Reviews for Dementium II HD


Great DS game, bad PC port

MemoTheNInja | Aug. 12, 2014 | See all MemoTheNInja's reviews »

I bought and played the original Dementium games years ago when they came out on the Nintendo DS. I loved these games because unlike many indie survival horror games that use cheap jump-scares, these games heavily utilized the environment to unsettle the player, similar to Silent HIll (the player is even taken to another world while he searches for his wife). So I was excited when I heard they were going to make and HD port, unfortunately, this port was not made by the original dev team, and it shows.

This port has "cleaned up" all the visuals, the environments are not as dirty and rusty as they were. At points it even has a cartoony look to it, taking away any unsettling feeling the original gave off. The indoor areas are suppose to be the scariest part due to them being dark and the player would rely on the flashlight, yet here they're bright enough to not even need the flashlight, worse still, most of them give off sunlight through the windows or cracks. The weapons feel weaker, they don't have the same kick. During some cutscenes, only one side of the speakers gave off any audio. If you wanna know how much the visuals were "cleaned up", simply look at the box arts between the original and this HD port.

The original is a great indie survival horror game, this port undoes most of the visuals the original did so beautifully. I recommend buying the original on the Nintendo DS or getting an emulator.


Very Good Survivor Horror, Heavily Influenced by RE and SH

TomWeise62305 | Jan. 6, 2014 | See all TomWeise62305's reviews »

This is probably the first "true" new survivor horror game I've played in years. The game is heavily influenced by Resident Evil and Silent Hill. It has limited ammo, key items, documents to read, logical puzzles, occasional backtracking and some generally good atmosphere. The music in particular is very good (well, except for the battle theme which gets a little old after a while). This was a nostalgia trip back to my PS1 days playing the classic RE's and SH1. It isn't exactly a carbon copy of those games and does have some unique things that sets it apart such as the story. The graphics are more than acceptable considering its DS roots, though it could use perhaps a noise filter to make it not look so "clean." It's not what I would call scary, but it does have some decent atmosphere. My only real complaint would be some of the enemy sounds are a bit odd sounding rather than intimidating. If you're a classic survivor horror fan, it's highly recommended.


Nice horror port game

lok0812 | Dec. 18, 2013 | See all lok0812's reviews »

This game was originally a handheld game for the DS and it gets ported to the PC. The HD release of this game definitely made a good impression to port and it totally makes it one of the best port for horror games on the PC. The storyline is great and actually gives out the horror feelings compare to other games in the market. The game plays, feels, and looks like its handheld version except tweaked it good enough for the PC. If you have played the handheld version, then you should know what to expect if you wished to play it on the big screen. If not, definitely grab this title for any horror action fans and prepare to get jump by its horrific moments.