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Through the Looking Glass

AkiMatti | March 31, 2014 | See all AkiMatti's reviews »

Portal shows a new side to fps games. Can this even be called fps? It would be more like a first person puzzle platformer aka fppp.

The player uses a portal gun which fires two different "doors" or "holes" in supportable surfaces that are connected like a wormhole through space. An AI will guide the player through different test rooms and quips against human intelligence. Soon enough, it becomes evident that there is also something else than testing going on in the facility...

The puzzles are not too tough but they are creative. Portal physics are fun to play with but it feels like the game doesn't get going until two thirds to the game and could indeed pressure the brain a bit more to my tastes.

Anyway, recommended to anyone.


An instant Classic

ipowers9000 | March 31, 2014 | See all ipowers9000's reviews »

I first played this game without any knowledge of the story, characters, or other details of the Half-Life universe. The way the story carefully unfolded itself through the lovingly crafted puzzles was an awesome thing to experience: it's clear that each test chamber was designed to confuse you just enough so that you feel like a genius when you solve it. I've played many puzzle games, some frustrating and others rewarding, but Portal pushes all of the the right buttons (no pun intended) and delivers an excellent cohesion of atmosphere and puzzle solving. Definitely give it a play if you like well-crafted puzzles!


An Impressive Game

CriSilCart | March 1, 2014 | See all CriSilCart's reviews »

Portal has left my mouth open, amazed by the originality, creativity and innovation of this Valve´s project, the gameplay is moderate and invites the gamers to manage their actions cleverly and, somehow, to develop their mental skills with that powerful tool of physics. Is a clever game and is inspired by the Newton's first law, inertia. Is a very strange game, with a rare but and enveloping history, and also, a great achievement for Valve as a good game for the gamer's collection.


Discover a new side of the Half-Life universe

NikorasuSan | Feb. 28, 2014 | See all NikorasuSan's reviews »

Portal is one of the most interesting games Valve has released. It puts you in the shoes (or rather, Long Fall Boots) of Chell, a test subject in the mysterious Aperture Science laboratories, a rival company to Half-Life's Black Mesa.

In this game, you won't do a lot of fighting. Armed only with a Portal Gun, which you can use to make your way through the testing areas, you'll slowly uncover what happened to the facility, while GLaDOS, the AI controlling the testing, continually observes your every move.

The atmosphere is magnificent. From the clean Test Chambers, to the more messy 'backstage', it truly adds a feel of isolation to the game. Even GLaDOS' comments will make you feel somewhat nervous.

A great game, a bit too short, but nonetheless, great.


I Thought I Could...

chataolauj | Jan. 24, 2014 | See all chataolauj's reviews »

I thought I could love this game as much as other gamers love it, but it just didn't work out. It picked pretty good in the beginning, then it went downhill towards the middle of the game. I found myself board of puzzle solving every level. After playing this game, I figured out something that I've never really realized before when I was younger; I don't like solving things. Solving things just makes me frustrated all the time, especially puzzles. It's like a chore for me, and I didn't feel like doing chores by playing a game because games are supposed to be stress free for me, but apparently not Portal.


Good in theory, but didn't click with me

GeorgeStorm | Jan. 23, 2014 | See all GeorgeStorm's reviews »

Portal made quite a big wave when it first came out, due to it's innovative gameplay, giving the player a gun capable of firing two portals, with whatever then goes into one comes out of the other. It's a first person puzzle game really, making you utilise the portals to traverse of large gaps, past turrets, reach otherwise impossible to reach places and move objects about in order to trigger various switches and buttons.

In principle I think it's quite a cool game, however I struggled with it, enjoying it for a while, but after getting temporarily stuck on a certain section I just lost the desire to continue due to failing for the same reason several times in a row without seeing what I should have been doing instead, not knowing if my method was right but I just wasn't quite doing it well enough, or whether my whole method was incorrect.

The graphics aren't bad, displaying the environments in enough detail to keep most users happy, and the sound affects are good, with lots of humorous little quotes throughout. The controls are pretty standard for anyone who's played a FPS before, with movement feeling fluid and

A game that having since played Portal 2 (which I thoroughly enjoyed) I will probably come back to and give another go. Good in theory but for some reason didn't quite click with me.


A classic.

TETfromLondon | Jan. 16, 2014 | See all TETfromLondon's reviews »

This game is easily one of the greatest puzzle games of all time, and if you don't already own it, there is very little reason not to buy it. The portal gun is immensely fun to use, and feels very fluid. The aesthetic of the game is also very nice, and still looks great today. The game also has a great sense of humour, with Glad0s making some great jokes, and she has a great voice actress too. Even though the game is extremely short, it has plenty of replay value. Honestly, the only major criticisms I can think of are to do with the fanbase, not the game itself. Honestly though, the whole 'the cake is a lie!' and 'Still Alive' crazes are pretty much over now, so it's not even much of an issue any more. So yes, you should definitely get it.


