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Unforseen consequences indeed

lconanl | Jan. 3, 2016 | See all lconanl's reviews »

There is much a could say about Half-Life, one of the first videogames I played, but I think that it would be better (and easier) to just play the game for yourself. For someone familiar with the FPS genre, this game won't take too long to complete (hard mode not included), but it will certainly prove to be a memorable experience. With solid gameplay, excellent soundtrack (that you can hear about 5% of the time), scary-looking monsters (including headcrabs, zombies, vortiguants and alien grunts) as well as competent human enemies (well-programmed HECU marines and Black Ops Assassins), the immersive atmosphere specific to the 90s (though downgraded a bit 17 years later) and a not so original plot conveyed in an original (at the time at least) way, which will leave you with more questions than answers at the end, a trait specific to the series (what is the deal with the so-called G-man?). This game is a must-play even if you're not really interested in shooter games with a touch of horror. It's one of the most influential and original games in gaming history, and that is saying something.


Old but gold

Banana28 | Nov. 24, 2015 | See all Banana28's reviews »

Many people like this game because they grew up with it, especially 90's kids. But now people started playing new games like Call of Duty or Battlefield and they forgot about this game. They say things about HL like "the graphics suck", "very unrealistic" and other things. Can a man survive a .50 caliber bullet to the stomach but die from a knife to the toe? Of course a crab-like monster that attaches to someone's head and controls him/her is unrealistic, but it's a part of the gaming history. This game is probably my favorite.


Prepare for Unforeseeen Consequences

LrmNick | Sept. 8, 2015 | See all LrmNick's reviews »

Half-Life is the game that showed me how a fps could be soo fun and awesome at the same time,even if it was released in the 90's, the action and the graphics are totally superior for that time.Even if you are bored of the singleplayer campaign, there are many mods you can download for it and there is the multiplayer mode where you can spend lots of hours killing people with a gauss shot.If you love fps franchises, this game is a must buy for you, recommend it for everyone.


Such An Amazing Game

SparkWave | Aug. 5, 2015 | See all SparkWave's reviews »

Half Life's story line is truly brilliant. You are Gordon Freeman, a scientist working at the Black Mesa Research Facility, and the one day you arrive late to work, everything goes wrong. This game is very easy to play and understand. For a game of its time, the graphics are astounding and really cannot be said otherwise. This game is unique and is the best way to depict aliens taking over the Earth with a border world called Xen and crazy weapons. This is a must have for any and every gamer out there!


I don't mind the dated graphics.

Duddel | July 28, 2015 | See all Duddel's reviews »

I started playing this game because i was going to my summerhouse and needed a game to play. I don't mind the graphics because the game is so damn fun and addicting. The guns are varied and every one of them are good in a different way. The physics are kind of bad, pushing boxes can be a nightmare. Although the story is lacking in my opinion, this is mainly because the voiceacting can be very hard to hear and thats almost the only way that the story is told. My final rating is 8.5/10 because The graphics and physics are dated and the story is kind of hard to understand sometimes. But the mechanics and gameplay are fantastic.


A timeless game that still holds up

9cames03 | July 11, 2015 | See all 9cames03's reviews »

I was skeptical when I first tried half life. It seemed like a very generic game , but the more I explored black mesa, I experienced some of the most amazing gameplay. Although this game has very underwhelming graphics, I don't notice it because the gameplay is so fun. The game is built in a very immersive way, regardless of the outdated graphics. All of this combined with an astounding science fiction story is a guaranteed good time.


