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Tell us a story, Ahrpl!

mahon | Feb. 3, 2014 | See all mahon's reviews »

This is just nother skin for Awesomenauts. Of course, it's a very well made skin with very good voice acting, so it looks good and sounds great. But is it necessary to play the game? Well, no. Does it change the gameplay? Not really. So who does need this thing? Oh well, if you are too lazy or too anxious to wait for the Ahrpl character to unlock, you can do so immediately with this DLC, and so you will have a great looking character for your games of Awesomenauts. It turns Derpl into a pirate-inspired Ahrpl. For some it may be just another skin for Awesomenauts, but for others it may breathe some fresh air into game and refresh their interest in it.