Reviews for Battlefield 4 (EU)


Not the Battlefield i was expecting from EA.

alanmaz567 | July 3, 2014 | See all alanmaz567's reviews »

And here i thought that this Battlefield would be better then the previous one. The graphics in Battlefield 4 look just a little bit better then the previous graphics in Battlfield 3. There are definetly more bugs in this Battlefield then there were in the earlier ones. The Storyline was fun, long and interesting to play. The gameplay is how you would expect in a Battlefield game, really good (In my opinion). The Requirements are pretty high, and i really hate going online just to play the campaign, or having to use my browser to search for servers to play on in multiplayer. I recommend waiting for the next Battlefield to come out.


Very fun but there are let downs!

TheBeastF9 | March 5, 2014 | See all TheBeastF9's reviews »

Battlefield 4 in my opinion is good but should be fixed to a good standard. start to finish its very enjoyable, it has a very good war fell to it as well which is good for people who like playing games like this. Price isn't bad at all worth the buy if you enjoy playing Battlefield. There is not many things that make the game not worth buying but the bug issues is very annoying. Overall the game is fantastic but not worth buying if you get annoyed very easy, i would consider buying a different shooter game if your not with the series.


Battlefield 4 - it IS a good shooter

Foolwolf | Feb. 20, 2014 | See all Foolwolf's reviews »

Say what you want, but even though the release was plagued with problems, there still exists a lot of bugs and optimisation to be done: Battlefield 4 is still a pretty fun game to play. Few shooters make the large Battlefield become so vibrant, so fun and so versatile. At first I found the maps to be too different, not good enough, but when the latest map-pack came with teh old BF3 maps, it put in perspective just how well the maps are made overall. There is always something for everyone. The roles functions well, the kits and out-loads work better in this version. More is cosmetic and only a few things are really “Great” updates to guns and classes that you can’t live without. It takes a few hours of playing before you have unlocked things to make your game-play really enjoyable. When it comes to the game itself, it has been tweaked and though it may not yet be perfect, the game offers plenty of memorable scenarios and fun to be had. Given, the game is at its best when you get on a server with decent people and when you get in a team of players that strive to work together. The new maps, the new ways to play are all OK, it seems that a few maps have become the norm and conquest is the most easily game-play-mode to find a server for, as with BF3. Still, I miss some RUSH servers. :) If you liked BF3, I think that it is safe to say you will like this one. It is similar and looks pretty close, but with enough changes to make you want to get in and unlock more challenges and get some action! Being that the game still is IMHO in need of optimization and bug hunting - the rating is a bit lower then if it had worked great.


Same old Battlefield

WestheadUK | Feb. 10, 2014 | See all WestheadUK's reviews »

Battlefield 4 wasn't really what I expected. The battles themselves are still pretty fantastic, but there's not really many changes that have been made towards the game. The only major changes are the Levolution events; which are destruction triggers on Multiplayer maps, for instance if a building or crane takes too much damage then they can come tumbling down destroying scenery and even killing players in it's path. The Commander mode also made a return, which I have to agree is something rather good to use and it allows the player to use a mobile/tablet device to take control of the game. The game is also rather buggy, it was to start with and some bugs still exist now.. but it is playable I can say to be fair. I personally will not buy another Battlefield, not because I don't enjoy playing it or it's a terrible game; just because it's not changing as much as I'd like it too.


Almost not worth it's money.

asdspartadsa | Feb. 8, 2014 | See all asdspartadsa's reviews »

Recently I bought it in Origin and after I had played the multi player for a while, well, I was a little disapointed. Mostly because of the minuscule changes they added to the game. It's like playing BF3 with more destruction and a little bit better graphics. But on the bright side the new ability to destroy practically everything affected BF4 perfectly if not to mention the fact that players just try to take down the highest buildings instead of winning battles. I enjoyed the single player graphics very much, but the single player itself it rather short, maybe even shorter than in BF3 (Main characters were awesome though). As for multi player graphics, it didn't impress me at all, sadly, level of graphics is just as in BF3 (all video settings on ultra). So I give single player 8/10 (considering that people buy BF not for single player), multi player 8/10 (lots of new stuff, but I'm sure the developers could've added even more if they would've been pushed by EA), graphics 10/10 (not many changes, but still gorgeous), gameplay 10/10, sound 10/10, servers quality and stability 4/10 (horrible, just horrible). Well, even though the game needs some improvements, it's still one of the best FPS shooters ever made.