Three Words: Classic, Historical, and Epic

TheForgery | June 23, 2015 | See all TheForgery's reviews »

"...Welcome to Black Mesa." These are some of the first words players hear in the whole series. They echo in the small transit car where an innocent scientist named Gordon Freeman is trying to reach work on a late schedule. He is employed in a top secret government facility dedicated to science and research. Otherwise, it's an average day and things go smoothly with everyone busy or maintaining the safety of others. This all changes when a seemingly cart with an alien crystal is pushed into an energy beam of an experiment. Chaos erupts in an out of control flow and in a matter of hours, aliens from another dimension have poured in and slaughtered most of the personnel. This is where the fight to survive begins. Half-Life is renowned for a simple narrative; there's no cut scenes and little interaction with NPCs. This permits players to fully control Gordon nearly all the time. Exploring through the maze of enclosed areas with hostile beings tells the adventure and the horror. Go beyond where no man should have witnessed and experience the horrific truth that Black Mesa had concealed. There is hardly anything that won't kill you. Simple (and iconic) headcrabs that latch themselves to unlucky humans serve as the first enemies for the first half of the game. Soon, alien slaves, the intelligent vortigaunts, begin to launch further assault. Then, when it seems that backup has arrived, the ruthless HECU takes the facility by force and indiscriminately kill anyone, be it alien or innocent workers, to cover up the mess. The most frightening enemy to appear in the game, and perhaps any game, is the ichthyosaur. It takes balls, big balls of unparalleled strength, to face these aquatic creatures in water where is little light and when most other weapons are restricted to use. However, with that said, a crowbar is the first weapon picked up and should not be underestimated in close quarters. For ranged fights, there are human weapons, like the Glock, the MP5 SMG with an attached grenade launcher, a SPAS-12 that bizarrely can fire two shells at once, and a crossbow that serves as the only sniper weapon. As Gordon progresses further deeper, Black Mesa is then revealed to have been testing and manufacturing their own particle weapons. One is a Tau Cannon, engineered to fire accelerated beams of energy that can destroy tanks and attack helicopters and another weapon is the Gluon gun that literally disassembles, if not disintegrates, living targets to mere mush/bloody remains. Unlike other games at its time, a good number of friendly NPCs, the surviving Black Mesa personnel, can be interacted with and can follow the player. The scientists can provide medical care and the armed guards can provide limited firepower against assailants. To simply put, the cons I found were bugs. Sometimes, if caution is not exercised, one may be crushed at random times, like a door trapping the player between the wall. Friendly NPCs are almost useless, especially the scientists as they just cower in combat. The guards do better but they tend to not last long. Oddly, if they or a scientist are shot upon, even by accident, guards will turn hostile and do better against the player. Even if this is avoided, followers will eventually cannot travel with the player anymore due to their limitatiosn in movement (ex. human NPCs will not climb ladders and cannot crouch). Occasionally, the HECU marines will try to flush out an enemy with a grenade but this backfires as the explosive bounces off the wall, ceiling, roof, or an obstacle and rather than running when given, they do not move and perish. While I feel conflicted if Gordon should have been a silent protagonist, I must admit it is easier to fill in his boots and gloves when wielding a crowbar and face hostiles in a cold, steel corridor. I still gave this game an A (95 out of 100) because it's a game that everyone must play at least once before they die. It defines what a good game should be and must not ever be forgotten.


Rise and shine Mister Freeman

Zozolis | May 13, 2015 | See all Zozolis's reviews »

Half-Life is a revolutionary game among First Person Shooters. The games story is really similar to DOOM. Experiments were made with a portal to another dimension. Differing only that in DOOM there were demons not aliens. And you got to fix this mess… Half-Life was among the first FPS games that included puzzles, different areas to explore and other tasks besides shooting hoards of enemies. This made the game so interesting not even mentioning the fascinating story. The game only has outdated visuals for today’s standard. To fix this there is a remake of the game called Black Mesa (named after the name of the research facility the game starts in). But I think that old school graphics isn’t a problem for enjoying the game.