Now Your Thinking with Portals!

Armed_Psycho | Jan. 11, 2014 | See all Armed_Psycho's reviews »

As a fan of unusual puzzle games I greatly enjoyed Portal. The gameplay alone is excellent; however, the dry, dark humor of the game really takes the cake. The puzzles utilize things such as inertia, problem solving, and gravity. The game itself, once released, was never intended to be so popular, spawning several memorable moments with your character, Chell, the ominous AI, GLADoS, and the lovable and always talkative, Companion Cube.


The delicious cake

Neonberry | Jan. 9, 2014 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

Portal is a mod to Half-Life 2 and is based on a very simple concept: you have a portal gun that can open two portals - you enter one and come out of the other. Now how this is made into one of the greatest games of the last decade? Well first of all it was highly innovative at its time - no-one though of this simple idea (and by definition great inventions are usually simple ideas no-one thought of before). It is full of great logical puzzles that WILL teach you to think with portals. And on top of all this there is a great storyline with a creepy but amusing antagonist that is like a neurotic HAL. Of course great experiences can not be describe too accurately so you will have to try it for yourself. Even if you are not the person who would normally go for puzzle games this one is a must try for everyone, if for nothing else than for being a gaming milestone.


Contender for The Perfect Game

gildorluthien | Jan. 7, 2014 | See all gildorluthien's reviews »

Good plot, some action, puzzles that once solved weren't as hard as you made them out to be...Portal is the game whose primary elements should be simulated on some level by every game. It's not for everyone but it's a game that anyone can play. Even my 10 year old loves to sit down with me and try to figure out the levels. There's some instant gratification by solving each level, but at the same always feels like there should be more...and more...

Portal should be in everyone's library. It's a great game to use when introducing someone to the world of gaming. It's modern and classic at the same time. Not too hard, but not a easy afternoon session.

Buy IT!


This game is is just WOW!

haider786 | Jan. 5, 2014 | See all haider786's reviews »

This is an Amazing game. I like the engine they use. It is really fun and the graphics look mind blowing. I like the idea of the portal gun. It is a puzzle game which requires you to use your mind a little bit. Personally i am not very interested in this type of games but..... this one is different. It uses the idea of a portal gun which really makes it fun and interesting to play around with. I would recommend this to anybody to try out. Pick it up today and enjoy the amazing game. I also recommend Portal 2.


First Person Puzzler

mulletov | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all mulletov's reviews »

It's amazing how this game seems to have grabbed an audience almost as large as that of the Half Life series. Considering this game was originally bundled as part of the Orange Box, it's now become its own franchise. And I can see why, I have never played a first person platformer puzzle game like this. It will make you think and twist your brain trying to figure out all the puzzles and tricks. It runs on the Source engine so the controls are precise just like you were playing Counterstrike. I think fans of games like Half Life and Left 4 Dead would definitely get a kick out of this. Although it's a puzzle game, you do have to be careful of turrets and bottomless pits that can kill you. I like the fact that it feels like it takes place in the Half Life universe as you could be playing a character that wouldn't feel out of place stepping out of a Half Life game. There is humor and the sound effects and graphics are similar to other Valve games. Check this one out and see if you can figure out all the puzzles without google.


Experiment Paid Off

lachking | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all lachking's reviews »

Portal was an unexpected gem when it came out and surprised almost everyone. The concept seems so simple, but at the same time is ingenious: you simply shoot a portal and teleport out where you shoot the other. Puzzles make great use of this: you can fall and gain speed, and you can also drop objects such as companion cubes into the portal so that it comes out of the other one. The puzzles start easy but as you progress will become more difficult and will challenge your problem solving skills. Aside from the puzzles, the graphical style is great and makes effective use of the source engine.The game is also full of witty humour and hilarious lines from Glados which are really entertaining even though they are generally insults to you. Although overshadowed by the sequel, the original Portal still has much to offer if you haven't played it yet.


An good puzzle game

gforcesa | Dec. 23, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

One of my favorite puzzle games of all time.You play is Chell, a test subject made for testing out puzzles and getting GladOS angry.The game is short,you can complete it in about an hour or less.The puzzles from the beginning are easy and they get more and more harder as you get to the end of the game.If you are a fan of Valve you have probably played this more than once but if you're not i suggest you get this game it is worth the 10 bucks


The cake is a lie

kalil | Dec. 20, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Considering what it is (a free add a pack), Portal surprising, refreshing and very inspirational. Introduces new concepts and new puzzles constantly, and has a tremendously original game mechanics, based on the use of portals and a few elements (like boxes) that make each room into a stimulating new intelligence test. It is a little short, but it can not be repeated or stop amazing, partly due to the presence of GLaDOS, the great villain of the game. And Portal is that, besides being a puzzle game, tells a disturbing story in the best way there is: by me to be the player himself who experience it firsthand.

