. Counterstrike veterans and newcomers alike, CS: GO is a great game that improves upon previous Counterstrike games in every way. Pick it up!


Many Headed Beast

bwrussell | Dec. 5, 2013 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

When looking at CS:GO, or really any online game, there are two separate discussions, the game itself (as a collection of mechanics, story, graphics, etc.) and the community (player base, maturity, general skill, etc). All cards on the table this is the first CS game I hae played for more than a few hours. Lets first look at the game side.

CS:GO plays like a marriage between a twitch shooter and a mil sim. In deathmatch or arms race modes you have the speed, respawn timing, and infinite lives of something like Unreal while retaining the health (how many shots you can take) and more realistic weapons of a mil sim. Basically its a slightly more arcade-y version of a modern military shooter. In addition there are some additional modes that play like tactical shooters. Objective based, single lives, and weapon/armor purchasing lead to a slower more careful play style. There is a decent stable of weapons but you will quickly notice that typically only a few are used given the choice of any weapon in the game and some are completely useless. For the most part the weapons feel varied and have decent impact when fired. The quick play feature for joining servers works well and is helped by the fact that servers auto-populate with bots to reach the minimum player quantity. This system, combined with the time limit on matches, makes it easy quickly jump in and play a match or two if you need a quick fix. There are quite a few maps but you won't see most of them with any regularity. Which leads us to talking about the community.

Continuing the spirit of full disclosure, I have not played a single match in Competitive mode. It may be great but the sound of it just doesn't appeal to me. For the most part I didn't have any issues with the people I played with in CS:GO but I also was exactly blown away by them either. Really in a lot of matches there is nothing of note. The majority of people don't talk and there is a wide range of skill levels. Every once in a while you will run across one of a few people: The excessive chatter/whiner/trash talker, the guy that spams the voice chat with their music, someone using some sort of mod/hack (I'm guessing this is much less common on Competitive servers as VAC suspensions/bans will be leveled), or someone that is just way to good for a casual server. Luckily you can just mute players or easily jump onto a new server to solve all these problems. The one issue that you will not get away from is the end of round map voting. This is why you will only see a handful of the maps in the game. 90% of the time it is available the majority if players will vote for Dust 2 and if it's not an option there are 2-4 other maps that seem to be favored for some reason. Honestly this is my biggest problem with the game because it's hard to avoid.

One other thing of note is the recently added cases and gun skins. It's important to realize that these are COSMETIC ONLY. If that's your sort of thing then skin away but if it isn't it presents a nice little perk. These semi-random drops can be sold for real money which is put into your Steam wallet. This means that if you buy this game on sale you can pretty easily make back the cost of the game and more. Not really a reason to buy or not buy the game, just something to be aware of.

In the end the ease of dropping into a match and relatively short match lengths (typically 10 min max) make this a great way to pass 30 mins or a couple of hours.


Finally, a CS game for EVERYONE

videopower77 | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all videopower77's reviews »

If you have never played a Counter-Strike game and were wary about jumping into this one because you have heard about how difficult this game is, this entry in this long running series is the best one so far.

Casual game modes out of the box (GREAT for getting used to the game mechanics and weapons) as well as the time-tested and well-oiled hardcore competitive gameplay.

The game also has e-Sports support as well as unlockable weapon skins which you can use or SELL for ACTUAL money in your Steam Wallet.