Reviews for Journey of a Roach


Very fun game

gforcesa | Jan. 2, 2014 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

I enjoyed Journey of Roach very much.The game has good atmosphere and nice graphics.You play as a roach and you have to solve puzzles, some are easier than the previous but still fun to play.I've played and enjoyed quit a lot of Daedalic's games like Deponia,Edna and Harvey and others.The game is worth the price and very fun but a bit short.


A short but entertaining journey

Neonberry | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all Neonberry's reviews »

Journey of a Roach is an interesting, even if somewhat short adventure game. It follows the road of two cockroaches to the surface in a post apocalyptic world. The gameplay is fairly interesting since it uses the main character's ability to scale walls so the player can expect run on all 6 walls of rooms looking for the next puzzle or solution. The dialogues, a trademark to most adventure games are a bit simplified with no real words being spoken, but the exchange of thoughts are stylicised pictures. I would recommend the game to those who want a small, light and fairly entertaining, even somewhat unique adventure but it could disappoint some who expect a game that has the length, difficulty and options of Monkey Island or DoTT.


It appROACHes!

fedaykin6 | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all fedaykin6's reviews »

This adorable little roach was born as a result of a union between Koboldgames and the by now well-known Daedalic. The game, reminiscent of the classic Bad Mojo, has a humorous, cartoony style and boasts a cast of cute as well as scary characters such as flies, ants, centipedes, spider moms and of course roaches and many others. They have all survived the nuclear holocaust, but life must go on in the wasteland, so it is your task as a little roach to get to a lonely flower blooming in the dust. On your perilous journey you face a typical series of point-and-click puzzles, but with a twist: roaches need not restrict themselves to the floor. Many locations and objects require you to crawl into otherwise inaccessible spaces. This neat feature is not exploited to its fullest potential, but is nonetheless refreshing in what would otherwise be a pretty standard (and short) PnC adventure game.


Not a Game Changer

Wiesler | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all Wiesler's reviews »

Point and clicks have been in the spot light lately, due in no small part to Telltale Games, but what does this one offer? Qualifying point and clicks for everyone is very difficult. Journey of a Roach is functional: there is a story, puzzles, and some humor. However nothing really sets it apart from the crowd of point and clicks. Botanicula was one of the most aesthetically pleasing games around, Kentucky Route Zero oozes with creativity and mystery, and so on. The art and moving around as a roach (ceiling crawling) are good, but not enough to save a mostly average game. However, this game is only really worth getting for those that really enjoy point and clicks; It is not going to "convert" anyone to the genre.


Another good Daedalic point and click

Cavalieroscuro | Nov. 10, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Daedalic is pretty much the Lucasgames of those days. This software house provides player with tons of good point and click adventures, making also humurous characters and situations. Journey of a Roach is their last release, and it is a very good game as usually. Around six hours long, it contains a lot of funny events, two nice characters and a lot of good puzzles, not too hard nor too easy to solve. If you played Deponia and you want more, just grab this now.