Refreshing, original, daring and brilliant in concept and execution. It was just getting too short.


Perfection in every aspect

daraya79 | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all daraya79's reviews »

Everything has it's own place in the world. Portal's place is in every steam library. This is just "must have" title. Based on Source Engine with great physics, graphics and story Portal is placed at the top of all puzzle games ever made. It gives a lot of fun and entertainment, also teaching You another point of view at perspective and space. After 6 years, it is still very popular and that's the best proof of it's greatness. If You still don't have it, don't hesitate to empty Your wallet for Portal... ...or maybe there is a whole in Your wallet and Your money are already on the other side?


A whole new meaning to puzzles

drakso | Dec. 18, 2013 | See all drakso's reviews »

I would recommend this game to any person that play video games and likes to try something new. The game is... sort of a puzzle game with a very unique mechanic. As you imagine it has something to do with portals. Portals are the main mechanic in the game and with them you must try and solve various puzzles. Physics also apply to the portal jumping so you must think outside of the box on some puzzles. The controls are very easy and simple and the game is very well optimized. The graphics are reasonable and the sounds are very well done. The story that the game follows is great and it will shock you at some points. If you don't already own this, buy it. You wont regret it.


Puzzle (And Everything Else) Perfection

bwrussell | Dec. 12, 2013 | See all bwrussell's reviews »

What is there to say about Portal that hasn't already been said? It's truly one of the most perfect games ever created. Perfect is not a word I use lightly and this very well may be the only time I use to describe a game. There is nothing wasted here, there is no fat, fluff, or padding and every aspect has been honed to a razor edge.

The controls are intuitive and innovative, something you don't often see in first person puzzle games. The humor and wit is the right mix of dark and subtle and is aimed and timed with perfection. The puzzles and puzzle progression is spot on. Things will get challenging but not impossible or frustrating. The entire premise of the puzzles is unique which often is the challenge and really will have you thinking with portals, as the tag line suggests, by the end. The plot and environment will leave you with fond memories, beckoning for another playthrough. One thing of note is the voiceless protagonist. Often player characters of this sort are cited as being empty shells for the player to fill but in what I can only describe as a coup, this doesn't feel like the case with Chell. It really feels like the stoic silence is how she would react. I can't say entirely how they pulled it off but partly the brilliant writing for the antagonist is responsible.

I could go on but if you haven't played this game and you're still reading at this point you've already wasted time you should have been playing this game.


Great Puzzle Game!

BigEarsCross | Dec. 8, 2013 | See all BigEarsCross's reviews »

From my countless hours playing this game on Steam I can say with no hesitation that this game is by far the best first party title that Valve has ever made (apart from the Half Life series). Compared to Portal 2 this game is more about thinking outside the box while Portal 2 was more figuring out what to do with the tools you were given. If i had to rate this game I would give it a 8/10 because even though the game is great there are some technical glitches i had went through with this game some which had to do with SLI while others where just drivers nothing that cant be fixed.


Still alive

Demilisz | Dec. 6, 2013 | See all Demilisz's reviews »

Portal was, and still is, an awesome game. It is enough to say that to this day only one game is a better first person puzzle - Portal 2. Armed only with Portal Gun, waepon that create two portals linked together, you are suppose to complete a series of rooms, each one being a challenge on itself. While it started as easy task, it gets only harder and more interesting later on. And our only company is faithful Companion Cube and unforgettable voice of GlaDOS, super AI. GlaDOS herself is enough to recommend this game. And cake, don't forget a cake.


cake and stuff

gwynplaine | Dec. 5, 2013 | See all gwynplaine's reviews »

If you missed this, you missed a piece of gaming culture. It's a game with a novel gameplay mechanic - the portal gun - and embeds it into the Source Engine. It plays like the jumping puzzles from Half life, which are not that hard. There are advanced levels too for gamers looking for more than a challenge.

But it's so much more than a simple puzzle game because of the polish that Valve puts into its games. From the humor in the script, the inanimate sidekick, to the song at the end, the game dug itself into many people's brains.

I can think of a few games today that rely on references and old internet memes for its humor. Games like Guacamelee and Borderlands take old memes and ride on other people's jokes for laughs. Portal - think of all the fanart and catchphrases from that game. It was a big part of internet culture in the late 2000s. It's still very enjoyable so get it. It's not too late to catch up.


A must have for any gamer.