A good (albeit buggy) sequel

waldemarmuhl | Feb. 6, 2014 | See all waldemarmuhl's reviews »

People tend to forget that Battlefield 3's release was also riddled with bugs and teething issues but it eventually turned into a much loved game. I hope the same is true for the fourth installment in the series. If you are able to look past the bugs and the frustrating hit registry issues and battlelog problems you can have a genuinely good time and you will sink hours of your life into it without even realising. Multiplayer remains by and large where the core of the gameplay lies but Dice has done an excellent job with the single player this time around to bring an enjoyable experience to say the least and a great way to see the graphics and audio technology that encompasses the game in action alongside a good story. Multiplayer feels more and more vehicle oriented especially on the larger maps where travelling on foot will likely get you tank shelled before you reach any objective. This is fine if you enjoy getting in a tank yourself but it does make it difficult if you're playing with a squad full of friends as most vehicles are only really enjoyable for two players at a time. Immersion into the game is great through the graphics, audio and the levolution, however it can be ruined by getting stuck on small rocks/edges or running up to jump over a fence only to end up jumping up and down in one spot. As mentioned though, we all have our fingers crossed that the bugs get fixed. Bottom line is, get it if you enjoy large scale FPS multiplayer battles, you'll definitely have a blast, not sure if that's your thing, get it and you will likely be surprised.


Good game

DeadReap | Jan. 25, 2014 | See all DeadReap's reviews »

Battlefield 4 is really good, it is like battlefield 3, but the combat is little bit different in battlefield 3 it is more realistic. Battlefield 4 will be good for new players of Battlefield and for player used to Battlefield 3. Battlefield 4 has a bit better graphics. Battlefield 3 is more hardcore than this. I think Battlefield 3 is even better, but Battlefield 4 is easier and more smooth. Everything in battlefield is good, and that it is easier than Battlefield 3 doesn't make it bad, so it is really worth the price.


Realistic Game with non-stop fun

Freako | Jan. 1, 2014 | See all Freako's reviews »

BattleField 4 . The best game in the BF franchise. BF4 is one of the top rated FPS in the gaming industry in my opinion. I have played close to 90 hours of this and i am honestly still not bored. The game is not like any modern shooters you see this generation. The buildings being exploded crashing into pieces and knocking down the pillars causes the building to collapse right in front of you. No game has that in multiplayer. BF4 storyline hits spot on making the player feel like his actions whatever the player does is actually affecting the game. The environment feels so alive. Best map to play would be "Parcel Storm". Tress wavering left and right during a storm. Waves come crashing. Boats raiding each capture points. It is indeed a BattleField out there. Fun is not necessarily in the intense shooter itself. Play with your friends and you will find out you can do some hilarious stuff like putting loads of C4 on a vehicle and crashing it into an enemy's tank finding both you,your friends and the enemy tank get destroyed. Truly EPIC is the one of the many compliments i have to give.


Death to all!

jackjack7386 | Dec. 26, 2013 | See all jackjack7386's reviews »

This game...WOW! They really nailed combat in this game as it is fun but not too realistic to the point where it is not fun. I enjoy playing this even with the little bugs that are included but they will be fixed soon. I enjoy every aspect of this and I have friends with it too which helps. I really recommend picking it up at a good price and for you to play it with friends. It is still buggy and the netcode is messed up but it will develop into an amazing game if you give it chance. The bugs do let it down quite a bit but still a good buy.


Feel the battle

kalil | Dec. 19, 2013 | See all kalil's reviews »

Gone are those days when Bad Company 2 was the maximum exponent for many faithful of the franchise with the release of Battlefield 3, expected to give the generation gap and were disappointed to a lesser or greater extent ( myself included ) . It is true that many charm them , and win the game much at maturity , but we all know that we wanted more. I will not talk camapaña mode , although some points right ways , should be analyzed as a curious aside or added to a set of these characteristics. However, caution and illusion , I could experiement for a good number of hours with the online section of the title in question. Despite what many say , the graphics for Ps3, are an authentic beauty , clouds of dust, particles of light and shadow elements, all recreated with an impressive degree of fidelity. Clear this on a PC with 4 ultra graphics in silide , we will see better, but that does not mean that ps3 has the graphics of mario bross 1 nor less. The gameplay is excellent , good , lie , surely happen to you hundreds of ideas to improve it, but I can tell you , I have to much fun as I did not, the learning curve , even for someone who has skipped a generation in the series, is not exhibiting excessive hard and after about 10 or 15 games , even the most novice in the series began to feel integrated into the battle, and not a guy who has no idea what to do and the game with 200 points. The sound ..... for the love of odin ... the sound is magnificent . You can identify a gun just because he heard a distant shot of it. The dynamism of projectiles being fired in an enclosed or outdoor enclosure, it is formidable. If I have to put some hits , it would put to the music of the loading screens before the game .... but we all know that half the tracks minute or so more . I think in terms of inovation , and auque not seem so at first glance, is pretty good . New weapons , new look , 10 maps , new game modes , vehicles , accessories, etc etc etc camouflages . Needless to say Levolution or improved shooting mechanics compared to his older brother, one of the most criticized aspects of battlefield 3 was that when firing any weapon, this had a similar to a plasma cannon recoil interplanetary defense . The latter has been corrected with great success by the guys at DICE . I'm sure those of you with in your power the title , podreis give more pros and cons, but in this analysis I have preferred to stay with what is really important , is that on this occasion, battlefield have known better than to ever make us feel the battle blood and accelerate us pulse. A recommended for those who enjoyed 3 purchase, and for those who do not finish them convincing in his day . The battlefield 4 is really what many were expecting .


