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African adventure

segrand | Dec. 21, 2013 | See all segrand's reviews »

Because of that I am today after completing the 2 parts of the game that stole my heart ( FC1 ) , throw your few cents to FC2. Before preparing for the part , I was a little skeptical attitude to the revised scene , which is Africa , because in my opinion this location in the world FC not too convinced me , Micronesia, Federated States of FC1 is much more fabulous . However, the second part I was fascinated by their realism ( malaria , methods of treating wounds , etc ) , a huge number of different weapons , fairly interesting characters , and of course the mood when walking on the plains and seeing the fluttering leaves and branches , as well as hearing the sounds of wildlife you can forget it is a game . In fact , sometimes the game may be bored by the repetitive and predictable tasks , but I'm still curious what will happen next , and how it all will end. The most dazzled me in the game , however, is that the weapons too often jammed (it is indeed a good and realistic theme ), but sometimes it happens in such a frequency that is at least annoying . To sum up the first part of a more enchants me climate, scenery, music and gameplay directing more towards the " kłejkowej " for my taste , two for it can not have this climate as "1" , but encouraging realism , variety of weapons and almost non-linearity strongly should encourage sandboxowych FPS game lovers .