Thousandforms | Dec. 2, 2013 | See all Thousandforms's reviews »

It simply is a must have for any gamer, although the storyline is not extremely long it is a thoroughly good and well thought out one. very witty, challenging, and above all- freaking cool.

It was just a great implication of a simple idea that I've always imagined being a programming nightmare? - who knows maybe it wasn't hard, but it was well worth it.

If you haven't got either, than buy this one first - just for the storyline fun of it all. then make sure you buy the other one :D!

No spoilers but I really did appreciate when I thought the game would end- but didn't ;)

One of the finest games I've played.


Amazing Classic Game

eightbit | Dec. 2, 2013 | See all eightbit's reviews »

This is one of the first few games I played on PC. Its the game that got me into PC gaming. First of all, the story is a memorable one. You play as someone testing out the new portal gun by solving a bunch of puzzles. The gameplay is very fun and could get challenging at some times but the one downfall i could think of in this amazing game is that the game is too short, other than that i highly recommend this game!


Great puzzle adventure

lok0812 | Dec. 1, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

Portal was an experiment game to see if people would like this kind of genre, and people did enjoy the game but the game was sadly too short. As the player, you are tasked to control a Portal Gun that can shoot 2 portals, one for entrance and one for an exit. Then you placed in these chambers and are tasked to get from Point A to Point B. Along the way, there will be different types of obstacles, hostiles, and puzzles that you need to figure out how to get past with the Portal Gun. The game only have a single player campaign but a great campaign to play. Overall, a must get for anyone who enjoy a great puzzle game.


Perfect Puzzle Game

TPCGorillaMunch | Nov. 30, 2013 | See all TPCGorillaMunch's reviews »

Portal is a first person game in which you wield the portal gun. This gun allows you to create portals which are connected. Using the portal gun (and sometimes the companion cube) you must complete various puzzles and challenges, some of which are quite difficult. The main story isn't huge but it is very enjoyable. The game is quite humourous, with plenty of funny moments. There are advanced challenges for after you complete the story, which do live up to there name, they are not at all easy. Overall a great game I would recommend as using the portal gun is awesome.


One of the best games ive played

Ph8360 | Nov. 30, 2013 | See all Ph8360's reviews »

A lot of the time, once a sequel is released you can skip the original game. This has historically been especially true of puzzle games. Portal does not follow this trend. While the second game adds many inarguably awesome features, Portal in and of itself still provides an extremely solid gameplay experience, with interesting and thought provoking puzzles. Most significantly, this game has one of the most compelling and interestingly presented stories I have ever experienced in a videogame. The first time I played Portal I finished it in a single sitting. That isn’t because it’s a short game (though it isn’t the longest), rather because the excellent storytelling made it impossible for me to leave the game. If you like puzzle games, get this. If you like games with incredible storytelling, this is the game you need.


Essential Puzzle Gaming

videopower77 | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all videopower77's reviews »

When the Orange Box released back in 2007, one of the most talked about titles was this little known game called Portal that Valve made. It's incredibly funny, clever, and a whole lot of fun.

It also has some of the best difficulty progression in a game I've seen. It eases you in and sure enough, you'll be solving crazy puzzles without an insane amount of struggle. It's main fault is that it is short but what a fun ride it is. Highly recommended for all gamers, even those who don't really like puzzles ( like me)


Talk about classics!

Bytrine | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all Bytrine's reviews »

This is a fantastic puzzle game that will get you hooked. Essentially what you're trying to do is complete various puzzles using two portal creators. One for creating them to go through, the other to teleport you to another section of a place. It gets immensely difficult and is a welcoming challenge for a player who likes to outwit a game. It's very charming and thrilling. However, there isn't really a story, notable characters, dialogue, or anything else but the completion of levels.


Is there something wrong with me?

beltmatt_usa | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all beltmatt_usa's reviews »

First let me start by saying I am not normally into FPS style games. I like puzzles and I like stories. This game has a great story, but there must be something wrong with me because I did not like the puzzles. It isn't because they were over complex or that they were too easy (they were not too easy by the way) I just didn't find myself enjoying it as much as I felt I would. I like the story in the game, and the game play wasn't bad for a keyboard mouse game, but I do prefer to game with a controller. Maybe my hopes were too high when I started this? Overall if you get this game half off on GMG, it is worth it- but I wouldn't pay full price looking back.


An amazing platform puzzler

Nigee | Nov. 29, 2013 | See all Nigee's reviews »

The game feels much like Half Life 2 in terms of controls, but rather than shoot aliens with a grav gun, you open portals. The puzzles start off simple enough, introducing obstacles and mechanics, but once it starts combining all the mechanics things start getting challenging. You are joined by a sadistic robot who has some separation anxiety, as well as a glorious companion, but for the most part you are on your own to find out just how to get the cake.