Reviews for Sid Meier’s Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies


The sequel curse strikes again

HUNbullseye | June 18, 2014 | See all HUNbullseye's reviews »

They tried to pull a new theme onto the original, and it suffered from it a little. Only 2 nation pumped up to 4 party, the same animations for much faster planes, not the best. The only big change was the lack of repair between missions in a battle. That was challenging. Sometimes even frustrating. But it is still a fun little game that you should try if ever on sale.



HitManHunt | April 16, 2014 | See all HitManHunt's reviews »

Much like the first game in this series, and similar to other Sid Meier games, Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies is a turn based strategy game. Both Ace Patrol games are easy to learn and do not require a huge learning curve. The mechanics are fairly basic, yet can get very challenging as you progress through the levels. The gameplay is very fun and offers a different set of missions from the first title in the series keeping this game fresh. The graphics, like the original Ace Patrol are somewhat "cartoonish" and may seem a little bit outdated. However, keeping in mind that it is a turn based strategy game, the environment and details are not among the most important aspects of a game such as this. I found this series to be very fun, especially if you are looking for a strategy or flight game to just jump straight into without having to learn too much. It is definitely worth the price, especially if you pick it up on a sale, when you can get both titles very cheap with a great amount of content between the both of them.


Flying and Tactics in One

sam0kramer | Jan. 25, 2014 | See all sam0kramer's reviews »

Ace Patrol : Pacific Skies is one of the most fun games I played that involved Planes and Tactics and Yes it's the only one I ever played (except part 1)! The combat reminds me of a normall tactics games but the skills u can put on each plane makes every plane unique and add it's own value to the battle a must have for people that like simplistic mechanics and hard to master tactic games. Personally I enjoyed Ace Patrol more but maybe that's because the newness of the game was already gone because I knew the basic mechanics 68 out of 100 -Sam0Kramer


Really enjoyed this game

romafiel_2 | Dec. 31, 2013 | See all romafiel_2's reviews »

A casual strategy game? Seems like that combination can work afterall. I won't presume to be able to analyze the game and explain why and how, but what I can say with confidence, is that I'm having fun with this game, just like the first, and probably more! Definitely worth the $5 price tag.


Shot Down Behind Enemy Lines

DazeOfWar | Nov. 26, 2013 | See all DazeOfWar's reviews »

I was a rookie pilot just getting my wings on a mission to shoot down enemy Japanese planes. My maneuvers were weak and so was my aim. I shot down a few but was lost a little later behind enemy lines. Next up came my partner who seemed to fair better but unlucky for him he was terrible too. One by one what was once a total of four slowly became none after failed missions over and over till we were all lost behind enemy lines with no way of escape. This is the sad story of our our lost soldiers of war. Ace Patrol: Pacific Skies is a casual strategy hex-grid style game. You control four total pilots which you maneuver around the board trying to take out the enemies. When you start you have a very limited choice of movements. Over time you earn upgrades and better planes to help you out against tougher and tougher enemies. You are scored on each mission on how well you perform. The more you get hit or if you lose a pilot your points drop. There is a total of eight areas with 4 missions to each one. You will fly around at Pearl Harbor, Midway, Okinawa, and a few other locations on the pacific. You can still fail a mission and move on to the next one. You'll just end up with a lower overall score. Pacific Skies is not a bad game and you can get it for fairly cheap. It also comes from the great Sid Meier who has a fantastic game making record. So if you enjoy a little challenge, WWII history, or Sid Meier games I recommend you try this game out.