Great but Old

KingTed | May 5, 2015 | See all KingTed's reviews »

Half-Life is quite a revolutionary game among First Person Shooters. Basically it has the same story than DOOM : experiments were conducted in a lab until a portal was opened to another dimension. But this time, the invaders were aliens and not demons. Half-Life has an interesting game-design where the player’s task is not limited to shooting. In fact, there are a lot of things to do beside shooting. There are puzzles to solve, areas to explore and a lot of story-telling during gameplay. The game hasn’t aged well. The visuals are dated. But it’s still an excellent game. However, if graphics are that important to you, you should play Black Mesa (a remake of the game made in Source Engine 2).


Hasn't held up well

darkhorse441 | Feb. 23, 2015 | See all darkhorse441's reviews »

I understand that at the time of its release, Half-Life was revolutionary in terms of its graphics, storytelling, and innovative design and presentation. Following in the footsteps of games like Star Wars: Dark Forces, it turned FPS from a run-and-gun game to a game with a story and a sense of adventure. And in that respect, we must always respect Half-Life. But... When played today by someone who was not old enough to be gaming when the game was released, it feels very dated. The graphics haven't held up the test of time as some other games from that era (Ocarina of Time, Medal of Honor) have. Also, the characters' speech is often garbled and hard to understand. The physics engine is also very clunky, especially when compared to later Valve games like Portal or Half-Life 2. Of course this is all seen from the perspective of someone used to newer games, so it is of course necessary to take a step back: The game itself is interesting as it not only reimagines FPS games, but also adds puzzles and environment interactivity. The story also creates its own lore, with memorable alien names and iconic moments, people and weapons. The enemy types are also varied and taking each one of them down is rewarding in its own way. The difficulty of the game is high, but not so high as to alienate less experienced players. However, many problems can be found in the game that are not due to the game's age. The character model is bizarre, and doesn't seem to have legs or normal arms. Also, ladder climbing becomes hilarious as the player climbs without use of his legs or arms. The controls are sometimes a bit clunky when trying to solve a puzzle, press buttons/levers, or crouch-jump. Also, the level design is fairly repetitive, consisting of long hallways that sometimes feature open spaces where you will either receive ammo or be attacked by a group of enemies. Finally, a major problem with the game is, though the storytelling and lore are both revolutionary and impeccable, the story itself is boring and almost non-existent. It has neither the sense of finality or accomplishment as Half-Life 2 or other modern games nor the humor of a game like Portal. It effectively consists of getting from point A to point B, killing anything in between, solving puzzles and hoping that something will happen. There is really no arc or clear idea of what is happening at any one time or what is to come. All in all, Half-Life is a revolutionary game that changed an industry and blew everyone's mind and should be played by everyone the same way every self-respecting gamer should play Super Mario Bros. It just has not survived the test of time well, and does have some flaws which can reduce the amount of pleasure during playtime. It also cannot be ignored for its sequel Half-Life 2 and (maybe) 3.


Origin of modern FPS

howard195 | Feb. 4, 2015 | See all howard195's reviews »

On this game, I am slightly prejudiced. I made the mistake of playing Half Life 2 before the original. Half Life 2 may be my first choice for greatest FPS ever. I'm also not always found of playing older games with their simpler graphics of the day. However, the gameplay of this game makes up for any aspect that may be graphically dated. This is the earliest FPS I've played where you departed from just killing everything before progressing. This is the origin of the thinking man's FPS, as far as I know. The story is told throughout the gameplay, instead of with cutscenes. I feel that the level design is solid. You will need to keep an eye on your ammo, instead of doing your Rambo impression. A couple of the enemies are more obnoxious than necessarily fearsome. Otherwise, the gameplay has something new every couple minutes. I can call this a classic knowing it has justly earned the title.


Revolutionary Hallway Sim

cameronb | Dec. 26, 2014 | See all cameronb's reviews »

Great game. It was impressive at it's time, and still holds up today. Half-Life is a love letter to walking down a hallway with scripted events telling you what to shoot, yet still makes it fun. Varied enemy types, quick pacing, and a creepy atmosphere make this game one of the all-time classics. If you are interested in physics, I recommend you buy Half-Life: Source, and remastered version.


A ravishing game.

