Reviews for Millennium 3 [Playfire]


Nifty game

gasheadgeorge | Dec. 18, 2013 | See all gasheadgeorge's reviews »

This game has a great story line, focused very much on the main character Marine's quest to find 13 warriors; this is not all to the story as there is a side-line mini quest also. Game play is good, the game is very addictive and surprisingly the game is very long, this is good though as you definitely get good value for money. There are also a few little humorous parts in the game. Graphics are very basic but expected as the game is only 2 Dimensional, however the levels are generally big and have a good map to them which enhances the feel of the game. Music is OK, this all depends on your own personal taste I guess. Overall it’s a very nice game and seeming it’s only £2.49 at the moment you are definitely getting good value for money.