Good sequel (especially if you're a fan of multiplayer FPSes)

MauroR | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all MauroR's reviews »

Battlefied 3 was great, and this sequel it's quite good also. The graphics haven't improved that much but the previous had already (and still has) gorgeous graphics so it's difficult to get better when you're already at a maximum quality level. So, I give 10/10 from a technological standpoint. Talking about the game I can tell that the multiplayer it's the core and heart of this franchise, as it's been since the first Battlefield, yes, you have a single player campaign to get started, but all of you know very well that you buy Battlefield for the multiplayer component, not for the single player, that it's completely ignore by most people. I'll be short, if you want a great multiplayer game with a bit of tactical flavor and gorgeous graphics, this is the right game for you. If you buy it just for the single player, maybe you should choose another title with a stronger single player component even because Battlefield 4 single player it's quite short and the game (since it's been released not even 1 month ago) it's quite expensive. In any case the final decision it's your. I give it a 90/100 score.


More of the same

fedaykin6 | Nov. 18, 2013 | See all fedaykin6's reviews »

Most people probably didn't expect to see anything new in Battlefield 4 and they didn't. It has the same (excellent) graphics, the same gameplay, the same pace. The single player campaign is shorter and more generic this time around. The multiplayer design has had marginal improvements. You can play as the commander, although there's little reason to do so. Jets no longer start on the ground, which prevents annoying snipers from taking you out as soon as you spawn in the cockpit. The game now rewards you somewhat more for useful actions. However, the maps are still rather small and battles tend to devolve into senseless chaos. You spawn, you die. The new CS-like defuse game mode is a horribly bugged mess. Most of the issues that were present in the MP at launch have been fixed, but all in all this iteration has definitely disappointed quite a lot of people.


Really fun time-sink

DanielZo0 | Nov. 15, 2013 | See all DanielZo0's reviews »

I must say this is a really solid game. Although it's been plagued by some bugs and terrible netcode it's an overall very fun game. Those of us who have played many hours in BF3 will notice the slight differences between that and BF4 and will be well pleased. If this it the first BF game in a while, I think you'll be surprised by it's authentic sounds and visuals and you'll definately enjoy yourself. Well worth the money.


Great job DICE!

DeadEndRic | Nov. 14, 2013 | See all DeadEndRic's reviews »

Dice did it again, after the success of Battlefield 3 they've created another great shooter... not even great... it's ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! The Frostbite engine might not be the best game engine of all times, but it suits the needs of Battlefield. The graphics of the game, is once again amazing, the sounds just blow you away and the animations seem to work better than before. With the singleplayer, with got a medicore FPS game with a silent main character, but sometimes it feels like you're playing multiplayer, with the point system, weapon loadouts and drivable vehicles, which actually makes it feel better. It might not be the greatest story of all times, but it turned out better than Battlefield 3's did. Now about the multiplayer.. We got back commander mode already seen in Battlefield 2, and most of the game modes from Battlefield 3. The gameplay mechanics got improved because they've fully rewritten the coding of the game. Also, the kill cam is now something where you can actually see who killed you, and from where. So overall, DICE did a better job with this game, than with the one that came before. See you on the battlefield!