Stryker77 | Aug. 24, 2014 | See all Stryker77's reviews »

Half-Life is a video game first-person shooter science fiction. The story follows the adventures of Gordon Freeman, a theoretical physicist at the Research Centre of Black Mesa, a huge scientific complex-secret military base installed in a disused completely under the surface. By participating in an experiment, Freeman accidentally opens an inter-dimensional hole to a parallel world, Xen, populated by alien creatures. The aliens destroy the center and brutally attack their staff. The testing room where Freeman was partially destroyed by the sequence of resonances, but manages to escape from there by the protective suit. After recovering from a brief fainting after being caught in a storm of portals, will have to deal with the unintended consequences of the experiment. The primary objective of Half-Life is to use logical thinking and a variety of weapons to survive in a complex environment where the main character is attacked by opponents of various skills and potential danger. Gameplay: It's easy to understand how to play, and is controlled by keyboard and mouse. The keyboard is used for most actions such as movement, equipment management and communication. The mouse serves to direct the player's view and using a stationary gun look that is at the center of the screen, in addition to attacking and use the secondary functions of the weapon. Graphics: To be graphics of 1998, they are very well made. In addition, different skins for scientists and soldiers. There are also different types of weapons and aliens. Sound: It is very well done, being different for each weapon type, different voices for scientists, army soldiers and guards of Black Mesa and the sound of each alien. Furthermore, it will change depending on what type of surface we shoot or walk, for example. Anyway, Half-Life is one of those games that, if you like video games disparos in first person, YES OR YES you have to play.


Great grandaddy FPS

Lorddyran | Aug. 22, 2014 | See all Lorddyran's reviews »

This is where FPSs became modern games. Wolfenstein 3D and Doom have their place in the annals of gaming history, and they invented the genre, but Half Life perfected it. It's dated now, but just like the Mona Lisa will never stop being an impressive piece of art, neither will Half Life.


One of the most important games of all time

Demilisz | Aug. 21, 2014 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Without this game, Valve wouldn't probably be where they are now. Graphics was great (of course back then, when game was released the first time), but what really sales this game was climat, plot and gameplay. A research laboratory overwhelmed by aliens and lone scientist (that doesn't says a single word the entire game) is up to clear his own mess. And while fighting plays a crucial part, there are times where it is better to hide and find a different rout than charge head on (and usually get killed quickly) True masterpiece of the genre


Amazing game

kawette | June 19, 2014 | See all kawette's reviews »

This game has never attracted me but I decided to buy it to make an idea of this game. First of all, the graphics are old now but it isn't a big problem for me. At the beginning of the game I noticed one thing, it looks like Outlast Whistleblower (for the laboratory universe) maybe I am wrong. The story and the gameplay are really good and the game is still played thanks to the different mods. This game is the origin of the actual FPS, you should get it, it is a must have.


A revolutionary FPS, a classic that passes the test of time

mugaro | June 16, 2014 | See all mugaro's reviews »

For a game that came out in 1998, it's still fun today. There are a lot of games from the 90s that are too dated to play today, halflife 1 is not one of those games. Even today, the enemy AI is highly intelligent and better than some games from this decade. If you want a story, you have to pay attention and look deep into what's going on to get a story. If you don't care about the story, then just plow through & kill your enemies, you won't be bothered with cutscenes and unnecessary dialogue. A million mods were made from halflife 1 because the engine was so solidly made. That's a testament to how good the gameplay is. It gives you the power fetish, more and more and more guns to kill aliens & enemy soldiers with. If you haven't played one of the greatest FPS classics of all time, stop doing yourself a disservice and pick up this can't miss great.


