Reviews for Blood Knights


This is not the game you're looking for

Skeride | Feb. 22, 2014 | See all Skeride's reviews »

I pre-ordered this, thinking that at the discounted price, I'd at least get my money's worth, no matter how cheesy the game was. Boy, was I wrong. There's no redeeming feature to this game. It plays kind of like Nocturne did over a decade ago, but Nocturne was more polished. The story makes no sense, the art is uninspired, and the gameplay is boring. There's nothing to make the player want to fire it up and see what's next. That said, it's not a broken or unfinished game. It's completely playable, and I never ran into any bugs.


Enjoyable action RPG with a vampire couple

michalmichal | Nov. 20, 2013 | See all michalmichal's reviews »

If you like action RPGs and are open for surprising genre mashups, you should take a look at Blood Knights. It includes vampires, it includes werewolves, there's magic, there's lot of action and it's all set in an interesting world. The main characters are vampires - a male melee specialist and a female magician. You can switch between these two to combine their skills and styles into the most effective combinations and optimize your strategy. The game is interesting and enjoyable, although it doesn't allow any demanding player to take it very seriously. The storyline and interactions could be developed better, but the game is in its heart an action game with some RPG elements, and it does this job well enough.


The history of vampires in the background.

segrand | Nov. 19, 2013 | See all segrand's reviews »

All the productions that are about vampires extremely interesting to me . Therefore, I decided to see what it is actually, Blood Knights . Hack n Slash . It is safe to say , because you can see it from the first moments . A very good option is to add a co- op . I do not know if the man would no longer He sat at the table, if he had to go himself the story . The creators of the studio Deck13 that have usually consisted of adventure . You do not have to worry so special about the story that exists . In addition to killing another enemy , as indeed do the vast majority of games, collect gold , equipment , experience points . In a matter of fact it is a very stress-free gameplay with a touch of the story. Is it exactly what you admire ? They were already playing a vampire in history, which definitely pierced the title. It is no longer about the graphics , but about the same gameplay. You can not deny , however, the creators of ideas for the game , but because something that was . With the implementation of them can not work out a little bit , but not too bad. We are pleased to kick in next opponents ... and subsequent ... and the next. For fans of the genre, like the most. After another handful of new creatures and people to slaughter in excess of the concept. For the rest, I would advise against. It's really a lot more interesting items.