I love it

wow120296 | Nov. 13, 2013 | See all wow120296's reviews »

Dice never seem to fail. This game is really fun and it add new stuffs where battlefield 3 lacked and improve what battlefield 3 did bad. First off you know the basic of this game. ITs a first person shooter. Ok im gonna go through the single player first. The single player is not the best singe player out there, but compare it to the singe player in BF3 this one is much better. You are not restricted like you were in the campaign in battlefield 3. YOu have all kinds off diffrent weapons and tactical options avaible. But everyone knows the real battlefield thing is the multiplayer and it does not fail to deliver. It has more then double the ammount of things battlefield 3 had.Theres more weapons,more camos and so on. The vechiles are better and fighting on the sea with all the waves making you fly around is an experience you wont forget any time soon. And levolution makes this so great. YOu can take down a SKYSCRAPER. YES YOU CAN. Only problem right now is alot of crashes but that can be fixed. And then there is commander mode which is really fun to play at times. IT also gives the team more purpose and orders to follow.


The best just got better!

deathglider | Nov. 11, 2013 | See all deathglider's reviews »

This game is said to be the same as its predecessor Battlefield 3, but let know one sway your decision on getting BF4. Its even more Immersive than any other game previous in the series, it brings you right to the heart of the adrenaline pumping action, providing the most realistic in game play of modern warfare to date. Overall the game is action packed and is a must want for those who seek pure action packaged with the best Graphics!


Another top FPS from EA

Cavalieroscuro | Nov. 10, 2013 | See all Cavalieroscuro's reviews »

Battlefield is maybe one of the best first person shooter on console and PC (multiplayer side, of course). The fourth title of this franchise is pretty much a more of the same, so if you experienced Battlefield 3, you will find yourself home. The solo campaign is good enough as it was for 3, the graphic is very impressive and if you own a top tier PC, it's a joy for your eyes There's really nothing else to say, this is just a good "upgrade" for this franchise, so if you like the saga, simply buy it.


Get ready to be blown away!

Superfab | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all Superfab's reviews »

"War, son, ain't a pretty sight!"... Well, I beg to differ!! As the title implies, Battlefield 4 is the follow-up to last year's Battlefield 3, and just like its famous predecessor, this new opus brings war in Video Games to a whole new level. Not gameplay wise, mind you, it's still a very "by the number" FPS where you aim, shoot and kill your way through a variety of exotic places around the world. But graphically speaking, this title obliterates everything that has come out up to this point. Even the stunning Crysis 3 gets crushed by this visual behemoth (although Battlefield 4 is more a corridor shooter than Crytek's First Person Shooter). You've guessed it: It's impossible to talk about Battlefield 4 and not mention how beautiful it is. However it's not what this new game's got going for it! Just like a Hollywood blockbuster, the Single Player campaign is a mindless series of set pieces that will leave you in a daze, because it's noisy and it's gorgeous (OK the game is beautiful, we get it) and because the plot is a bit on the dumb side. The characters are on the nose and the dialogues are sometimes (unintentionally) funny... But what do we care? We're here to SHOOOOOT! And we'll shoot left, right and sideways! The numbers of weapons are staggering (players unlock them as they go through the campaign), and each sounds and feels different enough. No need to talk about the multiplayer, it's every bit as awesome as Battlefield 3, and then some! The much-touted Levolution is quite impressive: the map will change through the course of the match (buildings will fall, dams will break...). PC Specs (on a 60Hz screen): for gamers that are obsessed with frame rates - with all settings maxed out, you'll get 60fps with drops to 35-40 during big explosions or on large maps (on a mid-range gaming rig (i5 + 660ti/760)). On high-end PC's, the game is locked at 60 and very rarely drops). The game scales nicely to less powerful machines thanks to the numerous settings. In a nutshell: Short Single Player campaign that is fun but a bit dumb Visually impressive Great Multiplayer THE game to show off your PC


Amazing - A Must for FPS Lovers!

Trollfaceyomama | Nov. 9, 2013 | See all Trollfaceyomama's reviews »

The most complete multiplayer FPS game out there. Audio, graphics, level design and levolution is just top class. 64-players epic battles with jets, boats and other vehicles! Single player 6/10 I enjoyed it, but to be honest it wasn't action packed. There were moments in the scripted story that were amazing, and I really loved it, but the actual game-play was terrible. I played on normal, and the ai was pathetic. I enjoyed how they tried to flank me every now and then, but it was like shooting fish in a bucket, completely without a point and felt like a grind to the next action packed story. It was a better movie, even though the story-line wasn't really that comprehensible, than it was a fps. I'll give it an 8 because I'm nice and I really want updates so I can play this damn thing. In the future, please try to fix all these bugs before release, not everyone is as forgiving as me.