The best FPS forever

patacon | May 11, 2014 | See all patacon's reviews »

One of the best games of the FPS style, made long ago and still lives for their mods, thanks to this game others as Counter Strike, Sven co-op, Team Fortress Classic, Ricochet, were made. Its graphics engine was the best for the season and then many remasters were made, the most recent is Black Mesa Source which uses the source engine, designed in half life 2, to make this game has the respect it deserves. With all these data, all I can say, is stop reading this review and Getting Started to play. At least that is my point of view. 10/10


One of the best FPS's there is

vidmizz | April 17, 2014 | See all vidmizz's reviews »

This was one of the first games I have ever played and boy was it a great one. It has everything, from cockroaches to giant flying alien fetus overlords that you can shoot at. It was created in better times when there were no get this and that DLC to get this weapon or stuff like that so you can do everything you would expect from a FPS game without having to buy DLCs. There is a great multiplayer mode for this game too where you can engage your friends with rocket launchers and laser backpacks (Ain't that cool?! :O) so if you don't have this game you should consider no longer and get this beauty in a heartbeat.


Must play game

Edreih | April 17, 2014 | See all Edreih's reviews »

This game is one of a kind. Everything about this game is spectacular. The story, the gameplay, and the visuals (given the time frame it was made). You have a variety of weapons available to you and each one has its pros and cons. Each of the many enemies in the game has a different strategy for you to figure out. So the AI is very well made for its time. There are a variety of environments so you'll never be bored as the story progresses. I highly recommend everyone to play this game to experience the story. Also because this is one of the most revolutionary games (and FPS) of its time.


Awesome game all the way

Chack | April 14, 2014 | See all Chack's reviews »

Half-Life is a First Person Shooter, I thought it was amazing but quite difficult for me, the story is quite well done, graphics are good for the time, but the gameplay is what changed FPS in videogames, it's great, even the multiplayer is fun and still active after all this years, you should get this masterpiece and experience it for yourself.


Half-Life. It doesn't get any better than this!

MartDrummer | April 9, 2014 | See all MartDrummer's reviews »

Half-Life holds a special place in my heart. I first played Half-Life in 2013. Yes, really. I ain't part of the generation that originally played this in 98'. But still, to me it was an incredible experience! Half-Life is simply amazing! By the time i started playing Half-Life, i had already played games like Metro 2033, but this old game surpassed that by MILES! Half-Life is about a man called Gordon Freeman, that works at a secret Black Mesa research facility, located somewhere in the underground of the New Mexico desert. When an experiment goes horribly wrong, portal rifts are opened, leading to aliens flooding the research facility and trying to kill everyone. Even worse, the military are trying to hide what is happening by also trying to kill everyone! Your goal is to get to the surface and fix the mess. The gameplay is simply put FANTASTIC! It's slick, it's precise, it couldn't be any better. The guns feel supreme. They all act different, and they don't feel bland or boring in any way. The maps (or should i say "map" since the game just loads the next part of what is a single huge map) are a masterpiece. They are very intelligently made, and unlike shooters today (in my opinion), they actually require you to use your brain to figure out what to do. There are also a fair bit of puzzles, all of which are fun, and I never found them frustrating. The enemies you encounter on your journey use some of the smartest AI i have ever seen in my life (and keep in mind this a game from 1998). All the enemies feel like threads, and it will at some points require tactic just to get through an area without getting killed. Bottom line: Half-Life is a MASTERPIECE and a true work of ART!! This game is the reason that Counter-Strike and Steam exists! It is a MUST-HAVE for every first-person shooter fan! Half-Life is just something you have to experience in your life, because believe me, you won't get an experience like this in any other game!


The Game That Started It All...

AkiMatti | March 27, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

...and by all I mean story elements and excessive scripting in fps games.Those were really the new things that Half-Life brought to the table after Quake and its pals had laid out the control scheme for fps games. The famous beginning of Half-Life created a wholly different atmosphere to the game along with the varying color schemes in different parts of the levels. The 3D effects were also used consistently to add authenticity to the game instead used only as eye candy. What also stood out was the soldiers and their AI against the player. I remember the first time when I nearly pooped my pants having to actually take cover and still getting a grenade land near my feet. The enemies were actually using effective tactics which was unheard of before this game and rarely seen even today.


