Reviews for Dead Rising 3


Not a step forward or back, just a sidestep

Ithuraen | Dec. 15, 2013 | See all Ithuraen's reviews »

Much like Forza 5, DR3 is much too similar to its previous titles in the series, with some notable exclusions just so we can enjoy "next-gen" graphics. Difficulty is down due to never-ending supply of weapons from weapons cabinets, and crafting simplified by being able to make anything anywhere, but having to find blueprints before creating a new item seems like an odd change, maybe trying to promote exploration. I find the graphics very pretty, some disappointing pop-ins though, though compared to DR2 or even 1, that is the only improvement in the series. Finding and escorting survivors is, as always, frustrating and annoying. AI in a zombie game took a backseat of course, though perhaps the path-finding is better, hard to tell. Never used the smart-glass features, maybe the game is amazing suddenly because you can use your phone to blow zombies up... but as it is I don't find anything other than a rather above-average game that doesn't really justify the purchase of an Xbone. That said it is most probably the best of the launch titles, so there's something for the tagline.