BF4 Is epic

Exzear | Nov. 8, 2013 | See all Exzear's reviews »

Hello guys, i really recomend you to buy BF4 its such a nice game. You feel like your in a 90s action movie shooting down villans! You got tanks, helicopters and alot more that makes the 32v32 Conquest battles feel epic. The graphics atleast if you have a high end PC are just amazing, I would say its the best looking PC game out there right now! there is so mutch more to say about this game but simply buy it and find out!


Another win for the FPS genre

Traldera | Nov. 8, 2013 | See all Traldera's reviews »

The battlefield series has earned a reputation as being one of - if not the - best multiplayer FPS games on the market. This latest installment is no exception. The multiplayer closely follows the recipe of previous games in the series. Pitting large teams of players against each other in large open maps that allow for almost any play style. The game has a number of game modes, including old favourites rush and conquest, and also newer ideas such as obliteration, which change the focus of a game, allowing the multiplayer to stay fresh through variety. Gameplay itself is largely unchanged from previous installments, with FPS and vehicular elements largely imported from Battlefield 3. This however is not a bad thing. The balancing between weapons feels more refined than other launches, although of course they are not perfect, not yet. The main addition at launch has been cosmetic customization. You can unlock camouflage and alternate weapon upgrades through a combination of assignments and RNG based unlock packs. The latter is this games largest failing, and unfortunately shows EA's greed influencing game design once again. There are of course plans to monetize these. The singleplayer should be mentioned, even though most players do not care for it in the Battlefield franchise. Whilst the campaign is never considered genre-defining, this installment is by far the worst. In fact it is one of the worst of any game I have played. This is not due to bugs, bad voice acting, or a lack of enticing gameplay sequences. These are all in fact done well. The failure comes in the story. The only way to say it is that there isn't one. The campaign seems to have chapters missing, filled in with random dialogue from characters. As for the ending, the game just ends. No closure is given, nor is any real understanding given for why the events of the campaign have even happened. This would all be fine if you could avoid the campaign, but DICE made the decision to lock certain favourite weapons to being unlocks from the campaign. Lastly, the engine. Frostbite 3 is beautiful. The gameplay is by far the best looking multiplayer FPS in existence. The detail and lighting far outshines Battlefield 3. Despite these improvements the engine is also well optimized. Performance is similar to Battlefield 3, and the gap will likely narrow further with driver patches. In its current condition the game is, unfortunately, quite buggy. Server lag and client crashes are still common. These will however be fixed in due time, leaving a game that is quite frankly epic. If you like your multiplayer shooters, buy this game. Nothing else even comes close.


Simply bringing the Battle To You!

siktirgit_115 | Nov. 7, 2013 | See all siktirgit_115's reviews »

As all of the other games, Battlefield 4 is no exception for being awesome. Dice has put alot of work into this game, and that is highly notice able by it's gamemodes, vehicles, destruction, grapics etc, but the game still has several issues, wich easily can be patched. Dice developed their new Frostbite 4 engine wich can bend the power of Gods into humans hands. To play this properly you will need a squad you can rely on. Get you and your friends geared up, and buy this game!


Dice does it again.

gforcesa | Nov. 5, 2013 | See all gforcesa's reviews »

What can I say,do Dice know how to make a game or what ? I will begin with the graphics and say that the game looks a bit like Battlefield 3 but not in a bad way of course.It's visually stunning to say the least.Dice's Frostbite 3 engine takes map changing event to a new level.From a building falling down and destroying a portion of the map to a huge ship crashing into an island.The only bad thing I can say about this game that in the multiplayer it crashes quite often but of course that's something that is going to be fixed.Only in Battlefield 4 you will be able to drive a boat and fight in the sea to try and dominate your way to victory with your friends.I recommend you try this game if you are a Battlefield fan because It's quite the experience.



Lasiu2 | Nov. 2, 2013 | See all Lasiu2's reviews »

HERE IT IS. I have been waiting for this game for a months. As i supposed this game is much better than Battlefield 3. Its graphic stays on high level. I would give it 10/10. This game's soundtrack is one of the best i have ever heard. You know what? 10/10 again ;). Interface and gameplay. It's similar to Battlefield's 3 but kinda upgraded. 10/10. And plot... Well single player mode is really short and plot is nice. I would give it 8/10. Of course this game is made for multiplayer. Beautiful maps and a lot of weapons. What do you suppose? 10/10 of course. But singleplayer destroys game a lot (its good, but not 10/10). I dont want to rate this game low because of single player which isnt so important. I'd rate it on 95/100. I recommend it!