One of the greatest of its generation

Gmen | March 3, 2014 | See all Gmen's reviews »

Half-Life is regarded as one of the most legendary PC games of all time, because it came out at a time when FPS titles had only been around for a few years and yet they mostly lacked one thing: a coherent story that went beyond collecting keycards and getting to the end of the level. Not only does Half-Life do away with keycards, but it also does away with most pickups, since there are no health packs lying around, or armour shards to collect, instead opting for health and HEV suit recharge stations. Weapons don't spin around in the air waiting to be collected. There are puzzles that actually make you stop and think. Half-Life does away with the approach of its forebears and brings some much needed realism and sense to the genre, and got rid of the arcade-y (and even comical in some cases) feel of most FPS titles. The game uses the Gold Source engine which is a modified Quake engine, and in my opinion it wasn’t the prettiest game of its time (a title I would more readily give to Unreal), but what it lacks as far as its somewhat average (and by today’s standards incredibly dated) looks, it makes up for in terms of ruthless enemy AI, engaging gameplay with plenty of interactivity, and its fast-paced, action-packed gameplay. There are also plenty of mods for this game, so I would suggest even though it is old, that it’s definitely worth a try. This is one of the pioneers of the modern FPS!


Half-Life: A Must Have for any gamer out there

NikorasuSan | Jan. 29, 2014 | See all NikorasuSan's reviews »

Half-Life is, without a doubt, as per the review title, one of the best games ever. One of the very first titles to integrate both FPS action and great storytelling, Half-Life revolutionized the genre. Its story, which could be easily summarized, it's still one of the greatest stories in gaming due to the way it's told. While most games at the time (and even up to these days) tell their story through cutscenes and the like, in Half-Life, the player always sees the events unfold before his own eyes in the perspective of Gordon Freeman. The gameplay is incredibly well polished, with a wide variety of weapons, all of which are viable even in the latter stages of the game. The wide variety of enemies require different tactics from the player, and that's without taking into account the locations of these encounters, as you might be able to use your environment against them. It's worth mentioning that the AI, for its time, is great. You'll see enemies take cover while trying to get you out of cover; they'll retreat when hurt; and they'll surely use some squad tactics from time to time in order to ambush you. The Black Mesa Research Facility, by itself, is a great location. You won't feel like you're going down the same corridors, as you get to visit several areas of the facility. From the modern Anomalous Materials lab, to the old industrial areas in Surface Tension, all the way up to the Lambda Core. All in all, I think this is a highly recommendable game, one that, in my opinion, everybody should play, at least once, if not for nothing more than experience one of the very few games that revolutionized the gaming industry.


One of the greatest shooters ever made.

TETfromLondon | Jan. 16, 2014 | See all TETfromLondon's reviews »

This game is easily one of the most influential first person shooters ever made, as it was one of the first that embraced the idea of first person narrative. While it is debatable whether this has had a positive effect, it is still a fact that you can see this game's influence in many modern games. One of the game's major strength's is its ability to change its environments. It starts out as a busy science complex, then a ruined survival horror science complex, then outside in the desert, and so on. The game also has an interesting selection of guns and enemies. It falls down a bit on voice acting and characters, although the sequel changed this. Overall, the game is very well worth owning.


Gordon Freeman Everywhere!

leodiblack | Dec. 27, 2013 | See all leodiblack's reviews »

The first 5 minutes of Half Life were... boring, I have to be honest, It was quite boring. Then... when you get The HEV Suit.. when you annoy your partners... when you see that the whole scenario starts to get full of chaos, well my friend, you start to love Half Life. Exciting moments, weird characters who carry briefcases. Scientists with crabs in their heads. And a lot of explosions! But seriously, one of the best FPS of history. Play it, become the Freeman


