Reviews for Forza Motorsport 5


Not a huge step up from 4

Shoxy85 | Nov. 23, 2013 | See all Shoxy85's reviews »

Considering this game is 'next-gen' I was expecting a lot more. Dont get me wrong, Forza 4 was superb and if you liked that and just happen to own an Xbox One then you will like this. But if like me you ordered the console with just this game then don't be expecting anything out of this world. The graphics are fantastic. But then, I've always considered Forza to have great graphics and this is merely an evolution of what we've come to expect from Turn 10. My biggest problem with the Forza series is DLC. A season pass costs £39.99 for the 6 packs that will be released over time. Extortionate. Overall it's a solid game. But as a PC owner thats been blessed with an alternative to consoles and this being something billed as 'next-gen' I couldn't help but be disappointed.