An example of science-fiction and shooter

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

history: Gordon Freeman is a graduate from MIT signed by Dr. Isaac Kleiner, a former professor of his who invited him to work in secret government corporation called Black Mesa. Gordon accepted the contract and was taken to the section of foreign material , that first find a mysterious man in blue suit with a briefcase and condescending . From here everything seems to work another day when suddenly a spectrum analysis of anti - matter there ... Unintended consequences. gameplay: Half -Life has been honored multiple times as the best FPS of the story , the father , the inspiration of all current shooters . The game presents a smart shooter mechanics and solve puzzles with hints of survival horror. Your mission is to survive and escape the madness that is taking ahead the entire installation and Gordon know several methods to rush your order . At your disposal a wide array from classic to experimental weapons and aliens , but sometimes you can not choose the path of authentic part of shootings both sides and just wait to remove one by one the battered survivors. Gordon was able to live out their need the help of scientists and security guards companions, although you can always ignore the past to get some ammo for your glock . graphics: The efforts of young Valve to build a new engine started with Half -Life , that although this was not yet a completely genuine engine ( Quake Engine) itself was much improved and advanced version known to all . sound: A festival of fireworks, ammunition , caps, agonized screams , explosions and electronic music. The best way to live a totally epic experience is with a good soundtrack , Valve knew and did the right thing , giving alarming tracks where even the bravest could decide to stop playing not know what kind of "thing" would be found to around the corner, and the most consistent songs with an action scene , so that the player may embolden too jumping from corner to corner which Elected Matrix movie . In either case , they have done a fantastic job with the sound of the guns , the aliens , the radio chatter of HECU and ambient sound of broken fans and charred cables. technology: Both the engine and artificial intelligence was something that had never been seen before. The engine was modified Quake Engine, but few realized it, because the change is large and remarkable work behind Valve was colossal , so that when they had made ​​the game , they threw it all away and decided to try again , only geniuses know how to do something and get away from the situation. Artificial Intelligence was a delight and still in diapers leaves many triple A games of the current generation . Each enemy has their behavior , analyze their environment, and if they find allies work together to survive. innovation: What to say when the first is everything ? Not much, have my hundred .


One of the All-Time Classics

lachking | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Way back in 1998, Half-Life took the video game world by storm and was truly something special. Even now, many years later, few games have surpassed the quality presented here. Almost everything about Half-Life is incredible: the beginning tram sequence sets the scene magnificently, the level design is absolutely incredible and the plot is engaging and makes you think deeply about what you are really doing. The whole single continuous level concept is really cool and you can see how all the different environments connect. Throughout the game you will fight different types of enemies, ranging from aliens such as headcrabs to human soldiers, the latter having great AI. Soldiers communicate to each other, take cover and attempt to retreat if injured and this really showcases the complex AI for the time. In terms of presentation, the graphics and audio are admittedly very dated, but great gameplay in my opinion is far more important than graphics. If you really care about graphics though, Black Mesa (a mod) may be of interest. You can't go wrong with Half-Life. The game has incredible levels, gameplay mechanics, AI and plot points. You seriously cannot consider yourself a gamer if you haven't played this!


A Masterpiece for it's Time

MyMixedNuts | Dec. 1, 2013 | See all MyMixedNuts's reviews »

A game that revolutionized the first-person shooter and puzzle genres. The game is utterly massive and every once in a while, you might even find yourself stumped by a puzzle. It has variety that a lot of games now don't. It is very well crafted, so don't expect to see many bugs, but the ones that you do see might not even be very noticeable. In my personal opinion, the game has plenty of replay value. 8.5/10


Still a Good Game

TPCGorillaMunch | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all TPCGorillaMunch's reviews »

An old game that stands the test of time in my opinion. It is an action FPS with logic puzzles that will really make you think. The game follows the story of Gordon Freeman. There are plenty of guns to find and use and a large number of enemies to beat. At a cheap price it is definitely worth it as it is a reasonably large game that is also quite challenging. Does not have a lot of replay value unless you want to complete the game on a harder difficulty.